ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 108,1- 2

Date : 22-July-2005

Proceedings of the Tenth International Meeting on Chemical Sensors
Edited by Jun-ichi Anzai and Yasuhiro Shimizu


Toward innovations of gas sensor technology
Pages 2-14
Noboru Yamazoe
Selective sublimation processing of thin films for gas sensing 
Pages 15-20
V. Guidi, G. Martinelli, G. Schiffrer, A. Vomiero, C. Scian, G. Della Mea, E. Comini, M. Ferroni and G. Sberveglieri
Effects of Ta/Nb-doping on titania-based thin films for gas-sensing
Pages 21-28
E. Comini, M. Ferroni, V. Guidi, A. Vomiero, P.G. Merli, V. Morandi, M. Sacerdoti, G. Della Mea and G. Sberveglieri
TiO2–SnO2 nanostructures and their H2 sensing behavior
Pages 29-33
Carmen M. Carney, Sehoon Yoo and Sheikh A. Akbar
Effects of various metal additives on the gas sensing performances of TiO2 nanocrystals obtained from hydrothermal treatments
Pages 34-40
Ana M. Ruiz, Albert Cornet, Kengo Shimanoe, Joan R. Morante and Noboru Yamazoe
Detection of chemical warfare agents using nanostructured metal oxide sensors
Pages 41-55
Alexey A. Tomchenko, Gregory P. Harmer and Brent T. Marquis
Preparation of large mesoporous SnO2 powder for gas sensor application
Pages 56-61
Yasuhiro Shimizu, Ayami Jono, Takeo Hyodo and Makoto Egashira
Effect of in-flight annealing and deposition method on gas-sensitive SnOx films made from size-selected nanoparticles
Pages 62-69
M.K. Kennedy, F.E. Kruis, H. Fissan, H. Nienhaus, A. Lorke and T.H. Metzger
AC measurements and modeling of WO3 thick film gas sensors
Pages 70-74
C. Malagù, M.C. Carotta, S. Gherardi, V. Guidi, B. Vendemiati and G. Martinelli
Complementary phenomenological and spectroscopic studies of propane sensing with tin dioxide based sensors
Pages 75-83
Dorota Koziej, Nicolae Bârsan, Volker Hoffmann, Jacek Szuber and Udo Weimar
H2S microgas sensor fabricated by thermal oxidation of Cu/Sn double layer
Pages 84-88
Jeong-Min Lee, Byeong-Ui Moon, Chang-Hyun Shim, Bong-Chull Kim, Myeoung-Bok Lee, Duk-Dong Lee and Jong-Ho Lee
Vanadium and tantalum-doped titanium oxide (TiTaV): a novel material for gas sensing
Pages 89-96
Maria Cristina Carotta, Vincenzo Guidi, Cesare Malagù, Beatrice Vendemiati, Alex Zanni, Giuliano Martinelli, Michele Sacerdoti, Silvia Licoccia, Maria Luisa Di Vona and Enrico Traversa
Development of a WO3 thick-film-based sensor for the detection of VOC
Pages 97-101
Keisen Kanda and Toru Maekawa
Hydrocarbon sensing with thick and thin film p-type conducting perovskite materials
Pages 102-112
Kathy Sahner, Ralf Moos, Mahesh Matam, James J. Tunney and Michael Post
Doped vanadium oxides phase transitions vapors influence
Pages 113-118
N.Y. Shishkin, A.A. Komarov, D.V. Kosov, V.A. Cherkasov, L.A. Bashkirov, U. Bardi and Y.K. Gunko
Undoped and 0.1 wt.% Ca-doped Pt-catalyzed SnO2 sensors for CH4 detection
Pages 119-124
Bong-Ki Min and Soon-Don Choi
C4H10 sensing characteristics of ion beam sputtered SnO2 sensors
Pages 125-129
Bong-Ki Min and Soon-Don Choi
Development of SnO2-based gas sensor sensitive to dilute ethylene oxide in air
Pages 130-133
Masahiro Kugishima, Go Sakai, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Determination of the sensitive layer temperature of the adsorption semiconductor gas sensor
Pages 134-142
O. Isaienko, N. Maksymovych and V. Yatsimirsky
Organically hybridized SnO2 gas sensors
Pages 143-147
Ichiro Matsubara, Kouta Hosono, Norimitsu Murayama, Woosuck Shin and Noriya Izu
The sensing behavior of SnO2-based thick-film gas sensors at a low concentration of chemical agent simulants
Pages 148-153
Woo Suk Lee, Soo Chool Lee, Soo Jae Lee, Duk Dong Lee, Jeung Soo Huh, Hee Kwon Jun and Jae Chang Kim
