ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 110, 2

Date: 14-Oct-2005


Catechol incorporation and detection using bentonite-vanadium(V) oxide xerogels
Pages 175-180
Fauze J. Anaissi and Henrique E. Toma
Thermal conductivity microsensor for determining the Methane Number of natural gas
Pages 181-189
David Puente, Fco. Javier Gracia and Isabel Ayerdi
Enhancing classification capabilities of computer screen photo-assisted fluorescence fingerprinting
Pages 190-194
J.W.P. Bakker, D. Filippini and I. Lundström
Preconcentration and voltammetric analysis of mercury(II) at a carbon paste electrode modified with natural smectite-type clays grafted with organic chelating groups
Pages 195-203
Ignas K. Tonle, Emmanuel Ngameni and Alain Walcarius
Development of a molecular imprinting thick film electrochemical sensor for cholesterol detection
Pages 204-208
Lawrence C.S. Chou and Chung-Chiun Liu
Characterization of protective coatings for planar automotive gas sensors
Pages 209-217
Stephen Poulston, Roger A. Bennett, Paolo Faraldi, Timothy I. Hyde, Marco F. Pidria, Valerie Houel and Alison Wagland
A simple route towards the reduction of surface conductivity in gas sensor devices
Pages 218-224
J.D. Jeyaprakash S. Samuel, P. Ruther, H.-P. Frerichs, M. Lehmann, O. Paul and J. Rühe
Odor classification using similarity-based representation
Pages 225-230
Manuele Bicego
Utilization of albumin-based sensor chips for the detection of metal content and characterization of metal–protein interaction by surface plasmon resonance
Pages 231-238
Ching-Mei Wu and Lih-Yuan Lin
Novel method for fast determination of ultra trace amounts of timolol maleate by continuous cyclic voltammetry at Au microelectrode in flowing injection systems
Pages 239-245
Parviz Norouzi, Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Ali Sepehri and Maryam Ghorbani
Adsorptive voltammetry of Hg(II) ions at a glassy carbon electrode coated with electropolymerized methyl-red film
Pages 246-251
Nianjun Yang, Qijin Wan and Jiuhong Yu
Optical fiber-based evanescent ammonia sensor
Pages 252-259
Wenqing Cao and Yixiang Duan
Structural and capacitive humidity sensing properties of nanocrystal magnetite/silicon nanoporous pillar array
Pages 260-263
Hai Yan Wang and Xin Jian Li
Composites: A novel alternative to construct solid state Ag/AgCl reference electrodes
Pages 264-270
Gabriela Valdés-Ramírez, Giaan A. Álvarez-Romero, Carlos Andrés Galán-Vidal, Pablo Rogelio Hernández-Rodríguez and María Teresa Ramírez-Silva
Preparation and assay performance of supramolecule of cyclophane-complexed polyoxometalates supported on the gold surface
Pages 271-278
Li Chen, Li Tian, Li Liu, Xuefei Tian, Wenbo Song, Hongding Xu and Xiaohong Wang
A numerical and experimental study on gap compensation and wavelength selection in UV-lithography of ultra-high aspect ratio SU-8 microstructures
Pages 279-288
Ren Yang and Wanjun Wang
An optical biosensor for multi-sample determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
Pages 289-298
Nga-Yan Kwok, Shaojun Dong, Waihung Lo and Kwok-Yin Wong
Novel ammonia-sensing phenomena in sol–gel derived Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films
Pages 299-303
Somnath C. Roy, G.L. Sharma, M.C. Bhatnagar and S.B. Samanta
Gas sensor network for air-pollution monitoring
Pages 304-311
Wataru Tsujita, Akihito Yoshino, Hiroshi Ishida and Toyosaka Moriizumi
Adsorption studies of carbowax and poly dimethyl siloxane to use as chemical array for nitro aromatic vapour sensing
Pages 312-320
G.K. Kannan and J.C. Kappor
Thick films of copper-titanate resistive humidity sensor
Pages 321-326
Dae-Uk Kim and Myoung-Seon Gong
A reusable capacitive immunosensor with a novel immobilization procedure based on 1,6-hexanedithiol and nano-Au self-assembled layers
Pages 327-334
Jishan Li, Zhaisheng Wu, Hua Wang, Guoli Shen and Ruqin Yu
High relative humidity measurements using gelatin coated long-period grating sensors
Pages 335-341
Khay Ming Tan, Chia Meng Tay, Swee Chuan Tjin, Chi Chiu Chan and Harianto Rahardjo
Fabrication of miniature Clark oxygen sensor integrated with microstructure
Pages 342-349
Ching-Chou Wu, Tomoyuki Yasukawa, Hitoshi Shiku and Tomokazu Matsue
A novel electronic tongue combined MLAPS with stripping voltammetry for environmental detection
Pages 350-357
Hong Men, Shaofang Zou, Yi Li, Yinping Wang, Xuesong Ye and Ping Wang
Preparation of Ag–Au nanoparticle and its application to glucose biosensor
Pages 358-363
Xiangling Ren, Xianwei Meng and Fangqiong Tang
A disposable single-use electrochemical sensor for the detection of uric acid in human whole blood
Pages 364-369
J.-C. Chen, H.-H. Chung, C.-T. Hsu, D.-M. Tsai, A.S. Kumar and J.-M. Zen
Identification and pattern recognition analysis of Chinese liquors by doped nano ZnO gas sensor array
Pages 370-376
Qinyi Zhang, Changsheng Xie, Shunping Zhang, Aihua Wang, Bailin Zhu, Lin Wang and Zhongbao Yang
Manganese(II)-selective PVC membrane electrode based on a pentaazamacrocyclic manganese complex
Pages 377-381
Ashok Kumar Singh, Puja Saxena and Amit Panwar
Fabrication of polypyrrole–glucose oxidase biosensor based on multilayered interdigitated ultramicroelectrode array with containing trenches
Pages 382-389
Mingzhi Zhu, Zhuangde Jiang and Weixuan Jing






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