ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 107, 2

Date : 29-June-2005


Evaluation of a novel pad printing technique for the fabrication of disposable electrode assemblies
Pages 491-496
Lyndsey Mooring, Nikolaos G. Karousos, Callum Livingstone, James Davis, Gregory G. Wildgoose, Shelley J. Wilkins and Richard G. Compton
Investigating the effect of deposition variation on the performance sensitivity of low-power gas sensors
Pages 497-508
K. Sadek and W. Moussa
Ruthenium tris(2,2′)bipyridyl-modified oxidized boron-doped diamond electrode for the determination of Vitamin B6 in the presence of Vitamins B1 and B2
Pages 509-515
Jing Wu, Cunxi Lei, Haifeng Yang, Xumei Wu, Guoli Shen and Ruqin Yu
Influences of ball-milling time on gas-sensing properties of Co3O4–SnO2 composites
Pages 516-522
Shunji Abe, U-Sung Choi, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Indium sesquitelluride (In2Te3) thin film gas sensor for detection of carbon dioxide
Pages 523-527
R.R. Desai, D. Lakshminarayana, P.B. Patel and C.J. Panchal
Poly(p-aminobenzene sulfonic acid)-modified glassy carbon electrode for simultaneous detection of dopamine and ascorbic acid
Pages 528-534
Guiying Jin, Yuzhong Zhang and Wangxing Cheng
A device for fabricating protein chips by using a surface acoustic wave atomizer and electrostatic deposition
Pages 535-545
Joon-Wan Kim, Yutaka Yamagata, Masaya Takasaki, Bum-Hwan Lee, Hitoshi Ohmori and Toshiro Higuchi
Thermally killed cells of complex microbial culture for biosensor measurement of BOD of wastewater
Pages 546-551
T.C. Tan and E.W.C. Lim
An optical temperature sensing system based on encapsulation of a dye molecule in organosilica sol–gels
Pages 552-556
Marci C. Burt and Bakul C. Dave
A gel-based wafer-level testing procedure for microelectrodes
Pages 557-562
Maria Kindlundh and Peter Norlin
Response evaluation of TiO2 sensor to flue gas on spark ignition engine and in controlled environment
Pages 563-571
L. Francioso, D.S. Presicce, M. Epifani, P. Siciliano and A. Ficarella
The influence of the lipophilic base in solid state optical pCO2 sensors
Pages 572-579
Claudia R. Schröder and Ingo Klimant
Computer screen photo-assisted reflectance fingerprinting
Pages 580-586
D. Filippini, G. Comina and I. Lundström
A rate equation approach to the gas sensitivity of thin film metal oxide materials
Pages 587-599
S. Ahlers, G. Müller and T. Doll
Simple synthesis of MgFe2O4 nanoparticles as gas sensing materials
Pages 600-604
Yan-Li Liu, Zhi-Min Liu, Yu Yang, Hai-Feng Yang, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Recognition and exposition of intermolecular interaction between CH2Cl2 and CHCl3 by conducting polyaniline materials
Pages 605-615
G. Anitha and E. Subramanian
Amperometric determination of ammonium with bienzyme/poly(carbamoyl) sulfonate hydrogel-based biosensor
Pages 616-622
Roger C.H. Kwan, Phoebe Y.T. Hon and Reinhard Renneberg
The effect of DC polarization on the humidity sensing characteristics of bismuth iron molybdate
Pages 623-631
W.M. Sears
Epoxy resins as stamps for hot embossing of microstructures and microfluidic channels
Pages 632-639
Terry Koerner, Laurie Brown, Ruixi Xie and Richard D. Oleschuk
Quantification of ricin concentrations in aqueous media
Pages 640-648
Karthik Shankar, Kefeng Zeng, Chuanmin Ruan and Craig A. Grimes
Glucose recovery in a microfluidic microdialysis biochip
Pages 649-656
Yi-Cheng Hsieh and Jeffrey D. Zahn
Micro-humidity sensors based on a processable polyaniline blend
Pages 657-665
Scott T. McGovern, Geoffrey M. Spinks and Gordon G. Wallace
Ammonia sensors and their applications—a review
Pages 666-677
Björn Timmer, Wouter Olthuis and Albert van den Berg
