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Date: 15 February 2010


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
2. Dedication to Professor Marco Mascini
Page 1253
Review Paper
3. Immobilization of biomolecules on nanostructured films for biosensing
Pages 1254-1263
José R. Siqueira Jr., Luciano Caseli, Frank N. Crespilho, Valtencir Zucolotto, Osvaldo N. Oliveira Jr.
Regular Papers
4. Electrochemical DNA biosensor based on chitosan/nano-V2O5/MWCNTs composite film modified carbon ionic liquid electrode and its application to the LAMP product of Yersinia enterocolitica gene sequence
Pages 1264-1270
Wei Sun, Peng Qin, Hongwei Gao, Guicun Li, Kui Jiao
5. Effects of electrode geometry and cell location on single-cell impedance measurement
Pages 1271-1276
Ji-Wei Wang, Min-Haw Wang, Ling-Sheng Jang
6. High-performance glucose amperometric biosensor based on magnetic polymeric bionanocomposites
Pages 1277-1282
Can Zou, Yingchun Fu, Qingji Xie, Shouzhuo Yao
7. High-sensitivity quantum dot-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer bioanalysis by capillary electrophoresis
Pages 1283-1289
Yong-Qiang Li, Jian-Hao Wang, Hai-Li Zhang, Jie Yang, Li-Yun Guan, Hong Chen, Qing-Ming Luo, Yuan-Di Zhao
8. Aptamer based electrochemical assay for the determination of thrombin by using the amplification of the nanoparticles
Pages 1290-1294
Caifeng Ding, Ying Ge, Jin-Ming Lin
9. Protein pattern transfer for biosensor applications
Pages 1295-1300
C. Volcke, R.P. Gandhiraman, L. Basabe-Desmonts, M. Iacono, V. Gubala, F. Cecchet, A.A. Cafolla, D.E. Williams
10. Ionic-liquid/NH2-MWCNTs as a highly sensitive nano-composite for catalase direct electrochemistry
Pages 1301-1306
Parvaneh Rahimi, Hossain-Ali Rafiee-Pour, Hedayatollah Ghourchian, Parviz Norouzi, Mohammad Reza Ganjali
11. Hsp90-functionalized polypyrrole nanotube FET sensor for anti-cancer agent detection
Pages 1307-1312
Oh Seok Kwon, Tae-Joon Hong, Sang Kyu Kim, Jae-Hoon Jeong, Ji-Sook Hahn, Jyongsik Jang
12. Direct electrochemistry of horseradish peroxidase immobilized on a monolayer modified nanowire array electrode
Pages 1313-1318
Ju Xu, Fengjun Shang, John H.T. Luong, Kafil M. Razeeb, Jeremy D. Glennon
13. Ultrasensitive electrochemical immunoassay based on cadmium ion-functionalized PSA@PAA nanospheres
Pages 1319-1324
Zhengzhi Yin, Rongjing Cui, Yan Liu, Liping Jiang, Jun-Jie Zhu
14. Capacitance-based real time monitoring of receptor-mediated endocytosis
Pages 1325-1332
Rimi Lee, Pyung Hwan Kim, Joung-Woo Choi, Kwon Oh-Joon, Kyujung Kim, Donghyun Kim, Chae-Ok Yun, Kyung-Hwa Yoo
15. Sensitive enzyme-biosensor based on screen-printed electrodes for Ochratoxin A
Pages 1333-1337
M. Asunción Alonso-Lomillo, Olga Domínguez-Renedo, Liliana Ferreira-Gonçalves, M. Julia Arcos-Martínez
16. Highly sensitive and selective detection of Hg2+ using mismatched DNA and a molecular light switch complex in aqueous solution
Pages 1338-1343
Xiaoru Zhang, Ying Li, Haoran Su, Shusheng Zhang
17. Surface plasmon-coupled emission (SPCE)-based immunoassay using a novel paraboloid array biochip
Pages 1344-1349
Jong Seol Yuk, Michal Trnavsky, Colette McDonagh, Brian D. MacCraith
18. A non-oxidative electrochemical approach to online measurements of dopamine release through laccase-catalyzed oxidation and intramolecular cyclization of dopamine
Pages 1350-1355
Yuqing Lin, Zipin Zhang, Lingzhi Zhao, Xiang Wang, Ping Yu, Lei Su, Lanqun Mao
