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Date: December 2009


1. IFC Editorial Board
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Review Paper
2. Detection of microorganisms using biosensors—A smarter way towards detection techniques
Pages 661-667
Madhura Nayak, Akhil Kotian, Sandhya Marathe, Dipshikha Chakravortty
Regular papers
3. Electrochemical sensing the DNA damage in situ induced by a cathodic process based on Fe@Fe2O3 core–shell nanonecklace and Au nanoparticles mimicking metal toxicity pathways in vivo
Pages 668-673
Xueliang Wang, Tao Yang, Kui Jiao
4. SERS detection of indirect viral DNA capture using colloidal gold and methylene blue as a Raman label
Pages 674-681
Mark H. Harpster, Hao Zhang, Ajaya K. Sankara-Warrier, Bryan H. Ray, Timothy R. Ward, J. Pablo Kollmar, Keith T. Carron, James O. Mecham, Robert C. Corcoran, William C. Wilson, Patrick A. Johnson
5. Investigation of the spatial distribution of glutathione redox-balance in live cells by using Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Microscopy
Pages 682-687
G. Maulucci, G. Pani, V. Labate, M. Mele, E. Panieri, M. Papi, G. Arcovito, T. Galeotti, M. De Spirito
6. A quantitative immunosensing technique based on the measurement of nanobeads’ Brownian motion
Pages 688-694
Yu-Jui Fan, Horn-Jiunn Sheen, Chia-Jui Hsu, Cheng-Pang Liu, Shiming Lin, Kuang-Chong Wu
7. Enzymatic AND-gate based on electrode-immobilized glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase: Towards digital biosensors and biochemical logic systems with low noise
Pages 695-701
Vladimir Privman, Valber Pedrosa, Dmitriy Melnikov, Marcos Pita, Aleksandr Simonian, Evgeny Katz
8. Triple-helix DNA structural studies using a Love wave acoustic biosensor
Pages 702-707
George Papadakis, Achilleas Tsortos, Electra Gizeli
9. Three-dimensional network films of electrospun copper oxide nanofibers for glucose determination
Pages 708-714
Wen Wang, Lili Zhang, Shengfu Tong, Xin Li, Wenbo Song
10. G protein-coupled receptor mediated trimethylamine sensing
Pages 715-720
Anke Suska, Ana B. Ibáñez, Ingemar Lundström, Anna Berghard
11. Atomic force microscope study of tumor cell membranes following treatment with anti-cancer drugs
Pages 721-727
Jinyi Wang, Zongfang Wan, Wenming Liu, Li Li, Li Ren, Xueqin Wang, Peng Sun, Lili Ren, Huiying Zhao, Qin Tu, Zhiyun Zhang, Na Song, Lei Zhang
12. Concanavalin A and polyvinyl butyral use as a potential dengue electrochemical biosensor
Pages 728-732
Maria D.L. Oliveira, Maria T.S. Correia, Flamarion B. Diniz
13. Poly(brilliant cresyl blue)-carbonnanotube modified electrodes for determination of NADH and fabrication of ethanol dehydrogenase-based biosensor
Pages 733-738
Dong-Wei Yang, Hui-Hong Liu
14. Layer-by-layer assembly of electro-active gold nanoparticle/cytochrome c multilayers
Pages 739-744
Sebastian Markus Bonk, Fred Lisdat
15. An integrated microfluidic system for rapid diagnosis of dengue virus infection
Pages 745-752
Yu-Fang Lee, Kang-Yi Lien, Huan-Yao Lei, Gwo-Bin Lee
16. Immunochromatographic colloidal carbon-based assay for detection of methiocarb in surface water
Pages 753-758
Martina Blažková, Barbora Mičková-Holubová, Pavel Rauch, Ladislav Fukal
17. Whole cell biosensing via recA::mCherry and LED-based flow-through fluorometry
Pages 759-766
R.L. Martineau, V. Stout, B.C. Towe
