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Date: 15 June 2011



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Colorimetric artificial tongue for protein identification
Pages 3981-3986
Changjun Hou, Jiale Dong, Guoping Zhang, Yu Lei, Mei Yang, Yuchan Zhang, Zhen Liu, Suyi Zhang, Danqun Huo


Impact of a static magnetic field on the electricity production of Shewanella-inoculated microbial fuel cells
Pages 3987-3992
Wen-Wei Li, Guo-Ping Sheng, Xian-Wei Liu, Pei-Jie Cai, Min Sun, Xiang Xiao, Yun-Kun Wang, Zhong-Hua Tong, Fang Dong, Han-Qing Yu


Covalent enzyme immobilization by poly(ethylene glycol) diglycidyl ether (PEGDE) for microelectrode biosensor preparation
Pages 3993-4000
Natalia Vasylieva, Bogdan Barnych, Anne Meiller, Caroline Maucler, Loredano Pollegioni, Jian-Sheng Lin, Daniel Barbier, Stéphane Marinesco


Interaction of calf thymus dsDNA with anti-tumor drug tamoxifen studied by zero current potentiometry
Pages 4001-4005
Xiao-xia Guo, Zhang-jun Song, Jie-juan Sun, Jun-feng Song


Polyaniline Langmuir–Blodgett film based aptasensor for ochratoxin A detection
Pages 4006-4011
Nirmal Prabhakar, Zimple Matharu, B.D. Malhotra


Electrochemical measurement of the flux of hydrogen peroxide releasing from RAW 264.7 macrophage cells based on enzyme-attapulgite clay nanohybrids
Pages 4012-4017
Ping Wu, Zhewei Cai, Jing Chen, Hui Zhang, Chenxin Cai


Reusable evanescent wave DNA biosensor for rapid, highly sensitive, and selective detection of mercury ions
Pages 4018-4023
F. Long, C. Gao, H.C. Shi, M. He, A.N. Zhu, A.M. Klibanov, A.Z. Gu


Silicon photonic crystal nanocavity-coupled waveguides for error-corrected optical biosensing
Pages 4024-4031
Sudeshna Pal, Elisa Guillermain, Rashmi Sriram, Benjamin L. Miller, Philippe M. Fauchet


A new impedimetric biosensor utilizing VEGF receptor-1 (Flt-1): Early diagnosis of vascular endothelial growth factor in breast cancer
Pages 4032-4039
Mustafa Kemal Sezgintürk


Electrochemical DNA biosensor for screening of chlorinated benzene pollutants
Pages 4040-4045
Lidong Wu, Xianbo Lu, Jing Jin, Haijun Zhang, Jiping Chen


In the trail of a new bio-sensor for measuring strain in bone: Osteoblastic biocompatibility
Pages 4046-4052
Lídia Carvalho, Nélia J. Alberto, Pedro S. Gomes, Rogério N. Nogueira, João L. Pinto, Maria H. Fernandes


A novel Tb3+-promoted G-quadruplex-hemin DNAzyme for the development of label-free visual biosensors
Pages 4053-4057
Jing Zhang, QingLan Gao, PingPing Chen, JingHua Chen, GuoNan Chen, FengFu Fu


The affinity ratio—Its pivotal role in gold nanoparticle-based competitive colorimetric aptasensor
Pages 4058-4063
Yeon Seok Kim, Joong Hyun Kim, In Ae Kim, Su Jin Lee, Man Bock Gu


Colorimetric detection of mercury, lead and copper ions simultaneously using protein-functionalized gold nanoparticles
Pages 4064-4069
Yongming Guo, Zhuo Wang, Weisi Qu, Huawu Shao, Xingyu Jiang


Development of a lab-on-a-chip device for diagnosis of plant pathogens
Pages 4070-4075
Sandra Julich, Marko Riedel, Mark Kielpinski, Matthias Urban, Robert Kretschmer, Stefan Wagner, Wolfgang Fritzsche, Thomas Henkel, Robert Möller, Sabine Werres


Simultaneous detection of four nitrofuran metabolites in honey using a multiplexing biochip screening assay
Pages 4076-4081
John O’Mahony, Mary Moloney, Robert I. McConnell, El O. Benchikh, Philip Lowry, Ambrose Furey, Martin Danaher


Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin in composite film based on ionic liquid and NiO microspheres with different morphologies
Pages 4082-4087
Sheying Dong, Penghui Zhang, Hui Liu, Nan Li, Tinglin Huang


A biocompatible titanium nitride nanorods derived nanostructured electrode for biosensing and bioelectrochemical energy conversion
Pages 4088-4094
Shanmu Dong, Xiao Chen, Lin Gu, Lixue Zhang, Xinhong Zhou, Zhihong Liu, Pengxian Han, Hongxia Xu, Jianhua Yao, Xiaoying Zhang, Lanfeng Li, Chaoqun Shang, Guanglei Cui


Formation of G-quadruplex-hemin DNAzyme based on human telomere elongation and its application in telomerase activity detection
Pages 4095-4098
Ying Li, Xia Li, Xiaoting Ji, Xuemei Li


Real-time aptamer quantum dot fluorescent flow sensor
Pages 4099-4103
Anastasia Bogomolova, Matt Aldissi


Combining near-infrared-excited autofluorescence and Raman spectroscopy improves in vivo diagnosis of gastric cancer
Pages 4104-4110
Mads Sylvest Bergholt, Wei Zheng, Kan Lin, Khek Yu Ho, Ming Teh, Khay Guan Yeoh, Jimmy Bok Yan So, Zhiwei Huang


A “turn-on” fluorescent copper biosensor based on DNA cleavage-dependent graphene-quenched DNAzyme
Pages 4111-4116
Meng Liu, Huimin Zhao, Shuo Chen, Hongtao Yu, Yaobin Zhang, Xie Quan


Multi-day pre-clinical demonstration of glucose/galactose binding protein-based fiber optic sensor
Pages 4117-4123
Kristin Weidemaier, Alexander Lastovich, Steven Keith, J. Bruce Pitner, Mark Sistare, Ross Jacobson, David Kurisko


The enhancement of neural growth by amino-functionalization on carbon nanotubes as a neural electrode
Pages 4124-4132
Shiang-Jie Yen, Wei-Lun Hsu, Yung-Chan Chen, Huan-Chieh Su, Yen-Chung Chang, Hsin Chen, Shih-Rung Yeh, Tri-Rung Yew


A highly efficient buckypaper-based electrode material for mediatorless laccase-catalyzed dioxygen reduction
Pages 4133-4138
L. Hussein, S. Rubenwolf, F. von Stetten, G. Urban, R. Zengerle, M. Krueger, S. Kerzenmacher


Urea potentiometric enzymatic biosensor based on charged biopolymers and electrodeposited polyaniline
Pages 4139-4145
Boris Lakard, Delphine Magnin, Olivier Deschaume, Guilhem Vanlancker, Karine Glinel, Sophie Demoustier-Champagne, Bernard Nysten, Alain M. Jonas, Patrick Bertrand, Sami Yunus


A nanobeads amplified QCM immunosensor for the detection of avian influenza virus H5N1
Pages 4146-4154
Dujuan Li, Jianping Wang, Ronghui Wang, Yanbin Li, Daad Abi-Ghanem, Luc Berghman, Billy Hargis, Huaguang Lu


Compact optical microfluidic uric acid analysis system
Pages 4155-4161
Chia-Pin Chang, David J. Nagel, Manuel T. Velasquez, Mona E. Zaghloul


Biosensor for direct cell detection, quantification and analysis
Pages 4162-4168
Sandra Cortès, Christian L. Villiers, Pascal Colpo, Rachel Couderc, Carine Brakha, François Rossi, Patrice N. Marche, Marie-Bernadette Villiers


Effect of conductive polymers coated anode on the performance of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and its biodiversity analysis
Pages 4169-4176
Chao Li, Libin Zhang, Lili Ding, Hongqiang Ren, Hao Cui


Development of urinary albumin immunosensor based on colloidal AuNP and PVA
Pages 4177-4183
Kobra Omidfar, Ahmad Dehdast, Hajar Zarei, Behnoush Khorsand Sourkohi, Bagher Larijani


Reagentless fluorescent biosensors from artificial families of antigen binding proteins
Pages 4184-4190
Frederico F. Miranda, Elodie Brient-Litzler, Nora Zidane, Frédéric Pecorari, Hugues Bedouelle