Synthesis and electrocatalytic activity towards oxidation of hydrazine of a new family of hydroquinone salophen derivatives: application to the construction of hydrazine sensors
Pages 678-687
Mónica Revenga-Parra, Encarnación Lorenzo and Félix Pariente
Multisensor chip for gas concentration monitoring in a flowing gas mixture
Pages 688-694
N. Sabaté, I. Gràcia, J. Santander, J. Cerdà, A. Vilà, J.R. Morante and C. Cané
Planar LiSICON-based potentiometric CO2 sensors: influence of the working and reference electrodes relative size on the sensing properties
Pages 695-707
Francis Ménil, Brahim Ould Daddah, Pascal Tardy, Hélène Debéda and Claude Lucat
A room temperature nitric oxide sensor actualized from Ru-doped SnO2 nanowires
Pages 708-715
Niranjan S. Ramgir, Imtiaz S. Mulla and Kunjukrishna P. Vijayamohanan
Polyaniline-modified electrode as an amperometric ascorbate sensor
Pages 716-721
I. Jurevičiūtė, K. Brazdžiuvienė, L. Bernotaitė, B. Šalkus and A. Malinauskas
Modeling on oxygen chemisorption-induced noise in metallic oxide gas sensors
Pages 722-729
Sami Gomri, Jean-Luc Seguin and Khalifa Aguir
Classification of electronic nose data with support vector machines
Pages 730-737
Matteo Pardo and Giorgio Sberveglieri
Modification of the refractive index response of long period gratings using thin film overlays
Pages 738-741
Imran M. Ishaq, Antonio Quintela, Stephen W. James, Geoffrey J. Ashwell, José M. Lopez-Higuera and Ralph P. Tatam
Integration of a glucose biosensor based on an epoxy-graphite-TTF·TCNQ-GOD biocomposite into a FIA system
Pages 742-748
X. Llopis, A. Merkoçi, M. del Valle and S. Alegret
High performance of gas identification by wavelet transform-based fast feature extraction from temperature modulated semiconductor gas sensors
Pages 749-755
Hui Ding, Haifeng Ge and Junhua Liu
Tin(II)-selective membrane potentiometric sensor using a crown ether as neutral carrier
Pages 756-761
H. Aghaie, M. Giahi, M. Monajjemi, M. Arvand, G.H. Nafissi and M. Aghaie
Lithium-selective potentiometric sensor based on a second generation carbosiloxane dendrimer
Pages 762-767
V.K. Gupta, S. Chandra, S. Agarwal and H. Lang
Development of a lactate biosensor based on conducting copolymer bound lactate oxidase
Pages 768-772
S. Suman, Rahul Singhal, Amit L. Sharma, B.D. Malthotra and C.S. Pundir
Simultaneous estimation of classes and concentrations of odors by an electronic nose using combinative and modular multilayer perceptrons
Pages 773-781
Daqi Gao, Chen Mingming and Yan Ji
Piezoelectric quartz sensor for caffeine based on molecularly imprinted polymethacrylic acid
Pages 782-790
Benilda S. Ebarvia and Fortunato Sevilla III
Spectroscopic, thermal and electrical properties of sulphonic acids doped poly(o-anisidine) and their application as humidity sensor
Pages 791-797
Milind V. Kulkarni and Annamraju Kasi Viswanath
Flow through chemiluminescence sensor using molecularly imprinted polymer as recognition elements for detection of salbutamol
Pages 798-804
Houjiang Zhou, Zhujun Zhang, Deyong He and Yan Xiong
Enhanced sensing performance of the amperometric gas sensor by laser-patterning of the polymer membrane electrode
Pages 805-811
Zongyi Qin, Pei-Nan Wang and Yujiang Wang
Solid-state amperometric hydrogen sensor based on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Pages 812-817
Xianbo Lu, Shouguo Wu, Li Wang and Zhenxi Su
Fabrication of microchip electrophoresis devices and effects of channel surface properties on separation efficiency
Pages 818-824
Min-Su Kim, Seung Il Cho, Kook-Nyung Lee and Yong-Kweon Kim
Sensitivity enhancement for CO gas detection using a SnO2–CeO2–PdOx system
Pages 825-830
Il Jin Kim, Sang Do Han, Ishwar Singh, Hi Doek Lee and Jin Suk Wang