18. Prediction and classification of the modes of genotoxic actions using bacterial biosensors specific for DNA damages
Pages 767-772
Joo-Myung Ahn, Ee Taek Hwang, Chul-Hee Youn, Danusia L. Banu, Byoung Chan Kim, Javed H. Niazi, Man Bock Gu
19. Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous (3DOM) gold-nanoparticle-doped titanium dioxide (GTD) photonic crystals modified electrodes for hydrogen peroxide biosensor
Pages 773-777
Jianlin Li, Tao Han, Nannan Wei, Jiangyan Du, Xiangwei Zhao
20. Selective immobilization of oligonucleotide-modified gold nanoparticles by electrodeposition on screen-printed electrodes
Pages 778-783
M. Moreno, E. Rincon, J.M. Pérez, V.M. González, A. Domingo, E. Dominguez
21. Lactose nano-probe optimized using response surface methodology
Pages 784-790
Alka Dwevedi, Ashwani Kumar Singh, Dinesh Pratap Singh, Onkar Nath Srivastava, Arvind M. Kayastha
22. Label-free photoelectrochemical immunoassay for α-fetoprotein detection based on TiO2/CdS hybrid
Pages 791-796
Guang-Li Wang, Jing-Juan Xu, Hong-Yuan Chen, Shou-Zhong Fu
23. Optical oxygen sensors based on Pt(II) porphyrin dye immobilized on S-layer protein matrices
Pages 797-802
Sylvia R. Scheicher, Birgit Kainz, Stefan Köstler, Michael Suppan, Alessandro Bizzarri, Dietmar Pum, Uwe B. Sleytr, Volker Ribitsch
24. Immobilization-free multiplex electrochemical DNA and SNP detection
Pages 803-808
Xiaoteng Luo, I-Ming Hsing
25. Single bead-based electrochemical biosensor
Pages 809-814
Changchun Liu, Michael G. Schrlau, Haim H. Bau
26. Sequence-specific detection of trace DNA via a junction-probe electrochemical sensor employed template-enhanced hybridization strategy
Pages 815-819
Jing Zhang, Jing Hua Chen, Rong Chun Chen, Guo Nan Chen, Feng Fu Fu
27. Label-free biosensing of a gene mutation using a silicon nanowire field-effect transistor
Pages 820-825
Chi-Chang Wu, Fu-Hsiang Ko, Yuh-Shyong Yang, Der-Ling Hsia, Bo-Syuan Lee, Ting-Siang Su
28. Highly sensitive immunoassay based on Raman reporter-labeled immuno-Au aggregates and SERS-active immune substrate
Pages 826-831
Chunyuan Song, Zhuyuan Wang, Ruohu Zhang, Jing Yang, Xuebin Tan, Yiping Cui
29. Immobilization of acetylcholineesterase–choline oxidase on a gold–platinum bimetallic nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode for the sensitive detection of organophosphate pesticides, carbamates and nerve agents
Pages 832-838
Sanjay Upadhyay, Golime Rama Rao, Mukesh K. Sharma, Bijoy K. Bhattacharya, Vepa K. Rao, R. Vijayaraghavan
30. Highly sensitive gaseous formaldehyde sensor with CdTe quantum dots multilayer films
Pages 839-844
Qiang Ma, Honglei Cui, Xingguang Su
31. Wireless powering for a self-propelled and steerable endoscopic capsule for stomach inspection
Pages 845-851
R. Carta, G. Tortora, J. Thoné, B. Lenaerts, P. Valdastri, A. Menciassi, P. Dario, R. Puers
32. A label-free amperometric immunosensor based on biocompatible conductive redox chitosan-ferrocene/gold nanoparticles matrix
Pages 852-857
Jian-Ding Qiu, Ru-Ping Liang, Rui Wang, Li-Xia Fan, Yi-Wang Chen, Xing-Hua Xia
33. Rapid homogenous detection of the Ibaraki virus NS3 cDNA at picomolar concentrations by magnetic modulation
Pages 858-863
Amos Danielli, Noga Porat, Ady Arie, Marcelo Ehrlich
34. Fiber optic SPR biosensing of DNA hybridization and DNA–protein interactions
Pages 864-869
Jeroen Pollet, Filip Delport, Kris P.F. Janssen, Karolien Jans, Guido Maes, Helge Pfeiffer, Martine Wevers, Jeroen Lammertyn