The open container-used microfluidic chip using IrOx ultramicroelectrodes for the in situ measurement of extracellular acidification
Pages 4191-4197
Ching-Chou Wu, Wei-Cheng Lin, Shih-Yu Fu


The indirect electrochemical detection and quantification of DNA through its co-adsorption with anthraquinone monosulphonate on graphitic and multi-walled carbon nanotube screen printed electrodes
Pages 4198-4203
Linhongjia Xiong, Christopher Batchelor-McAuley, Luís M. Gonçalves, José A. Rodrigues, Richard G. Compton

Short Communications


Signal-enhancer molecules encapsulated liposome as a valuable sensing and amplification platform combining the aptasensor for ultrasensitive ECL immunoassay
Pages 4204-4208
Li Mao, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Ying Zhuo, Yun Xiang


A novel disposable electrochemical immunosensor for phenyl urea herbicide diuron
Pages 4209-4212
Priyanka Sharma, Kavita Sablok, Vijayender Bhalla, C. Raman Suri


A graphene-based platform for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping
Pages 4213-4216
Meng Liu, Huimin Zhao, Shuo Chen, Hongtao Yu, Yaobin Zhang, Xie Quan


Effect of passivation on the sensitivity and stability of pentacene transistor sensors in aqueous media
Pages 4217-4221
Hadayat Ullah Khan, Junhyuk Jang, Jang-Joo Kim, Wolfgang Knoll


Electrochemical aptameric sensor based on the Klenow fragment polymerase reaction for cocaine detection
Pages 4222-4226
Jing-Lin He, Yi-Feng Yang, Guo-Li Shen, Ru-Qin Yu


Sensitive detection of an Anthrax biomarker using a glassy carbon electrode with a consecutively immobilized layer of polyaniline/carbon nanotube/peptide
Pages 4227-4230
Tran Ngoc Huan, Thothadri Ganesh, Sung-Hwan Han, Moon-Young Yoon, Hoeil Chung


Oxidative desorption of thiocholine assembled on core–shell Fe3O4/AuNPs magnetic nanocomposites for highly sensitive determination of acetylcholinesterase activity: An exposure biomarker of organophosphates
Pages 4231-4235
Dan Du, Yuan Tao, Weiying Zhang, Deli Liu, Haibing Li


Electrochemical aptasensor based on the dual-amplification of G-quadruplex horseradish peroxidase-mimicking DNAzyme and blocking reagent-horseradish peroxidase
Pages 4236-4240
Yali Yuan, Xuxu Gou, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Ying Zhuo, Li Mao, Xianxue Gan


Rapid on-site detection of Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli by gold-labeled DNA strip sensor
Pages 4241-4244
Wenjun Zhao, Jie Lu, Wenwei Ma, Chuanlai Xu, Hua Kuang, Shuifang Zhu


Label-free colorimetric immunoassay for the simple and sensitive detection of neurogenin3 using gold nanoparticles
Pages 4245-4248
Yue Yuan, Jia Zhang, Hanchang Zhang, Xiurong Yang


Rapid and sensitive detection of cancer cells by coupling with quantum dots and immunomagnetic separation at low concentrations
Pages 4249-4252
Yi-Heui Hsieh, Lee-Jene Lai, Shih-Jen Liu, Keng S. Liang


Facile fabrication of magnetic gold electrode for magnetic beads-based electrochemical immunoassay: Application to the diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis virus
Pages 4253-4256
Fang Li, Li Mei, Yaoming Li, Kaihong Zhao, Huanchun Chen, Peng Wu, Yonggang Hu, Shengbo Cao


Detecting metabolic activities of bacteria using a simple carbon nanotube device for high-throughput screening of anti-bacterial drugs
Pages 4257-4261
Yinxi Huang, Herry Gunadi Sudibya, Peng Chen



Erratum to “Development of D-allose sensor on the basis of three strategic enzyme reactions” [Biosens. Bioelectron. 26 (2010) 126–130]
Page 4262
Nobumitsu Miyanishi, Shin-ichi Nakakita, Wataru Sumiyoshi, Hirokazu Okuma, Ken Izumori, Jun Hirabayashi


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