ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 110, 1

Date: 30-Sept-2005


A ball valve micropump in glass fabricated by powder blasting
Pages 1-7
Christophe Yamahata, Frédéric Lacharme, Yves Burri and Martin A.M. Gijs
Fluorescence-enhancement sensing of ammonia and hydrazines via disruption of the internal hydrogen bond in a carbazolopyridinophane
Pages 8-12
Alan B. Brown, Tracy L. Gibson, J. Clayton Baum, Tong Ren and Trent M. Smith
Performance of the Levenberg–Marquardt neural network training method in electronic nose applications
Pages 13-22
Bahram G. Kermani, Susan S. Schiffman and H. Troy Nagle
Optical fiber hydrogen sensor for concentrations below the lower explosive limit
Pages 23-27
Joel Villatoro, Donato Luna-Moreno and David Monzón-Hernández
A resistive gas sensor based on undoped p-type anatase
Pages 28-35
Faramarz Hossein-Babaei, Mehrdad Keshmiri, Mohammad Kakavand and Tom Troczynski
Miniature optical fiber refractometer using cladded multimode tapered fiber tips
Pages 36-40
David Monzón-Hernández, Joel Villatoro and Donato Luna-Moreno
Multicomponent analysis of alcohol vapors using integrated gas chromatography with sensor arrays
Pages 41-48
Adam K. Wanekaya, Michiko Uematsu, Marc Breimer and Omowunmi A. Sadik
Impedance-metric Pt/YSZ/Au–Ga2O3 sensor for CO detection at high temperature
Pages 49-53
Nianqiang Wu, Zheng Chen, Jianhui Xu, Minking Chyu and Scott X. Mao
Sensitive, selective, and analytical improvements to a porous silicon gas sensor
Pages 54-65
Stephen E. Lewis, John R. DeBoer, James L. Gole and Peter J. Hesketh
Tailoring room-temperature phosphorescent ormosil particles for oxygen recognition in organic solvents
Pages 66-72
M.E. Díaz-García, B. Noval Gutiérrez and R. Badía
The novel EOS835 electronic nose and data analysis for evaluating coffee ripening
Pages 73-80
M. Falasconi, M. Pardo, G. Sberveglieri, I. Riccò and A. Bresciani
On pattern recognition dependency of desorption heat, activation energy, and temperature of polymer-based VOC sensors for the electronic NOSE
Pages 81-88
Guy Narcisse Tchoupo and Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
CO2 sensing mechanisms of an electrocatalytic sensor based on a tungsten-stabilized bismuth oxide solid electrolyte and cyclic voltammetry measurement techniques
Pages 89-100
E.L. Shoemaker, Choong-Un Kim and M.C. Vogt
Mass transfer enhancement in microchannel reactors by reorientation of fluid interfaces and stretching
Pages 101-111
John T. Adeosun and Adeniyi Lawal
A multiple reflection attenuated total reflectance sensor incorporating a glass–indium tin oxide surface modified via direct attachment or film encapsulation of colloidal gold nanoparticles
Pages 112-119
Arlin L. Weikel, Sean D. Conklin and John N. Richardson
Patternable bi-ionic actuator: an example of new functionality of actuation, folding and unfolding of electrochemical spring
Pages 120-124
Wataru Takashima, Kazuhito Kanamori, Shyam S. Pandey and Keiich Kaneto
Resonating piezoelectric membranes for microelectromechanically based bioassay: detection of streptavidin–gold nanoparticles interaction with biotinylated DNA
Pages 125-136
Liviu Nicu, Matthieu Guirardel, Frédéric Chambosse, Pierre Rougerie, Sary Hinh, Emmanuelle Trevisiol, Jean-Marie Francois, Jean-Pierre Majoral, Anne-Marie Caminade, Eric Cattan and Christian Bergaud
Simultaneous electrochemical determination of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas mixtures in a non-aqueous solvent using unshielded and membrane shielded gold microelectrodes
Pages 137-147
Simon Floate and Clive E.W. Hahn
Characterisation of a polymer-coated fibre Bragg grating sensor for relative humidity sensing
Pages 148-156
T.L. Yeo, T. Sun, K.T.V. Grattan, D. Parry, R. Lade and B.D. Powell
MicroTas Section
Electro-osmotic pumping on application of phase-shifted signals to interdigitated electrodes
Pages 157-163
Brian P. Cahill, Laura J. Heyderman, Jens Gobrecht and Andreas Stemmer
Microfluidic chip for biochemical reaction and electrophoretic separation by quantitative volume control
Pages 164-173
Sang-Ho Lee, Seung Il Cho, Chang-Soo Lee, Byung-Gee Kim and Yong-Kweon Kim







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