35. Potential of a simplified measurement scheme and device structure for a low cost label-free point-of-care capacitive biosensor
Pages 870-876
Elder A. de Vasconcelos, Newton G. Peres, Cintya O. Pereira, Valdinete L. da Silva, Eronides F. da Silva Jr., Rosa F. Dutra
36. A novel interdigitated capacitor based biosensor for detection of cardiovascular risk marker
Pages 877-882
Anjum Quershi, Yasar Gurbuz, Weng P. Kang, Jimmy L. Davidson
37. Direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase and biosensing for glucose based on carbon nanotubes@SnO2-Au composite
Pages 883-888
Fenghua Li, Jixia Song, Fei Li, Xiaodan Wang, Qixian Zhang, Dongxue Han, Ari Ivaska, Li Niu
38. A practical glucose biosensor based on Fe3O4 nanoparticles and chitosan/nafion composite film
Pages 889-895
Liuqing Yang, Xiangling Ren, Fangqiong Tang, Lin Zhang
39. A third-generation hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on horseradish peroxidase immobilized on DNA functionalized carbon nanotubes
Pages 896-900
Xiandong Zeng, Xuefang Li, Xiaoying Liu, Yong Liu, Shenglian Luo, Bo Kong, Shanli Yang, Wanzhi Wei
40. Glucose Oxidase–graphene–chitosan modified electrode for direct electrochemistry and glucose sensing
Pages 901-905
Xinhuang Kang, Jun Wang, Hong Wu, Ilhan A. Aksay, Jun Liu, Yuehe Lin
41. Multiplexed immunoassay using the stabilized enzymes in mesoporous silica
Pages 906-912
Yunxian Piao, Dohoon Lee, Jinwoo Lee, Taeghwan Hyeon, Jungbae Kim, Hak-Sung Kim
42. Electrochemical single-cell gene-expression assay combining dielectrophoretic manipulation with secreted alkaline phosphatase reporter system
Pages 913-919
Tatsuya Murata, Tomoyuki Yasukawa, Hitoshi Shiku, Tomokazu Matsue
43. Biosensing at disk microelectrode arrays. Inter-electrode functionalisation allows formatting into miniaturised sensing platforms of enhanced sensitivity
Pages 920-926
Eva Baldrich, Fco. Javier del Campo, Francesc Xavier Muñoz
Short Communications
44. DNA aptamer-based QDs electrochemiluminescence biosensor for the detection of thrombin
Pages 927-930
Haiping Huang, Jun-Jie Zhu
45. Rapid fabrication of Teflon micropores for artificial lipid bilayer formation
Pages 931-934
Mitsunori Kitta, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Tomoji Kawai
46. DNAzyme-based microarray for highly sensitive determination of metal ions
Pages 935-939
Peng Zuo, Bin-Cheng Yin, Bang-Ce Ye
47. Simultaneous electrochemical determination of uric acid, dopamine, and ascorbic acid at single-walled carbon nanohorn modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 940-943
Shuyun Zhu, Haijuan Li, Wenxin Niu, Guobao Xu
48. Covalently linked silica-multiwall carbon nanotube-polyaniline network: An electroactive matrix for ultrasensitive biosensor
Pages 944-947
Shanmugasundaram Komathi, Anantha Iyengar Gopalan, Kwang-Pill Lee
49. Fe-substituted titanate nanosheets intercalated with hemoglobin for direct electrochemistry
Pages 948-951
Linpu Shi, Qiuming Gao, Yihua Wu, Zhi Chen, Airong Liu
50. Highly sensitive and reusable fluorescence microarrays based on hydrogenated amorphous silicon–carbon alloys
Pages 952-955
L. Touahir, A. Moraillon, P. Allongue, J.-N. Chazalviel, C. Henry de Villeneuve, F. Ozanam, I. Solomon, A.C. Gouget-Laemmel
51. Editorial Board
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