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Date: June-July 2012




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Review Paper



Whole blood screening of antibodies using label-free nanoparticle biophotonic array platform

Pages 1-5
Rouslan V. Olkhov, Robert Parker, Andrew M. Shaw


Full Papers



Electrochemical immunoassay for carcinoembryonic antigen based on signal amplification strategy of nanotubular mesoporous PdCu alloy

Pages 6-11
Yanyan Cai, He Li, Yuyang Li, Yanfang Zhao, Hongmin Ma, Baocun Zhu, Caixia Xu, Qin Wei, Dan Wu, Bin Du



A simple electrochemical aptasensor for ultrasensitive protein detection using cyclic target-induced primer extension

Pages 12-17
Wei Cheng, Shijia Ding, Qing Li, Tianxiao Yu, Yibin Yin, Huangxian Ju, Guosheng Ren



Polyoxometalates as peroxidase mimetics and their applications in H2O2 and glucose detection

Pages 18-21
Jingjing Wang, Dongxue Han, Xiaohong Wang, Bin Qi, Meisheng Zhao



Direct fluorimetric sensing of UV-excited analytes in biological and environmental samples using molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles and fluorescence polarization

Pages 22-28
Xuan-Anh Ton, Victor Acha, Karsten Haupt, Bernadette Tse Sum Bui



Label-free detection of kanamycin based on the aptamer-functionalized conducting polymer/gold nanocomposite

Pages 29-34
Ye Zhu, Pranjal Chandra, Kyung-Mi Song, Changill Ban, Yoon-Bo Shim



An aptamer based resonance light scattering assay of prostate specific antigen

Pages 35-40
Zhanguang Chen, Yulong Lei, Xi Chen, Zhen Wang, Jinbin Liu



Fabrication of hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on Ni doped SnO2 nanoparticles

Pages 41-47
N. Lavanya, S. Radhakrishnan, C. Sekar



Comparative study of surface plasmon resonance, electrochemical and electroassisted chemiluminescence methods based immunosensor for the determination of antibodies against human growth hormone

Pages 48-55
Almira Ramanaviciene, Natalija German, Asta Kausaite-Minkstimiene, Jaroslav Voronovic, Justina Kirlyte, Arunas Ramanavicius



Label-free, multiplexed detection of bacterial tmRNA using silicon photonic microring resonators

Pages 56-61
Ott Scheler, Jared T. Kindt, Abraham J. Qavi, Lauris Kaplinski, Barry Glynn, Thomas Barry, Ants Kurg, Ryan C. Bailey



Highly-sensitive and label-free indium phosphide biosensor for early phytopathogen diagnosis

Pages 62-68
Alberto L.D. Moreau, Richard Janissen, Clelton A. Santos, Luis A. Peroni, Dagmar R. Stach-Machado, Alessandra A. de Souza, Anete P. de Souza, Mônica A. Cotta



Determination of trace copper ions with ultrahigh sensitivity and selectivity utilizing CdTe quantum dots coupled with enzyme inhibition

Pages 69-74
Caixin Guo, Jinliang Wang, Jing Cheng, Zhifei Dai



Optical detection of organophosphorus compounds based on Mn-doped ZnSe d-dot enzymatic catalytic sensor

Pages 75-80
Xue Gao, Guangchao Tang, Xingguang Su



Disposable and integrated amperometric immunosensor for direct determination of sulfonamide antibiotics in milk

Pages 81-88
Felipe Conzuelo, María Gamella, Susana Campuzano, Daniel G. Pinacho, A. Julio Reviejo, M. Pilar Marco, José M. Pingarrón



Highly sensitive and selective colorimetric genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms based on enzyme-amplified ligation on magnetic beads

Pages 89-94
Xiaojun Chen, Andrew Ying, Zhiqiang Gao



Surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for the detection of Salmonella typhi antibodies in buffer and patient serum

Pages 95-102
Garima Gupta, P.K. Sharma, B. Sikarwar, S. Merwyn, S. Kaushik, M. Boopathi, G.S. Agarwal, Beer Singh



Reaction pathway and free energy profile determined for specific recognition of oligosaccharide moiety of carboxypeptidase Y

Pages 103-109
Elżbieta Senkara-Barwijuk, Tomasz Kobiela, Kateryna Lebed, Małgorzata Lekka



Deep oxidation of glucose in enzymatic fuel cells through a synthetic enzymatic pathway containing a cascade of two thermostable dehydrogenases

Pages 110-115
Zhiguang Zhu, Fangfang Sun, Xiaozhou Zhang, Y.-H. Percival Zhang



Magnetoresistive-based real-time cell phagocytosis monitoring

Pages 116-122
A. Shoshi, J. Schotter, P. Schroeder, M. Milnera, P. Ertl, V. Charwat, M. Purtscher, R. Heer, M. Eggeling, G. Reiss, H. Brueckl



A sensitive signal-on assay for MTase activity based on methylation-responsive hairpin-capture DNA probe

Pages 123-128
Jing Su, Xiaoxiao He, Yonghong Wang, Kemin Wang, Zhifeng Chen, Genping Yan



An electrochemical aptasensor based on hybridization chain reaction with enzyme-signal amplification for interferon-gamma detection

Pages 129-134
Jingjin Zhao, Chunfei Chen, Liangliang Zhang, Jianhui Jiang, Ruqin Yu



Competitive aptamer bioassay for selective detection of adenosine triphosphate based on metal-paired molecular conformational switch and fluorescent gold nanoclusters

Pages 135-141
Jing-Min Liu, Xiu-Ping Yan



Efficient detection of secondary structure folded nucleic acids related to Alzheimer's disease based on junction probes

