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Date: 15 August 2011



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Review Paper


Recent advances in graphene-based biosensors
Pages 4637-4648
Tapas Kuila, Saswata Bose, Partha Khanra, Ananta Kumar Mishra, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee

Full Papers


A microfluidic biochip for the nanoporation of living cells
Pages 4649-4655
Claire Dalmay, Julien Villemejane, Vanessa Joubert, Aude Silve, Delia Arnaud-Cormos, Olivier Français, Lluis M. Mir, Philippe Leveque, Bruno Le Pioufle


Carbon nanoparticle for highly sensitive and selective fluorescent detection of mercury(II) ion in aqueous solution
Pages 4656-4660
Hailong Li, Junfeng Zhai, Jingqi Tian, Yonglan Luo, Xuping Sun


Optimized ferrocene-functionalized ZnO nanorods for signal amplification in electrochemical immunoassay of Escherichia coli
Pages 4661-4666
Yingqiao Teng, Xinai Zhang, Ying Fu, Huijie Liu, Zhongchuan Wang, Litong Jin, Wen Zhang


Microscale mesoarrays created by dip-pen nanolithography for screening of protein–protein interactions
Pages 4667-4673
David G. Thompson, Ekaterina O. McKenna, Andrew Pitt, Duncan Graham


A cyclodextrin host–guest recognition approach to an electrochemical sensor for simultaneous quantification of serotonin and dopamine
Pages 4674-4680
Abdolkarim Abbaspour, Abolhassan Noori


Electron-transfer quenching of nucleic acid-functionalized CdSe/ZnS quantum dots by doxorubicin: A versatile system for the optical detection of DNA, aptamer–substrate complexes and telomerase activity
Pages 4681-4689
Sara Raichlin, Etery Sharon, Ronit Freeman, Yehuda Tzfati, Itamar Willner


Electrical immunosensor based on a submicron-gap interdigitated electrode and gold enhancement
Pages 4690-4696
Junhyoung Ahn, Tae Han Lee, Taihua Li, Kwang Heo, Seunghun Hong, Jeongheon Ko, Yongsam Kim, Yong-Beom Shin, Min-Gon Kim


Highly sensitive chemiluminescent point mutation detection by circular strand-displacement amplification reaction
Pages 4697-4701
Chao Shi, Yujie Ge, Hongxi Gu, Cuiping Ma


An electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) assay measuring the calcification inhibition capacity in biological fluids
Pages 4702-4707
A.H. Ismail, C. Schäfer, A. Heiss, M. Walter, W. Jahnen-Dechent, S. Leonhardt


Validation of a mobile phone-assisted microarray decoding platform for signal-enhanced mutation detection
Pages 4708-4714
Guanbin Zhang, Caixia Li, Yuan Lu, Hua Hu, Guangxin Xiang, Zhiqing Liang, Pu Liao, Pu Dai, Wanli Xing, Jing Cheng


Immobilization of lutetium bisphthalocyanine in nanostructured biomimetic sensors using the LbL technique for phenol detection
Pages 4715-4719
Edson Giuliani R. Fernandes, Lais C. Brazaca, Maria Luz Rodríguez-Mendez, Jose Antonio de Saja, Valtencir Zucolotto


Impedance analysis of adherent cells after in situ electroporation: Non-invasive monitoring during intracellular manipulations
Pages 4720-4727
Judith A. Stolwijk, Christoph Hartmann, Poonam Balani, Silke Albermann, Charles R. Keese, Ivar Giaever, Joachim Wegener


Carbon nanotube supported MnO2 catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction and their applications in microbial fuel cells
Pages 4728-4732
Min Lu, Shailesh Kharkwal, How Yong Ng, Sam Fong Yau Li


Fluorescent aptasensors based on conformational adaptability of abasic site-containing aptamers in combination with abasic site-binding ligands
Pages 4733-4738
Zhiai Xu, Yusuke Sato, Seiichi Nishizawa, Norio Teramae


Integration of silicon-via electrodes with different recording characteristics on a glass microprobe using a glass reflowing process
Pages 4739-4746
Yu-Tao Lee, Shih-Rung Yeh, Yen-Chung Chang, Weileun Fang


Biomaterials based on photosynthetic membranes as potential sensors for herbicides
Pages 4747-4752
Andrea Ventrella, Lucia Catucci, Tiziana Placido, Francesco Longobardi, Angela Agostiano


