ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 129, 1



Date: 29 January 2007


1. Editorial Board
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General Section
2. Fabrication and performance of free-standing hydrogen gas sensors
Pages 1-
Lionel Fabrice Houlet, Woosuck Shin, Maiko Nishibori, Noriya Izu, Toshio Itoh and Ichiro Matsubara
3. A CMOS-compatible, magnetically actuated resonator for mass sensing applications
Pages 10-17
D. Paci, F. Pieri, P. Toscano and A. Nannini
4. Triangular network of crystalline submicron rutile TiO2 block assembly: An alcohol sensor
Pages 18-23
Suman Pokhrel, Lihua Huo, Hui Zhao and Shan Gao
5. Humidity sensitive properties of an anionic conjugated polyelectrolyte
Pages 24-29
Kuan Liu, Yang Li, Lijie Hong and Mujie Yang
6. A novel diffusion cell ideal for the study of membrane extraction/permeation processes and for device/sensor development
Pages 30-34
C.T.S. Ching and P. Connolly
7. Dual-mode operation of a Pd/AlN/SiC device for hydrogen sensing
Pages 35-39
Md H. Rahman, Jagdish S. Thakur, Lajos Rimai, Soma Perooly, Ratna Naik, Linfeng Zhang, Gregory W. Auner and Golam Newaz
8. Determination of carbaryl in tomato “in natura” using an amperometric biosensor based on the inhibition of acetylcholinesterase activity
Pages 40-46
Josiane Caetano and Sergio A.S. Machado
9. Temperature-independent ceria- and Pt-doped nano-size TiO2 oxygen lambda sensor using Pt/SiO2 catalytic filter
Pages 47-52
F. Haghighat, A. Khodadadi and Y. Mortazavi
10. Semiconducting gas sensor for ethanol based on LaMgxFe1−xO3 nanocrystals
Pages 53-58
Xing Liu, Bin Cheng, Jifan Hu, Hongwei Qin and Minhua Jiang
11. CMOS microsystems temperature control
Pages 59-66
Christian Falconi and Marco Fratini
12. The gas sensing properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes deposited on an aminosilane monolayer
Pages 67-71
Thu Hong Tran, Jin-Woo Lee, Kyongsoo Lee, Yang Doo Lee and Byeong-Kwon Ju
13. Study on Pd functionalization of microcantilever for hydrogen detection promotion
Pages 72-78
Yen-I Chou, Hsu-Cheng Chiang and Chi-Chuan Wang
14. A system for multiplexed direct electrical detection of DNA synthesis
Pages 79-86
Erik P. Anderson, Jonathan S. Daniels, Heng Yu, Miloslav Karhanek, Thomas H. Lee, Ronald W. Davis and Nader Pourmand
15. Single step diagnosis system using the FRET phenomenon induced by antibody-immobilized phosphorylcholine group-covered polymer nanoparticles
Pages 87-93
Junji Watanabe and Kazuhiko Ishihara
16. Broad range pH sensor based on sol–gel entrapped indicators on fibre optic
Pages 94-98
Saying Dong, Ming Luo, Gangding Peng and Wenhua Cheng
17. Numerical analysis of refractive index sensitivity of long-period gratings in photonic crystal fiber
Pages 99-105
Yinian Zhu, Zonghu He, Jiří Kaňka and Henry Du
18. Optical fibre based humidity sensor using Co-polyaniline clad
Pages 106-112
Anu Vijayan, Madhavi Fuke, Ranjit Hawaldar, Milind Kulkarni, D. Amalnerkar and R.C. Aiyer
19. Analysis of protein arrays with a dual-function SPR biosensor composed of surface plasmon microscopy and SPR spectroscopy based on white light
Pages 113-119
Jong Seol Yuk, Jae-Wan Jung, Young-Myeong Kim and Kwon-Soo Ha
20. Fiber-optic carbon dioxide sensor based on fluorinated xerogels doped with HPTS
Pages 120-125
Chen-Shane Chu and Yu-Lung Lo
21. Analytical studies of penicillamine enantiomer surfaces: The molecularly flat surface and the functionality
Pages 126-133
Woo Sik Kim, Hea Yeon Lee, Tomoji Kawai, Hyen-Wook Kang, Hiroshi Muramatsu, In Ho Kim, Kang Min Park, Sang Mok Chang and Jong Min Kim
22. Real-time electrical and morphological characterizations of gas sensing Ti(Pc)2 devices under working conditions
Pages 134-138
Amanda Generosi, Barbara Paci, Valerio Rossi Albertini, Paolo Perfetti, Anna Maria Paoletti, Gianna Pennesi, Gentilina Rossi and Ruggero Caminiti
23. Development of TiO2-supported RuO2 composite-incorporated Ni–P electrodes for amperometric measurement of ethanol
Pages 139-145
S.M.A. Shibli, N.D. Suma and V.S. Dilimon
24. An electrochemical amplification immunoassay using biocatalytic metal deposition coupled with anodic stripping voltammetric detection
Pages 146-151
Zhao-Peng Chen, Zhao-Feng Peng, Jian-Hui Jiang, Xiao-Bing Zhang, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
25. A near-infrared croconium dye-based colorimetric chemodosimeter for biological thiols and cyanide anion
Pages 152-157
Xuehua Zhang, Chao Li, Xuexin Cheng, Xuesong Wang and Baowen Zhang
26. Off-axis cavity ringdown measurements of trace iodine
