ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 109, 2

Date: 14-Sept-2005


Syndiotactic polystyrene thin film as sensitive layer for an optoelectronic chemical sensing device
Pages 177-184
M. Giordano, M. Russo, A. Cusano, G. Mensitieri and G. Guerra
A micromachined gas sensor based on a catalytic thick film/SnO2 thin film bilayer and thin film heater: Part 1: CH4 sensing
Pages 185-189
Takuya Suzuki, Kenji Kunihara, Mitsuo Kobayashi, Soichi Tabata, Katsuki Higaki and Hisao Ohnishi
A micromachined gas sensor based on a catalytic thick film/SnO2 thin film bilayer and a thin film heater: Part 2: CO sensing
Pages 190-193
Soichi Tabata, Katsuki Higaki, Hisao Ohnishi, Takuya Suzuki, Kenji Kunihara and Mitsuo Kobayashi
Potentiometric enzyme electrode for urea determination using immobilized urease in poly(vinylferrocenium) film
Pages 194-199
Filiz Kuralay, Haluk Özyörük and Attila Yıldız
Microelectrode studies of isoflurane and oxygen vapour mixtures in dimethyl sulfoxide
Pages 200-208
Simon Floate, Andrew D. Farmery and Clive E.W. Hahn
Improvement of electric pulse shape for electropermeabilization-assisted dielectrophoretic impedance measurement for high sensitive bacteria detection
Pages 209-215
Junya Suehiro, Tetsuji Hatano, Masanori Shutou and Masanori Hara
A new capacitive-type NO2 gas sensor combining an MIS with a solid electrolyte
Pages 216-220
Cyrus Zamani, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Improved nanocomposite materials for biosensor applications investigated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Pages 221-226
Sandro Carrara, Valter Bavastrello, Davide Ricci, Enrico Stura and Claudio Nicolini
The real-time, in situ monitoring of calcium oxalate and brushite precipitation using magnetoelastic sensors
Pages 227-232
Nikolaos Bouropoulos, Dimitris Kouzoudis and Craig Grimes
In situ gas filter correlation: photoacoustic CO detection method for fire warning
Pages 233-237
Tao Chen, Guofeng Su and Hongyong Yuan
Transient parameters of a coated quartz crystal microbalance sensor for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Pages 238-243
A.K.M. Shafiqul Islam, Z. Ismail, M.N. Ahmad, B. Saad, A.R. Othman, A.Y.Md. Shakaff, A. Daud and Z. Ishak
A Y type SAW mass sensor with metal array reflectors
Pages 244-248
Yang Ying and Zhu Da-Zhong
An array-based CMOS biochip for electrical detection of DNA with multilayer self-assembly gold nanoparticles
Pages 249-255
Yi-Ting Cheng, Ching-Chin Pun, Chien-Ying Tsai and Ping-Hei Chen
Humidity sensitive properties of quaternary ammonium salts containing polyelectrolytes crosslinked with 2-oxazoline crosslinker
Pages 256-263
Chil-Won Lee, Hyung-Seok Park and Myoung-Seon Gong
Micro-bead of nano-crystalline F-doped SnO2 as a sensitive hydrogen gas sensor
Pages 264-269
Chi-Hwan Han, Sang-Do Han, Ishwar Singh and Thierry Toupance
Comparing a piezoelectric quartz crystal with an optical coagulometer in monitoring high-dose heparin therapy by determining whole blood activated partial thromboplastin time and activated clotting time
Pages 270-277
Tsun-Mei Lin, Tzong-Jih Cheng, Tsui-Hsun Wu and Hsien-Chang Chang
Carbon-paste electrode modified with cobalt-5-nitrolsalophen as a sensitive voltammetric sensor for detection of captopril
Pages 278-284
Saeed Shahrokhian, Mohammad Karimi and Habibollah Khajehsharifi
A new handheld biosensor for monitoring blood ketones
Pages 285-290
G. Li, N.Z. Ma and Y. Wang
An ion-based chromogenic detecting method for phosphate-containing derivatives in physiological condition
Pages 291-299
Caixia Yin, Fangjun Huo and Pin Yang
Capacitive-type gas sensors combining silicon semiconductor and NaNO2-based solid electrolyte for NO2 detection
Pages 300-306
Cyrus Zamani, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Preparation of BiMeVOx (Me = Cu, Ti, Zr, Nb, Ta) compounds as solid electrolyte and behavior of their oxygen concentration cells
Pages 307-314
H.S. Cho, G. Sakai, K. Shimanoe and N. Yamazoe
Polymeric humidity sensor using organic/inorganic hybrid polyelectrolytes
Pages 315-322
Chil-Won Lee, Hyung-Seok Park, Jong-Gyu Kim, Byoung-Koo Choi, Sang-Woo Joo and Myoung-Seon Gong
Preparation and characterization of gas-sensitive composites from multi-walled carbon nanotubes/polystyrene
Pages 323-328
Bin Zhang, Ruo Wen Fu, Ming Qiu Zhang, Xian Ming Dong, Pei Liang Lan and Jie Shan Qiu
Polyethylenedioxythiophene coatings for humidity, temperature and strain sensing polyamide fibers
Pages 329-333
Walid A. Daoud, John H. Xin and Yau S. Szeto
Humidity sensors fabricated with polyelectrolyte membrane using an ink-jet printing technique and their electrical properties
Pages 334-340
Chil-Won Lee, Dong-Hun Nam, Yi-Sup Han, Kwang-Chun Chung and Myoung-Seon Gong
Effects of the type of polycation in the coating films prepared by a layer-by-layer deposition technique on the properties of amperometric choline sensors
Pages 341-347
Haibin Shi, Zhao Song, Jiadong Huang, Yu Yang, Zixia Zhao, Jun-Ichi Anzai, Tetsuo Osa and Qiang Chen
Use of conducting polypyrrole blends as gas sensors
Pages 348-354
C.P. de Melo, B.B. Neto, E.G. de Lima, L.F.B. de Lira and J.E.G. de Souza
Identification of Staphylococcus aureus infections in hospital environment: electronic nose based approach
Pages 355-362
Ritaban Dutta, David Morgan, Nicky Baker, Julian W. Gardner and Evor L. Hines
Dependence of moisture absorption property on sol–gel process of transparent nano-structured γ-Al2O3 ceramics
Pages 363-366
Debdulal Saha, Kalyan Kumar Mistry, Runa Giri, Animesh Guha and Kamalendu Sensgupta
Immobilization of glucose oxidase on gold nanoparticles modified Au electrode for the construction of biosensor
Pages 367-374
Suxia Zhang, Nü Wang, Yaming Niu and Changqing Sun
Optical spectroscopic based in-line iodine flow measurement system – an application to COIL
Pages 375-380
Mainuddin, M.T. Beg, Moinuddin, R.K. Tyagi, R. Rajesh, Gaurav Singhal and A.L. Dawar







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