Development of a quantum dot-based fluorescent immunoassay for progesterone determination in bovine milk
Pages 4753-4759
Laura Trapiella-Alfonso, Jose M. Costa-Fernández, Rosario Pereiro, Alfredo Sanz-Medel


Myoglobin-biomimetic electroactive materials made by surface molecular imprinting on silica beads and their use as ionophores in polymeric membranes for potentiometric transduction
Pages 4760-4766
Felismina T.C. Moreira, Rosa A.F. Dutra, Joao P.C. Noronha, M. Goreti F. Sales


Classification and prediction of rice wines with different marked ages by using a voltammetric electronic tongue
Pages 4767-4773
Zhenbo Wei, Jun Wang, Linshuang Ye


Long-period gratings in photonic crystal fiber as an optofluidic label-free biosensor
Pages 4774-4778
Zonghu He, Fei Tian, Yinian Zhu, Nina Lavlinskaia, Henry Du


Gold nanoparticles-coated magnetic microspheres as affinity matrix for detection of hemoglobin A1c in blood by microfluidic immunoassay
Pages 4779-4784
Shao-Peng Chen, Xiao-Dong Yu, Jing-Juan Xu, Hong-Yuan Chen


A rational approach in probe design for nucleic acid-based biosensing
Pages 4785-4790
M.L. Ermini, S. Scarano, R. Bini, M. Banchelli, D. Berti, M. Mascini, M. Minunni


Synthesis of functional SiO2-coated graphene oxide nanosheets decorated with Ag nanoparticles for H2O2 and glucose detection
Pages 4791-4797
Wenbo Lu, Yonglan Luo, Guohui Chang, Xuping Sun


An artificial enzyme-based assay: DNA detection using a peroxidase-like copper–creatinine complex
Pages 4798-4803
Amardeep Singh, Srikanta Patra, Jeong-Ah Lee, Kang Hyun Park, Haesik Yang


Label-free colorimetric and quantitative detection of cancer marker protein using noncrosslinking aggregation of Au/Ag nanoparticles induced by target-specific peptide probe
Pages 4804-4809
Xiaohui Wang, Li Wu, Jinsong Ren, Daisuke Miyoshi, Naoki Sugimoto, Xiaogang Qu


Electrochemical immunosensor based on electron transfer mediated by graphene oxide initiated silver enhancement
Pages 4810-4814
Fengli Qu, Hongmei Lu, Minghui Yang, Chunyan Deng

Short Communications


In-situ produced ascorbic acid as coreactant for an ultrasensitive solid-state tris(2,2′-bipyridyl) ruthenium(II) electrochemiluminescence aptasensor
Pages 4815-4818
Yuhong Liao, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Ying Zhuo, Yali Yuan, Lijuan Bai, Li Mao, Shirong Yuan


Replacement-free mass-amplified sandwich assay with 180-MHz electrodeless quartz-crystal microbalance biosensor
Pages 4819-4822
Hirotsugu Ogi, Taiji Yanagida, Masahiko Hirao, Masayoshi Nishiyama


The strategy of signal amplification for ultrasensitive detection of hIgE based on aptamer-modified poly(di-acetylene) supramolecules
Pages 4823-4827
Jun Pyo Kim, Il Kyoung Kwon, Sang Jun Sim


Quantitative analysis of mononucleotides by isotopic labeling surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy
Pages 4828-4831
Peng-Gang Yin, Li Jiang, Xiu-Feng Lang, Lin Guo, Shihe Yang


Bi-cell surface plasmon resonance detection of aptamer mediated thrombin capture in serum
Pages 4832-4836
Rinosh Joshua Mani, Roman G. Dye, Timothy A. Snider, Shaopeng Wang, Kenneth D. Clinkenbeard


Development of a novel biosensing system based on the structural change of a polymerized guanine-quadruplex DNA nanostructure
Pages 4837-4841
Yo Morita, Wataru Yoshida, Nasa Savory, Sung Woong Han, Masayuki Tera, Kazuo Nagasawa, Chikashi Nakamura, Koji Sode, Kazunori Ikebukuro


Bio-Photonic Sensing Cells over transparent substrates for anti-gestrinone antibodies biosensing
Pages 4842-4847
F.J. Sanza, M. Holgado, F.J. Ortega, R. Casquel, D. López-Romero, M.J. Bañuls, M.F. Laguna, C.A. Barrios, R. Puchades, A. Maquieira


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