19. Potentiometric biosensor for studying hydroquinone cytotoxicity in vitro
Pages 1356-1362
Yanyan Wang, Qiang Chen, Xiangqun Zeng
20. Hydrodynamic focusing of conducting fluids for conductivity-based biosensors
Pages 1363-1369
Mansoor Nasir, Daniel A. Ateya, Diana Burk, Joel P. Golden, Frances S. Ligler
21. Covalent coupling of organophosphorus hydrolase loaded quantum dots to carbon nanotube/Au nanocomposite for enhanced detection of methyl parathion
Pages 1370-1375
Dan Du, Wenjuan Chen, Weiying Zhang, Deli Liu, Haibing Li, Yuehe Lin
22. Modified paramagnetic beads in a microfluidic system for the determination of ethinylestradiol (EE2) in river water samples
Pages 1376-1381
Noelia A. Martínez, Rudolf J. Schneider, Germán A. Messina, Julio Raba
23. A novel immobilization multienzyme glucose fluorescence capillary biosensor
Pages 1382-1388
Yong-Sheng Li, Yun-Dong Du, Ting-Mei Chen, Xiu-Feng Gao
24. New multispecific array as a tool for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy-based biosensing
Pages 1389-1394
E. Komarova, K. Reber, M. Aldissi, A. Bogomolova
25. High-sensitive flow-based kinetic exclusion assay for okadaic acid assessment in shellfish samples
Pages 1395-1401
Beatriz Prieto-Simón, Hirotaka Miyachi, Isao Karube, Hiroshi Saiki
26. A highly sensitive nonenzymatic glucose sensor based on CuO nanoparticles-modified carbon nanotube electrode
Pages 1402-1407
Liao-Chuan Jiang, Wei-De Zhang
27. Electrochemical determination of morphine at ordered mesoporous carbon modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 1408-1413
Fei Li, Jixia Song, Changsheng Shan, Dongmei Gao, Xiaoyu Xu, Li Niu
28. Biocompatible electrochemiluminescent biosensor for choline based on enzyme/titanate nanotubes/chitosan composite modified electrode
Pages 1414-1419
Hong Dai, Yuwu Chi, Xiaoping Wu, Youmei Wang, Mingdeng Wei, Guonan Chen
29. An ultrasensitive DNA biosensor based on enzyme-catalyzed deposition of cupric hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles
Pages 1420-1426
Xiaojun Chen, Hong Xie, Zi Yang Seow, Zhiqiang Gao
30. Colloidal laponite nanoparticles: Extended application in direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase and reagentless glucose biosensing
Pages 1427-1433
Dan Shan, Jing Zhang, Huai-Guo Xue, Shou-Nian Ding, Serge Cosnier
31. Synergistic contributions of fullerene, ferrocene, chitosan and ionic liquid towards improved performance for a glucose sensor
Pages 1434-1438
Wei Zhilei, Li Zaijun, Sun Xiulan, Fang Yinjun, Liu Junkang
32. Array-based titanium dioxide biosensors for ratiometric determination of glucose, glutamate and urea
Pages 1439-1446
Ruey-an Doong, Hui-mei Shih
33. Facile preparation of magnetic core–shell Fe3O4@Au nanoparticle/myoglobin biofilm for direct electrochemistry
Pages 1447-1453
Jian-Ding Qiu, Hua-Ping Peng, Ru-Ping Liang, Xing-Hua Xia
34. Development of an implantable d-serine biosensor for in vivo monitoring using mammalian d-amino acid oxidase on a poly (o-phenylenediamine) and Nafion-modified platinum–iridium disk electrode
Pages 1454-1459
Zainiharyati M. Zain, Robert D. O’Neill, John P. Lowry, Kenneth W. Pierce, Mark Tricklebank, Aidiahmad Dewa, Sulaiman Ab Ghani
35. Selective chemical modification of silicon nitride/silicon oxide nanostructures to develop label-free biosensors
Pages 1460-1466
