ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 107, 1

Date : 27-May-2005

Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Optical Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

Edited by Maria C. Moreno-Bondi and Guillermo Orellana


Covalent bond formation as an analytical tool to optically detect neutral and anionic analytes
Pages 2-13
Gerhard J. Mohr
Sensitive optical NO sensor based on bis [(2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline)] copper(II) complex
Pages 14-23
H. Dacres and R. Narayanaswamy
The performance of a microchip-based fiber optic detection technique for the determination of Ca2+ ions in urine
Pages 24-31
N. Malcik, J.P. Ferrance, J.P. Landers and P. Caglar
Study of a new evanescent wave optical fibre sensor for methane detection based on cryptophane molecules 
Pages 32-39
M. Benounis, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, J.-P. Dutasta, K. Cherif and A. Abdelghani
Sensitivity evaluation of a multi-layered surface plasmon resonance-based fiber optic sensor: a theoretical study
Pages 40-46
B.D. Gupta and Anuj K. Sharma
An organopalladium-PVC membrane for sulphur dioxide optical sensing
Pages 47-52
Flávia L. Alves, Ivo M. Raimundo, Jr., Iara F. Gimenez and Oswaldo L. Alves
Design of a copper (II) optode based on immobilization of dithizone on a triacetylcellulose membrane
Pages 53-58
Afsaneh Safavi and Mozhgan Bagheri
A novel salicylic acid optical fibre probe fabrication
Pages 59-63
Han Chern Loh, Musa Ahmad and Mohd Nasir Taib
Using optical NIR sensor for on-line virgin olive oils characterization
Pages 64-68
A. Jiménez Marquez, A. Molina Díaz and M.I. Pascual Reguera
Tailoring the pH response range of fluorescent-based pH sensing phases by sol–gel surfactants co-immobilization
Pages 69-76
I. Sánchez-Barragán, J.M. Costa-Fernández and A. Sanz-Medel
Bacteriorhodopsin-based biochromic films for chemical sensors
Pages 77-81
J.P. Sharkany, S.O. Korposh, Z.I. Batori-Tarci, I.I. Trikur and J.J. Ramsden
Electrochemiluminescent detection of acetylcholine using acetylcholinesterase immobilized in a biomimetic Langmuir–Blodgett nanostructure
Pages 82-87
S. Godoy, B. Leca-Bouvier, P. Boullanger, L.J. Blum and A.P. Girard-Egrot
Antibody binding on LiNbO3:Zn waveguides for biosensor applications
Pages 88-92
I. Suárez, R. Matesanz, I. Aguirre de Cárcer, P.L. Pernas, F. Jaque, R. Blasco and G. Lifante
Silica-based optical fibres with refractive index profiles tailored in a region of 1.46–1.62 for fibre-optic chemical detection
Pages 93-97
Ivan Kasik, Vlastimil Matejec, Miroslav Chomat, Milos Hayer, Jan Mrazek and Jana Skokankova
Selectivity of whole cell optical biosensor with immobilized bioreporter Pseudomonas fluorescens HK44
Pages 98-103
J. Trögl, S. Ripp, G. Kuncová, G.S. Sayler, A. Churavá, P. Pařík, K. Demnerová, J. Hálová and L. Kubicová
Combining principal component analysis with an artificial neural network to perform online quality assessment of food as it cooks in a large-scale industrial oven
Pages 104-112
M. O’Farrell, E. Lewis, C. Flanagan, W.B. Lyons and N. Jackman
Development of fiber optic hydrogen sensors for testing nuclear waste repositories
Pages 113-120
M. Aleixandre, P. Corredera, M.L. Hernanz and J. Gutierrez-Monreal
Two photon fluorescence sensors based on resonant grating waveguide structures
Pages 121-125
T. Katchalski, S. Soria, E. Teitelbaum, A.A. Friesem and G. Marowsky
Determination of concentration of living immobilized yeast cells by fluorescence spectroscopy
Pages 126-134
O. Podrazky and G. Kuncova
Double grating waveguide structures: 350-fold enhancement of two-photon fluorescence applying ultrashort pulses
Pages 135-139
C. Kappel, A. Selle, M.A. Bader and G. Marowsky
An high sensitivity optical sensor for chloroform vapours detection based on nanometric film of δ-form syndiotactic polystyrene
Pages 140-147
M. Giordano, M. Russo, A. Cusano and G. Mensitieri