Hydrogen sensing characteristics of WO3 thin film conductometric sensors activated by Pt and Au catalysts
Pages 154-158
S.J. Ippolito, S. Kandasamy, K. Kalantar-zadeh and W. Wlodarski
Nano-grained thin-film indium tin oxide gas sensors for H2 detection
Pages 159-164
Kwang Soo Yoo, Sang Hyoun Park and Ju Hyun Kang
Improvement of piezoelectric crystal sensor for the detection of organic vapors using nanocrystalline TiO2 films
Pages 165-171
S.H. Si, Y.S. Fung and D.R. Zhu
CeO2 doped SnO2 sensor selective to ethanol in presence of CO, LPG and CH4
Pages 172-176
F. Pourfayaz, A. Khodadadi, Y. Mortazavi and S.S. Mohajerzadeh
Chemical warfare agent sensor using MEMS structure and thick film fabrication method
Pages 177-183
Nak-Jin Choi, Yun-Su Lee, Jun-Hyuk Kwak, Joon-Shik Park, Kwang-Bum Park, Kyu-Sik Shin, Hyo-Derk Park, Jae-Chang Kim, Jeung-Soo Huh and Duk-Dong Lee
Gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline NiO and Co3O4 in porous silica sol–gel films
Pages 184-192
C. Cantalini, M. Post, D. Buso, M. Guglielmi and A. Martucci
Sensing technology for chemical-warfare agents and its evaluation using authentic agents
Pages 193-197
Yasuo Seto, Mieko Kanamori-Kataoka, Kouichiro Tsuge, Isaac Ohsawa, Koji Matsushita, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, Teruo Itoi, Kazumitsu Iura, Yasuhiro Sano and Shigeharu Yamashiro
Ozone detection in air using SmFeO3 gas sensor
Pages 198-201
Yuuki Hosoya, Yoshiteru Itagaki, Hiromichi Aono and Yoshihiko Sadaoka
Effect of micro-gap electrode on detection of dilute NO2 using WO3 thin film microsensors
Pages 202-206
Jun Tamaki, Akira Miyaji, Jiro Makinodan, Shunsuke Ogura and Satoshi Konishi
Effect of V2O5 coating on NO2 sensing properties of WO3 thin films
Pages 207-210
Xiuli He, Jianping Li and Xiaoguang Gao
NOx gas response characteristics of thin film mixed oxide semiconductor
Pages 211-215
Kap-Duk Song, Jung-Il Bang, Sang-Rok Lee, Yun-Su Lee, Young-Ho Hong and Duk-Dong Lee
Temperature independent resistive oxygen sensors using solid electrolyte zirconia as a new temperature compensating material
Pages 216-222
Noriya Izu, Woosuck Shin, Ichiro Matsubara, Norimitsu Murayama, Noriko Oh-hori and Masaki Itou
Temperature-independent resistive oxygen sensors based on SrTi1−xFexO3−δ solid solutions
Pages 223-230
Avner Rothschild, Scott J. Litzelman, Harry L. Tuller, Wolfgang Menesklou, Thomas Schneider and Ellen Ivers-Tiffée
The electrical properties and stability of SrTi0.65Fe0.35O3−δ thin films for automotive oxygen sensor applications
Pages 231-237
Scott J. Litzelman, Avner Rothschild and Harry L. Tuller
Resistive oxygen gas sensors based on Ce1−xZrxO2 nano powder prepared using new precipitation method
Pages 238-243
Noriya Izu, Noriko Oh-hori, Masaki Itou, Woosuck Shin, Ichiro Matsubara and Norimitsu Murayama
The effects of annealing temperature on the sensing properties of low temperature nano-sized SrTiO3 oxygen gas sensor
Pages 244-249
Y. Hu, O.K. Tan, J.S. Pan, H. Huang and W. Cao
Detection of toxigenic strains of Fusarium verticillioides in corn by electronic olfactory system
Pages 250-257
Matteo Falasconi, Emanuela Gobbi, Matteo Pardo, Matteo Della Torre, Andrea Bresciani and Giorgio Sberveglieri
Environmental temperature-independent gas sensor array based on polymer composite
Pages 258-264
Seung-Chul Ha, Yoonseok Yang, Yong Shin Kim, Soo-Hyun Kim, Young Jun Kim and Seong Mok Cho
Breath odor characteristics after drinking and identification of sake quantity
Pages 265-270
Zeyuan Jin, Tatsuya Shimbo, Yu Hosoe and Takashi Oyabu
Silicon bridge type micro-gas sensor array
Pages 271-277