María-José Bañuls, Victoria González-Pedro, Carlos A. Barrios, Rosa Puchades, Ángel Maquieira
36. Square wave voltammetry versus electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as a rapid detection technique at electrochemical immunosensors
Pages 1467-1473
Xiaoqiang Liu, Paul A. Duckworth, Danny K.Y. Wong
37. Micro-biofuel cell powered by glucose/O2 based on electro-deposition of enzyme, conducting polymer and redox mediators: Preparation, characterization and performance in human serum
Pages 1474-1480
Malika Ammam, Jan Fransaer
38. Simultaneous determination of dopamine and its oxidized product (aminochrom), by hydrodynamic amperometry and anodic stripping voltammetry, using the metallic palladium and uranalyl hexacyanoferrate coated aluminum electrodes
Pages 1481-1486
M.H. Pournaghi-Azar, H. Dastangoo, R. Fadakar bajeh baj
39. Bifunctional combined aptamer for simultaneous separation and detection of thrombin
Pages 1487-1492
Tao Bing, Xiangjun Liu, Xiaohong Cheng, Zehui Cao, Dihua Shangguan
40. Quantum dot enhancement of bacteriorhodopsin-based electrodes
Pages 1493-1497
Mark H. Griep, Karl A. Walczak, Eric M. Winder, Donald R. Lueking, Craig R. Friedrich
41. Sensitive impedimetric DNA biosensor with poly(amidoamine) dendrimer covalently attached onto carbon nanotube electronic transducers as the tether for surface confinement of probe DNA
Pages 1498-1503
Ningning Zhu, Huan Gao, Qin Xu, Yuqing Lin, Lei Su, Lanqun Mao
42. Electrochemical determination of NADH and ethanol based on ionic liquid-functionalized graphene
Pages 1504-1508
Changsheng Shan, Huafeng Yang, Dongxue Han, Qixian Zhang, Ari Ivaska, Li Niu
43. A portable microfluidic flow cytometer based on simultaneous detection of impedance and fluorescence
Pages 1509-1515
Segyeong Joo, Kee Hyun Kim, Hee Chan Kim, Taek Dong Chung
Short Communications
44. A polypyrrole/anthraquinone-2,6-disulphonic disodium salt (PPy/AQDS)-modified anode to improve performance of microbial fuel cells
Pages 1516-1520
Chunhua Feng, Le Ma, Fangbai Li, Hongjian Mai, Xuemei Lang, Shuanshi Fan
45. Direct monitoring of organic vapours with amperometric enzyme gas sensors
Pages 1521-1525
Martin Hämmerle, Karin Hilgert, Sabine Achmann, Ralf Moos
46. Multienzymatic system immobilization in sol–gel slides: Fluorescent superoxide biosensors development
Pages 1526-1529
I. Pastor, A. Salinas-Castillo, R. Esquembre, R. Mallavia, C.R. Mateo
47. Detection of avian influenza virus subtype H5 using a biosensor based on imaging ellipsometry
Pages 1530-1534
Cai Qi, Xin-Sheng Tian, She Chen, Jing-Hua Yan, Zhen Cao, Ke-Gong Tian, George F. Gao, Gang Jin
48. Design parameters and sensitivity analysis of polymer-cladded porous silicon waveguides for small molecule detection
Pages 1535-1538
Yang Jiao, Sharon M. Weiss
49. Adsorption kinetics of proteins in plastic microfluidic channels: Real-time monitoring of lysozyme adsorption by pulsed streaming potentials
Pages 1539-1543
Fernando Luna-Vera, Julio C. Alvarez
50. A biofuel cell with a single-walled carbon nanohorn-based bioanode operating at physiological condition
Pages 1544-1547
Dan Wen, Liu Deng, Ming Zhou, Shaojun Guo, Li Shang, Guobao Xu, Shaojun Dong
51. Single living cell detection of telomerase over-expression for cancer detection by an optical fiber nanobiosensor
Pages 1548-1552
Xin Ting Zheng, Chang Ming Li
52. Editorial Board
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