Plasmonic enhancement of fluorescence for sensor applications
Pages 148-153
O. Stranik, H.M. McEvoy, C. McDonagh and B.D. MacCraith
Rich information format surface plasmon resonance biosensor based on array of diffraction gratings
Pages 154-161
Jakub Dostálek, Jiří Homola and Miroslav Miler
Advanced data processing for SPR biosensors
Pages 162-169
Petr Tobiška and Jiří Homola
Modelling of Fickian diffusion to enhance polymer-modified sensor performance
Pages 170-177
P. McLoughlin, K. Flavin, P. Kirwan, B. Murphy and K. Murphy
Signal enhancement of protein chips
Pages 178-183
U. Sauer, C. Preininger, G. Krumpel, N. Stelzer and W. Kern
An intrinsic fibre optic chemical sensor based on light coupling phenomenon
Pages 184-187
Dorota Stadnik and Artur Dybko
Novel chemical sensor/biosensor platform based on optical multimode interference (MMI) couplers
Pages 188-192
K.R. Kribich, R. Copperwhite, H. Barry, B. Kolodziejczyk, J.-M. Sabattié, K. O’Dwyer and B.D. MacCraith
Detection of low-molecular-weight domoic acid using surface plasmon resonance sensor
Pages 193-201
Qiuming Yu, Shengfu Chen, Allen D. Taylor, Jiří Homola, Bertold Hock and Shaoyi Jiang
Comparison of E. coli O157:H7 preparation methods used for detection with surface plasmon resonance sensor
Pages 202-208
Allen D. Taylor, Qiuming Yu, Shengfu Chen, JiříHomola and Shaoyi Jiang
 Regular Papers
Gas response control through structural and chemical modification of metal oxide films: state of the art and approaches
Pages 209-232
G. Korotcenkov
A differential microcantilever-based system for measuring surface stress changes induced by electrochemical reactions
Pages 233-241
Vincent Tabard-Cossa, Michel Godin, L.Y. Beaulieu and Peter Grütter
Study of microcapillary pipette-assisted method to prepare polyethylene glycol-coated microcantilever sensors
Pages 242-251
Y.J. Wright, A.K. Kar, Y.W. Kim, C. Scholz and M.A. George
Humidity sensitive properties of crosslinked and quaternized poly(4-vinylpyridine-co-butyl methacrylate)
Pages 252-257
Y. Li, M.J. Yang and Y. She
Porous silicon as an entrapping matrix for the immobilization of urease
Pages 258-263
Prajakta S. Chaudhari, Anisha Gokarna, Manjusha Kulkarni, M.S. Karve and S.V. Bhoraskar
High H2 sensing behavior of TiO2 films formed by thermal oxidation
Pages 264-270
Youn-Ki Jun, Hyun-Su Kim, Jong-Heun Lee and Seong-Hyeon Hong
Rapidly determining E. coli and P. aeruginosa by an eight channels bulk acoustic wave impedance physical biosensor
Pages 271-276
Jianwen Zhao, Wenjie Zhu and Fengjiao He
Room temperature operated ammonia gas sensor using polycarbazole Langmuir–Blodgett film
Pages 277-282
Vibha Saxena, Sipra Choudhury, S.C. Gadkari, S.K. Gupta and J.V. Yakhmi
A novel SH-SAW sensor system
Pages 283-290
Yu-Tang Shen, Cheng-Liang Huang, Robert Chen and Long Wu
SAW sensor array for wine discrimination
Pages 291-295
J.P. Santos, M.J. Fernández, J.L. Fontecha, J. Lozano, M. Aleixandre, M. García, J. Gutiérrez and M.C. Horrillo
Picrate ion determination using a potentiometric sensor immobilized in a graphite matrix
Pages 296-302
M. Moghimi, M. Arvand, R. Javandel and M.A. Zanjanchi
Layer-by-layer assembled multilayer films of redox polymers for electrocatalytic oxidation of ascorbic acid
Pages 303-310
Lei Qian, Qiang Gao, Yonghai Song, Zhuang Li and Xiurong Yang
Phenol red immobilized PVA membrane for an optical pH sensor with two determination ranges and long-term stability
Pages 311-316
Zhihong Liu, Junfeng Liu and Tianlu Chen
In situ copolymerization of copolymer of methyl methacrylate and [3-(methacrylamino)propyl] trimethyl ammonium chloride on an alumina substrate for humidity sensing
Pages 317-322
Pi-Guey Su and Chyi-Long Uen
Magnesium chromate–TiO2 spinel tape cast thick film as humidity sensor
Pages 323-331
Debdulal Saha, Runa Giri, Kalyan Kumar Mistry and Kamalendu Sengupta
Real-time PCR detection of Listeria monocytogenes using an integrated microfluidics platform