Pages 142-146
Juan Li, Xiu-Juan Qi, Yan-Yan Du, Hua-E Fu, Guo-Nan Chen, Huang-Hao Yang



Monitoring of proteolytic enzyme activity using phase transition-based peptide arrays

Pages 147-153
Deok-Hoon Kong, Se-Hui Jung, Seung-Taek Lee, Young-Myeong Kim, Kwon-Soo Ha



Preparation of thiolated polymeric nanocomposite for sensitive electroanalysis of dopamine

Pages 154-160
Zhaohong Su, Ying Liu, Qingji Xie, Li Chen, Yi Zhang, Yue Meng, Yan Li, Yingchun Fu, Ming Ma, Shouzhuo Yao



Gold-nanobeacons for real-time monitoring of RNA synthesis

Pages 161-167
João Rosa, João Conde, Jesus M. de la Fuente, João C. Lima, Pedro V. Baptista



A new nanoprobe based on FRET between functional quantum dots and gold nanoparticles for fluoride anion and its applications for biological imaging

Pages 168-173
Mei Xue, Xu Wang, Lili Duan, Wen Gao, Lifei Ji, Bo Tang



Oligonucleotide-based fluorogenic sensor for simultaneous detection of heavy metal ions

Pages 174-178
Changlong Hao, Liguang Xua, Changrui Xing, Hua Kuang, Libing Wang, Chuanlai Xu



Reduced graphene oxide/PAMAM–silver nanoparticles nanocomposite modified electrode for direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase and glucose sensing

Pages 179-185
Zhimin Luo, Lihui Yuwen, Yujie Han, Jing Tian, Xingrong Zhu, Lixing Weng, Lianhui Wang



A novel label-free electrochemical aptasensor based on graphene–polyaniline composite film for dopamine determination

Pages 186-191
Su Liu, Xianrong Xing, Jinghua Yu, Wenjing Lian, Jie Li, Min Cui, Jiadong Huang



Ag/Au bi-metallic film based color surface plasmon resonance biosensor with enhanced sensitivity, color contrast and great linearity

Pages 192-198
Chung-Tien Li, Kun-Chi Lo, Hsin-Yun Chang, Hsieh-Ting Wu, Jennifer H. Ho, Ta-Jen Yen



Novel optical PVC probes for on-site detection/determination of fluoroquinolones in a solid/liquid interface: Application to the determination of Norfloxacin in aquaculture water

Pages 199-206
Tâmara I.B. Silva, Felismina T.C. Moreira, Liliana A.A.N.A. Truta, M. Goreti F. Sales



Sensitive detection of idiotypic platelet-reactive alloantibodies by an electrical protein chip

Pages 207-211
Annett Quiel, Britta Jürgen, Andreas Greinacher, Susan Lassen, Ralf Wörl, Sabine Witt, Thomas Schweder



Towards a biosensor based on anti resonant reflecting optical waveguide fabricated from porous silicon

Pages 212-216
M. Hiraoui, L. Haji, M. Guendouz, N. Lorrain, A. Moadhen, M. Oueslati



Enzyme-free fluorescence aptasensor for amplification detection of human thrombin via target-catalyzed hairpin assembly

Pages 217-221
Ai-Xian Zheng, Jin-Ru Wang, Juan Li, Xiao-Rong Song, Guo-Nan Chen, Huang-Hao Yang



Quantification of surface etching by common buffers and implications on the accuracy of label-free biological assays

Pages 222-229
Sunmin Ahn, Philipp S. Spuhler, Marcella Chiari, Mario Cabodi, M. Selim Ünlü



Macro to microfluidics system for biological environmental monitoring

Pages 230-235
Cyril Delattre, Cédric P. Allier, Yves Fouillet, Dorothée Jary, Frederic Bottausci, Denis Bouvier, Guillaume Delapierre, Manuelle Quinaud, Arnaud Rival, Laurent Davoust, Christine Peponnet



Robust one pot synthesis of colloidal silver nanoparticles by simple redox method and absorbance recovered sensing

Pages 236-241
Muhammad Salman, Mahwish Iqbal, El Sayed H. El Ashry, Shamsa Kanwal



Integrated detection of intrinsic fluorophores in live microbial cells using an array of thin film amorphous silicon photodetectors

Pages 242-249
A. Jóskowiak, N. Stasio, V. Chu, D.M.F. Prazeres, J.P. Conde



Ultrathin and smooth poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) films for label-free biomolecule detection with total internal reflection ellipsometry (TIRE)

Pages 250-256
Nam Cao Hoai Le, Vladimir Gubala, Eoin Clancy, Thomas Barry, Terry J Smith, David E. Williams



Evaluation of a microwire sensor functionalized to detect Escherichia coli bacterial cells

Pages 257-261
Lin Lu, Soojin Jun


Short Communications



Novel snowflake-like Pt–Pd bimetallic clusters on screen-printed gold nanofilm electrode for H2O2 and glucose sensing

Pages 262-266
Xiangheng Niu, Chen Chen, Hongli Zhao, Yan Chai, Minbo Lan



Oligonucleotide-stabilized fluorescent silver nanoclusters for turn-on detection of melamine

Pages 267-270
Shuang Han, Shuyun Zhu, Zhongyuan Liu, Lianzhe Hu, Saima Parveen, Guobao Xu





Erratum to: “Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of myoglobin on redox-active self-assembling monolayers derived from nitroaniline modified electrode” [Biosensors and Bioelectronics 22 (12) (2007) 3042–3050]

Page 271
S. Ashok Kumar, Shen-Ming Chen



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