Byeong-Ui Moon, Jeong-Min Lee, Chang-Hyun Shim, Myoung-Bok Lee, Jong-Hyun Lee, Duk-Dong Lee and Jong-Ho Lee
Monitoring plants health in greenhouse for space missions
Pages 278-284
Camilla Baratto, Guido Faglia, Matteo Pardo, Marco Vezzoli, Luca Boarino, Massimo Maffei, Simone Bossi and Giorgio Sberveglieri
Portable electronic nose system based on the carbon black–polymer composite sensor array
Pages 285-291
Yong Shin Kim, Seung-Chul Ha, Yoonseok Yang, Young Jun Kim, Seong Mok Cho, Haesik Yang and Youn Tae Kim
Fabrication of clinical gas sensor using MEMS process
Pages 292-297
Yun-Su Lee, Kap-Duk Song, Jeung-Soo Huh, Wan-Young Chung and Duk-Dong Lee
Classification of chemical warfare agents using thick film gas sensor array
Pages 298-304
Nak-Jin Choi, Jun-Hyuk Kwak, Yeon-Tae Lim, Tae-Hyun Bahn, Ky-Yeol Yun, Jae-Chang Kim, Jeung-Soo Huh and Duk-Dong Lee
Analysis of diabetic patient's breath with conducting polymer sensor array
Pages 305-308
Joon-Boo Yu, Hyung-Gi Byun, Myung-Suk So and Jeung-Soo Huh
Amperometric NOX sensor based on oxygen pumping current by using LaGaO3-based solid electrolyte for monitoring exhaust gas
Pages 309-313
Atanu Dutta and Tatsumi Ishihara
Solid electrolyte type nitrogen monoxide gas sensor operating at intermediate temperature region
Pages 314-318
Isao Hasegawa, Shinji Tamura and Nobuhito Imanaka
Planar non-nernstian electrochemical sensors: field test in the exhaust of a spark ignition engine
Pages 319-325
Maria Luisa Grilli, Elisabetta Di Bartolomeo, Alessandra Lunardi, Laure Chevallier, Stefano Cordiner and Enrico Traversa
Effect of electrode interface structure on the characteristics of a thin-film limiting current type oxygen sensor
Pages 326-330
Takayuki Suzuki, Masato Kondo, Kaoru Ogino, Yoshiaki Ishiguro and Hideaki Takahashi
Performance of a miniature zirconia oxygen sensor with a Pd–PdO internal reference
Pages 331-334
Hiroyuki Kaneko, Takayuki Okamura, Hitoshi Taimatsu, Yukio Matsuki and Hiroshi Nishida
Behavior of oxygen concentration cells using BiCuVOx oxide-ion conductor
Pages 335-340
Hansang Cho, Go Sakai, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Oxygen sensor with solid-state CeO2–ZrO2–TiO2 reference
Pages 341-345
Nafiseh Rajabbeigi, Bahman Elyassi, Abbas Ali Khodadadi, Shamsoddin Mohajerzadeh, Yadollah Mortazavi and Muhammad Sahimi
Drift phenomena of electrochemical CO2 sensor with Pt,Na2CO3/Na+-electrolyte//YSZ/Pt structure
Pages 346-351
Takashi Okamoto, Youichi Shimamoto, Naoki Tsumura, Yoshiteru Itagaki, Hiromichi Aono and Yoshihiko Sadaoka
NASICON-based potentiometric CO2 sensor combined with new materials operative at room temperature
Pages 352-358
Kenji Obata, Shizuko Kumazawa, Shigenori Matsushima, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Carbon dioxide gas sensor based on trivalent cation and divalent oxide anion conducting solids with rare earth oxycarbonate based auxiliary electrode
Pages 359-363
Shinji Tamura, Isao Hasegawa, Nobuhito Imanaka, Toru Maekawa, Teruhisa Tsumiishi, Kengo Suzuki, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Akiko Ikeshima, Yuka Kawabata, Nanako Sakita and Gin-ya Adachi
Improvement of warming-up characteristics of potentiometric CO2 sensor by using solid reference counter electrode
Pages 364-367
Yuji Miyachi, Go Sakai, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Amperometric hydrocarbon sensor using La(Sr)Ga(Fe)O3 solid electrolyte for monitoring in exhaust gas
Pages 368-373
Atanu Dutta, Hiroyasu Nishiguchi, Yusaku Takita and Tatsumi Ishihara
Characteristics of an HC sensor using a Pr6O11 electrode
Pages 374-378
Tadashi Inaba, Keiichi Saji and Jiro Sakata
