ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 109, 1

Date: 24-Aug-2005


Fall Meeting - Nanostructured materials and nanotechnologies for new chemical sensors and alternative energy devices.


Metal oxide nanocrystals for gas sensing
Pages 2-6
C. Baratto, E. Comini, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, M. Zha and A. Zappettini
Transition metals (Co, Cu) as additives on hydrothermally treated Tio2 for gas sensing
Pages 7-12
Ana M. Ruiz, Albert Cornet, Kengo Shimanoe, Joan R. Morante and Noboru Yamazoe
Nanostructured gas sensors and electrical characterization of deposited SnO2 nanoparticles in ambient gas atmosphere
Pages 13-18
T.P. Hülser, H. Wiggers, F.E. Kruis and A. Lorke
Surface oxidation state of combustion-synthesized γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles determined by electron energy loss spectroscopy in the transmission electron microscope
Pages 19-23
J. Jasinski, K.E. Pinkerton, I.M. Kennedy and V.J. Leppert
Nanocrystalline Cr2O3–TiO2 thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Pages 24-31
T. Jantson, T. Avarmaa, H. Mändar, T. Uustare and R. Jaaniso
Infrared radiation effects in TiO2 nanostructured films
Pages 32-37
F. Dallacasa and V. Dallacasa
Characterisation of LaOCl sensing materials using CO2-TPD, XRD, TEM and XPS
Pages 38-43
A. Marsal, E. Rossinyol, F. Bimbela, C. Tellez, J. Coronas, A. Cornet and J.R. Morante
A porous SiC ammonia sensor
Pages 44-46
E.J. Connolly, B. Timmer, H.T.M. Pham, J. Groeneweg, P.M. Sarro, W. Olthuis and P.J. French
Structural characterization of V2O5–TiO2 thin films deposited by RF sputtering from a titanium target with vanadium insets
Pages 47-51
I. Alessandri, E. Comini, E. Bontempi, G. Sberveglieri and L.E. Depero
Self-doped titanium oxide thin films for efficient visible light photocatalysis: An example: Nonylphenol photodegradation
Pages 52-56
I. Justicia, G. Garcia, L. Vázquez, J. Santiso, P. Ordejón, G. Battiston, R. Gerbasi and A. Figueras
Nanostructured metal oxides synthesized by hard template method for gas sensing applications
Pages 57-63
E. Rossinyol, J. Arbiol, F. Peiró, A. Cornet, J.R. Morante, B. Tian, T. Bo and D. Zhao
Nanocomposites SnO2/Fe2O3: Wet chemical synthesis and nanostructure characterization
Pages 64-74
M.N. Rumyantseva, V.V. Kovalenko, A.M. Gaskov, T. Pagnier, D. Machon, J. Arbiol and J.R. Morante
Large area growth of carbon nanotube arrays for sensing platforms
Pages 75-80
E. Mendoza, S.J. Henley, C.H.P. Poa, G.Y. Chen, C.E. Giusca, A.A.D.T Adikaari, J.D. Carey and S.R.P. Silva
Arc plasma route to carbon-encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Pages 81-85
Michał Bystrzejewski, Andrzej Huczko and Hubert Lange
Large-scale template-assisted growth of LiNbO3 one-dimensional nanostructures for nano-sensors
Pages 86-90
Lili Zhao, Martin Steinhart, Maekele Yosef, Sung Kun Lee and Sabine Schlecht
Al2O3(M = Pt, Ru) catalytic membranes for selective semiconductor gas sensors
Pages 91-96
Andrey Ryzhikov, Michel Labeau and Alexandre Gaskov
Investigation of microstructure and piezoelectric properties of Zr- and Sm-doped PbTiO3 nanostructured thin films derived by sol–gel technology
Pages 97-101
Arturas Ulcinas, Mohammed Es-Souni and Valentinas Snitka
Hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured zirconia materials: Present state and future prospects
Pages 102-106
Robert Piticescu, Claude Monty and Donats Millers
Ionic conductivity of 4 mol%, 9.5 mol% YSZ nanomaterials and (9.5 mol% YSZ)0.98–(Al2O3)0.02 nanocomposites  
Pages 107-111
A. Madani, A. Cheikh-Amdouni, A. Touati, M. Labidi, H. Boussetta and C. Monty
Homogeneously precipitated Lu2O3:Eu nanocrystalline phosphor for X-ray detection
Pages 112-118
E. Zych, J. Trojan-Piegza and L. Kępiński
Characterisation and stabilisation of Pt/TaSix/SiO2/SiC gas sensor
Pages 119-127
O. Casals, B. Barcones, A. Romano-Rodríguez, C. Serre, A. Pérez-Rodríguez, J.R. Morante, P. Godignon, J. Montserrat and J. Millán
New technology of metal oxide thin film preparation for chemical sensor application
Pages 128-134
Viacheslav Khatko, Josep Calderer, Eduard Llobet and Xavier Correig
Fabrication of silicon oxide microneedles from macroporous silicon
Pages 135-140
A. Rodriguez, D. Molinero, E. Valera, T. Trifonov, L.F. Marsal, J. Pallarès and R. Alcubilla
Chemical sensors based on polymer composites
Pages 141-145
Marek Kozłowski and Stanisław Frąckowiak
Accurate determination of optical and electronic properties of ultra-thin silver films for biosensor applications
Pages 146-152
T.W.H. Oates, L. Ryves, M.M.M. Bilek and D.R. McKenzie
Influence of filler dispersion on thin film composites sensing properties
Pages 153-158
L. Quercia, F. Loffredo and G. Di Francia
Assemblies of TPPS4 porphyrin investigated by TEM, SPM and UV–vis spectroscopy
Pages 159-166
Valentinas Snitka, Mindaugas Rackaitis and Raminta Rodaite
New materials based on nanostructured Prussian blue for development of hydrogen peroxide sensors
Pages 167-170
E.A. Puganova and A.A. Karyakin
Phase evolution induced by polypyrrole in iron oxide–polypyrrole nanocomposite
Pages 171-175
Dragos-Viorel Brezoi and Rodica-Mariana Ion






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