Nanoparticles for long-term stable, more selective MISiCFET gas sensors
Pages 831-838
Anette Salomonsson, Somenath Roy, Christian Aulin, Judith Cerdà, Per-Olov Käll, Lars Ojamäe, Michael Strand, Mehri Sanati and Anita Lloyd Spetz
Temperature-controlled CO, CO2 and NOx sensing in a diesel engine exhaust stream
Pages 839-848
Osvaldo L. Figueroa, Chonghoon Lee, Sheikh A. Akbar, Nicholas F. Szabo, Joseph A. Trimboli, Prabir K. Dutta, Naoto Sawaki, Ahmed A. Soliman and Henk Verweij
Organic TFTs as gas sensors for electronic nose applications
Pages 849-855
Frank Liao, Christopher Chen and Vivek Subramanian
Planar waveguide hygrometer and state sensor demonstrating supercooled water recognition
Pages 856-860
I.J.G. Sparrow, G.D. Emmerson, C.B.E. Gawith and P.G.R. Smith
An optical sensor with the combination of colorimetric change of α-naphtholphthalein and internal reference luminescent dye for CO2 in water
Pages 861-865
Yutaka Amao and Naoki Nakamura
Study of nano-Au-assembled amperometric CO gas sensor
Pages 866-871
Changlun Chen, Jianbo He, Di Xu, Xiaoli Tan, Xiang Zhou and Xiangke Wang
Development of a CCD-based fluorimeter for real-time PCR machine
Pages 872-881
Da-Sheng Lee, Bou-How Chang and Ping-Hei Chen
Microfabrication and characterization of a silicon-based millimeter scale, PEM fuel cell operating with hydrogen, methanol, or formic acid
Pages 882-891
J. Yeom, G.Z. Mozsgai, B.R. Flachsbart, E.R. Choban, A. Asthana, M.A. Shannon and P.J.A. Kenis
Ethanol vapor detection in aqueous environments using micro-capacitors and dielectric polymers
Pages 892-903
Dennis L. McCorkle, Robert J. Warmack, Sanjay V. Patel, Todd Mlsna, Scott R. Hunter and Thomas L. Ferrell
A microfluidic shadow imaging system for the study of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans in space
Pages 904-914
Dirk Lange, Christopher W. Storment, Catharine A. Conley and Gregory T.A. Kovacs
Sol–gel route to pseudocubic shaped α-Fe2O3 alcohol sensor: preparation and characterization
Pages 915-920
Lihua Huo, Qiang Li, Hui Zhao, Lijun Yu, Shan Gao and Jinggui Zhao
A new amperometric sensor for the determination of bromate, iodate and hydrogen peroxide based on titania sol–gel matrix for immobilization of cobalt substituted Keggin-type cobalttungstate anion by vapor deposition method
Pages 921-928
Yancai Li, Weifeng Bu, Lixin Wu and Changqing Sun
The development and comparison of a fluorescence and a phosphorescence optosensors for determining the plant growth regulator 2-naphthoxyacetic acid
Pages 929-935
S. Casado-Terrones, J.F. Fernández-Sánchez, A. Segura-Carretero and A. Fernández-Gutiérrez
Magnetic field-assisted DNA hybridisation and simultaneous detection using micron-sized spin-valve sensors and magnetic nanoparticles
Pages 936-944
D.L. Graham, H.A. Ferreira, N. Feliciano, P.P. Freitas, L.A. Clarke and M.D. Amaral
QCM biosensor with ultra thin polymer film
Pages 945-951
Massood Z. Atashbar, Bruce Bejcek, Aditya Vijh and Srikanth Singamaneni
Phase detection of surface plasmon resonance using rotating analyzer method
Pages 952-956
Ryo Naraoka and Kotaro Kajikawa
Fibre optic pH sensors employing tethered non-fluorescent indicators on macroporous glass
Pages 957-962
Lu Shin Wong, William S. Brocklesby and Mark Bradley
 uTas Section
Hydrodynamic focusing in microchannels under consideration of diffusive dispersion: theories and experiments
Pages 965-974
Zhigang Wu and Nam-Trung Nguyen
Separation of DNA in a versatile microchip
Pages 975-979
Michael Loughran, Marina Cretich, Marcella Chiari and Hiroaki Suzuki
Development of a microplate reader compatible microfluidic device for enzyme assay
Pages 980-985
Joo H. Kang and Je-Kyun Park






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