Multi-sensor technique and solid-state electrochemical sensor system for real-time and dynamic monitoring of multi-component gases
Pages 379-383
Zhong-Bai Zhou, Bao-Shan He, Liang-Dong Feng and Nai-Cai Cai
Amperometric nitric oxide microsensor using two-dimensional cross-linked Langmuir–Blodgett films of polysiloxane copolymer
Pages 384-388
Dai Kato, Masashi Kunitake, Matsuhiko Nishizawa, Tomokazu Matsue and Fumio Mizutani
Sensing behaviors of polypyrrole sensor under humidity condition
Pages 389-392
Jae-Hyun Cho, Joon-Boo Yu, Jung-Suk Kim, Sung-Ok Sohn, Duk-Dong Lee and Jeung-Soo Huh
Toxic gas detection using porphyrin dispersed polymer composites
Pages 393-397
Yoshiteru Itagaki, Katsuyuki Deki, Shun-Ichi Nakashima and Yoshihiko Sadaoka
Controlled fabrication of carbon nanotube NO2 gas sensor using dielectrophoretic impedance measurement
Pages 398-403
Junya Suehiro, Guangbin Zhou, Hiroshi Imakiire, Weidong Ding and Masanori Hara
Conducting organic Langmuir–Blodgett films as chemical sensors
Pages 404-408
Nobuaki Watanabe, Hitoshi Ohnuki, Takafumi Saiki, Hideaki Endo, Mitsuru Izumi and Tatsuro Imakubo
Fabrication and sensing behavior of PVF2 coated-polyaniline sensor for volatile organic compounds
Pages 409-413
Jung-Suk Kim, Sung-Ok Sohn and Jeung-Soo Huh
Gas sensing properties of poly-3-hexylthiophene thin film transistors
Pages 414-417
Hisashi Fukuda, Yasuaki Yamagishi, Masafumi Ise and Nobuhiro Takano
Enhancing chemiresistor-type NO gas-sensing properties using ethanol-treated lead phthalocyanine thin films
Pages 418-426
Kuo-Chuan Ho, Chun-Ming Chen and Jung-Yu Liao
Detection of aromatic nitro compounds with electrode polarization controlling sensor
Pages 427-434
Kumi Masunaga, Kosuke Hayama, Takeshi Onodera, Kenshi Hayashi, Norio Miura, Kiyoshi Matsumoto and Kiyoshi Toko
Production and deposition of adsorbent films by plasma polymerization on low cost micromachined non-planar microchannels for preconcentration of organic compound in air
Pages 435-444
R.R. Lima, R.A.M. Carvalho, A.P. Nascimento Filho, M.L.P. Silva and N.R. Demarquette
Study on dielectric properties of humidity sensing nanometer materials
Pages 445-449
Jing Wang, Xiao-hua Wang and Xiao-dong Wang
Humidity sensing properties of CNx film by RF magnetron sputtering system
Pages 450-454
Ji Gong Lee and Sung Pil Lee
Planar catalytic combustor film for thermoelectric hydrogen sensor
Pages 455-460
Woosuck Shin, Kazuki Tajima, Yeongsoo Choi, Noriya Izu, Ichiro Matsubara and Norimitsu Murayama
Effect of humidity on the sensing property of thermoelectric hydrogen sensor
Pages 461-466
Naoya Sawaguchi, Woosuck Shin, Noriya Izu, Ichiro Matsubara and Norimitsu Murayama
Hydrogen-sensing properties of anodically oxidized TiO2 film sensors: Effects of preparation and pretreatment conditions
Pages 467-472
Hiroshi Miyazaki, Takeo Hyodo, Yasuhiro Shimizu and Makoto Egashira
Detection of decomposed compounds from an early stage fire by an adsorption/combustion-type sensor
Pages 473-477
Takashi Ozawa, Yoshiaki Ishiguro, Kazuhiro Toyoda, Masateru Nishimura, Takahiko Sasahara and Toshiyuki Doi
Highly sensitive detection of volatile organic compounds by an adsorption/combustion-type sensor based on mesoporous silica
Pages 478-483
T. Sasahara, A. Kido, H. Ishihara, T. Sunayama and M. Egashira
DRIFTS analysis of the CO2 detection mechanisms using LaOCl sensing material
Pages 484-489
A. Marsal, M.A. Centeno, J.A. Odriozola, A. Cornet and J.R. Morante
Hydrogen sensing by NKN thin film with high dielectric constant and ferroelectric property
Pages 490-495
Shinji Nakagomi, Gunilla Wingqvist, Anna Elisabeth Åbom, Ulf Helmersson and Anita Lloyd Spetz
Oscillatory response of Pt-based CO sensors