Pages 332-341
Nathaniel C. Cady, Scott Stelick, Madanagopal V. Kunnavakkam and Carl A. Batt
Spinel humidity sensors prepared by thermal spray direct writing
Pages 342-346
Kipyung Ahn, Bruce W. Wessels and Sanjay Sampath
The testing of a semiconductor-based adsorption modified photosensitive sensor for its response to a volatile organic compound, oxygen, humidity and temperature
Pages 347-352
R. Rosty, B. Kebbekus and V. Zaitsev
AC impedance spectroscopy: a new equivalent circuit for titania thick film humidity sensors
Pages 353-359
P.M. Faia, C.S. Furtado and A.J. Ferreira
Detection of reducing gases by SnO2 thin films: an impedance spectroscopy study
Pages 360-365
Manmeet Kaur, S.K. Gupta, C.A. Betty, Vibha Saxena, V.R. Katti, S.C. Gadkari and J.V. Yakhmi
Diketopiperazine receptors: highly selective layers for gravimetric sensors
Pages 366-371
J.W. Loergen, C. Kreutz, J. Bargon, P. Krattiger and H. Wennemers
Construction and analytical applications of a palm-sized microcontroller-based amperometric analyzer
Pages 372-378
Elias M. Avdikos, Mamas I. Prodromidis and Constantinos E. Efstathiou
Sensing characteristics of tin-doped ZnO thin films as NO2 gas sensor
Pages 379-386
Sergiu T. Shishiyanu, Teodor S. Shishiyanu and Oleg I. Lupan
Hydrogen sensitivity of SnO2 thin films doped with Pt by laser ablation
Pages 387-391
Andrey S. Ryzhikov, Anatoly N. Shatokhin, Felix N. Putilin, Marina N. Rumyantseva, Alexandre M. Gaskov and Michel Labeau
Formation of large pores and their effect on electrical properties of SnO2 gas sensors
Pages 392-396
Gyeong-Geun Lee and Suk-Joong L. Kang
Sensing properties of Au-loaded SnO2–Co3O4 composites to CO and H2
Pages 397-401
U.-Sung Choi, Go Sakai, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Humidity sensors based on silica nanoparticle aerogel thin films
Pages 402-410
Chien-Tsung Wang, Chun-Lung Wu, I-Cherng Chen and Yi-Hsiao Huang
Electrochemical sensor for the determination of parathion based on p-tert-butylcalix[6]arene-1,4-crown-4 sol–gel film and its characterization by electrochemical methods
Pages 411-417
Chunya Li, Changfa Wang, Bing Guan, Yangyang Zhang and Shengshui Hu
Solid state potentiometric sensor for the estimation of tributyrin and urea
Pages 418-423
Indranil Basu, R.Venkata Subramanian, Arun Mathew, Arvind M. Kayastha, Anju Chadha and Enakshi Bhattacharya
Polypyrrole materials for detection and discrimination of volatile organic compounds
Pages 424-432
S. Hamilton, M.J. Hepher and J. Sommerville
Influence of some donor–acceptor couples on surface conductivity of aluminum doped zinc oxide
Pages 433-437
M. Mezzanotte and R. Palombari
Lead ion-selective electrode prepared by sol–gel and PVC membrane techniques
Pages 438-445
M. Mazloum Ardakani, M. Khayat Kashani, M. Salavati-Niasari and A.A. Ensafi
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of meldola blue intercalated into barium and calcium phosphates
Pages 446-453
Angélica M. Lazarin and Claudio Airoldi
Pyroelectric heat detector for measuring adsorption energies on thicker single crystals
Pages 454-460
S.F. Diaz, J.F. Zhu, N. Shamir and Charles T. Campbell
Gas diagnosis by a quantitative assessment of the transient response of a capillary-attached gas sensor
Pages 461-467
Faramarz Hossein-Babaei, Maryam Hemmati and Mehrdad Dehmobed
Weak Inversion ISFETs for ultra-low power biochemical sensing and real-time analysis
Pages 468-473
Leila Shepherd and Chris Toumazou
Field-emission properties of nanocrystalline tin oxide films
Pages 474-478
Vitor Baranauskas, Márcio Fontana, Zhao Jing Guo, Helder José Ceragioli and Alfredo Carlos Peterlevitz
Sensor array based measurement technique for fast-responding cigarette smoke analysis
Pages 479-489
Peter Ködderitzsch, Robert Bischoff, Petra Veitenhansl, Wilhelm Lorenz and Gerlinde Bischoff






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