Pages 496-500
LiLin Li, Wojtek Wlodarski, Deepak B. Akolekar and Suresh K. Bhargava
Influence of gate bias of MISiC-FET gas sensor device on the sensing properties
Pages 501-507
Shinji Nakagomi, Akira Fukumura, Yoshihiro Kokubun, Susan Savage, Helena Wingbrant, Mike Andersson, Ingemer Lundström, Mikael Löfdahl and Anita Lloyd Spetz
Distributed hydrogen determination with fiber-optic sensor
Pages 508-514
Shintaro Sumida, Shinji Okazaki, Shukuji Asakura, Hidemoto Nakagawa, Hideaki Murayama and Takuya Hasegawa
Temperature-programmed sensing for gas identification using the cataluminescence-based sensors
Pages 515-520
Tohru Okabayashi, Naoko Matsuo, Isao Yamamoto, Koh Utsunomiya, Nobuhiko Yamashita and Masuo Nakagawa
Chromogenic calixarene sensors for amine detection
Pages 521-527
C.J. Liu, J.T. Lin, S.H. Wang, J.C. Jiang and L.G. Lin
Optical ozone-sensing properties of poly(2-chloroaniline), poly(N-methylaniline) and polyaniline films
Pages 528-534
Masanori Ando, Claudia Swart, Erika Pringsheim, Vladimir M. Mirsky and Otto S. Wolfbeis
Optical fibre sensors based on vapochromic gold complexes for environmental applications
Pages 535-541
Cándido Bariain, Ignacio R. Matías, Carlos Fdez-Valdivielso, César Elosúa, Asunción Luquin, Julian Garrido and Mariano Laguna
Development of an eco-friendly optical sensor element based on tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives dispersed in biodegradable polymer: Effects of substituents of tetraphenylporphyrins on HCl detection and biodegradation
Pages 542-546
Katsuhiko Nakagawa, Tomochika Aono, Gen Ueda, Chikara Tsutsumi, Nobuki Hayase, Michiaki Mabuchi and Yoshihiko Sadaoka
Bulk acoustic wave resonator as a sensing platform for NOx at high temperatures
Pages 547-552
Huankiat Seh, Takeo Hyodo and Harry L. Tuller
Layered SAW hydrogen sensor with modified tungsten trioxide selective layer
Pages 553-557
S.J. Ippolito, S. Kandasamy, K. Kalantar-Zadeh and W. Wlodarski
Preparation of long-lifetime gas recognition films by plasma polymerization technique
Pages 558-563
Shigeru Kurosawa, Hideyuki Miura, Hirokazu Takahashi, Jong-Won Park, Hidenobu Aizawa, Kazutoshi Noda, Kazunori Yamada and Mitsuo Hirata
Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensor for CH3SH gas by using polyelectrolyte-coated sol–gel film
Pages 564-571
Masashi Kikuchi and Seimei Shiratori
A QCM-based NO2 gas detector using morpholine-functional cross-linked copolymer coatings
Pages 572-575
Masanobu Matsuguchi, Yoshito Kadowaki and Masanori Tanaka
Cell-based biosensors and its application in biomedicine
Pages 576-584
Ping Wang, Gaixia Xu, Lifeng Qin, Ying Xu, Yan Li and Rong Li
Electrospun biocomposite nanofibers for urea biosensing
Pages 585-588
Katarzyna Sawicka, Perena Gouma and Sanford Simon
Electrophysiological activity modulation by chemical stimulation in networks of cortical neurons coupled to microelectrode arrays: A biosensor for neuropharmacological applications
Pages 589-596
S. Martinoia, L. Bonzano, M. Chiappalone and M. Tedesco
Metabolic and enzymatic activities of individual cells, spheroids and embryos as a function of the sample size
Pages 597-602
Hitoshi Shiku, Yu-suke Torisawa, Airi Takagi, Shigeo Aoyagi, Hiroyuki Abe, Hiroyoshi Hoshi, Tomoyuki Yasukawa and Tomokazu Matsue
Surface electrochemical enzyme immunoassay for the highly sensitive measurement of B-type natriureric peptide
Pages 603-607
Hiroaki Matsuura, Yukari Sato, Osamu Niwa and Fumio Mizutani
Biological phosphate ester sensing using an artificial enzyme PMP complex
Pages 608-612
Shinya Ikeno and Tetsuya Haruyama






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