Pages 158-162
Feng Dong and Manish Gupta
27. Hollow fibers integrated with single walled carbon nanotubes: Bandgap modification and chemical sensing capability
Pages 163-170
M. Pisco, M. Consales, A. Cutolo, A. Cusano, M. Penza and P. Aversa
28. Polymeric films based on long-chain acetylenes as sensors for iodine vapour
Pages 171-175
F.N. Dultsev
29. Electrochemical electrode/SAW system for metal ions and glucose in solutions
Pages 176-183
Fang-Fei Chou and Jeng-Shong Shih
30. Phthalocyanine/silica hybrid films on QCM for enhanced nitric oxide sensing
Pages 184-187
Al. Palaniappan, Shabbir Moochhala, Francis E.H. Tay, Xiaodi Su and Nicky C.L. Phua
31. Development of single-wall carbon nanotubes modified screen-printed electrode using a ferrocene-modified cationic surfactant for amperometric glucose biosensor applications
Pages 188-194
Naruhide Sato and Hirokazu Okuma
32. Covalent immobilization of phenylalanine dehydrogenase on cellulose membrane for biosensor construction
Pages 195-199
Reynaldo Villalonga, Akira Fujii, Hiroaki Shinohara, Shinjiro Tachibana and Yasuhisa Asano
33. Hydrogen monitoring for power plant applications using SiC sensors
Pages 200-210
Reza Loloee, Benjamin Chorpening, Steve Beer and Ruby N. Ghosh
34. Aptamer biosensor for protein detection based on guanine-quenching
Pages 211-217
Wenjuan Wang, Chunlai Chen, Min Xie Qian and Xin Sheng Zhao
35. A novel inhibition biosensor constructed by layer-by-layer technique based on biospecific affinity for the determination of sulfide
Pages 218-224
Lijun Liu, Zhichun Chen, Shaoming Yang, Xin Jin and Xianfu Lin
36. Surface passivation using oligo(ethylene glycol) in ATRP-assisted DNA detection
Pages 225-230
Xinhui Lou and Lin He
37. Development of perfusion-based micro 3-D cell culture platform and its application for high throughput drug testing
Pages 231-240
Min-Hsien Wu, Song-Bin Huang, Zhanfeng Cui, Zheng Cui and Gwo-Bin Lee
38. Al2O3-coated microcantilevers for detection of moisture at ppm level
Pages 241-245
Xiaolei Shi, Qi Chen, Ji Fang, Koday Varahramyan and Hai-Feng Ji
39. Electrochemical detection of trace amount of arsenic(III) at glassy carbon electrode modified with cobalt oxide nanoparticles
Pages 246-254
Abdollah Salimi, Hussein Mamkhezri, Rahman Hallaj and Saied Soltanian
40. The etching of glass patterned by microcontact printing with application to microfluidics and electrophoresis
Pages 255-262
Benjamin Hannes, Julien Vieillard, Elie Bou Chakra, Radoslaw Mazurczyk, Colin D. Mansfield, Jan Potempa, Stanislas Krawczyk and Michel Cabrera
41. Enzymatic recycling for signal amplification: Improving microcystin detection with biosensors
Pages 263-267
Mònica Campàs, Maria G. Olteanu and Jean-Louis Marty
42. Synthesis and characterization of waxberry-like microstructures ZnO for biosensors
Pages 268-273
Cao Xia, Ning Wang, Li Lidong and Guo Lin
43. Hysteresis and nonlinearity compensation of relative humidity sensor using support vector machines
Pages 274-284
Xiaodong Wang and Meiying Ye
44. Sol–gel processing of In-doped CaZrO3 solid electrolyte and the impedimetric sensing characteristics of humidity and hydrogen
Pages 285-291
Minghua Zhou and Aftab Ahmad
45. Improved hydrogen sensing characteristics of a Pt/SiO2/GaN Schottky diode
Pages 292-302
Tsung-Han Tsai, Jun-Rui Huang, Kun-Wei Lin, Wei-Chou Hsu, Huey-Ing Chen and Wen-Chau Liu
46. Surface plasmon resonance sensor based on an array of diffraction gratings for highly parallelized observation of biomolecular interactions
Pages 303-310
Jakub Dostálek and Jiří Homola
47. Reducing power consumption via a discontinuous operation of temperature-modulated micro-hotplate gas sensors: Application to the logistics chain of fruit
Pages 311-318
Alexander Vergara, José Luis Ramírez and Eduard Llobet
48. Influence of polymerization temperature on NH3 response of PANI/TiO2 thin film gas sensor
Pages 319-326
Huiling Tai, Yadong Jiang, Guangzhong Xie, Junsheng Yu, Xuan Chen and Zhihua Ying
49. An optical sensor for zinc determination based on Zincon as sensing reagent
Pages 327-331
Saadat Rastegarzadeh and Vida Rezaei
50. A calmagite immobilized agarose membrane optical sensor for selective monitoring of Cu2+
Pages 332-338
Payman Hashemi, Mir Mehdi Abolghasemi, Kamal Alizadeh and Razieh Afzari Zarjani
51. Novel highly-selective NH3 sensor based on potassium trisoxalateferrate(III) complex
Pages 339-344
Tiexiang Fu and Jun Tao
52. Effect of film thickness on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensing properties of SILAR deposited CdO thin films
Pages 345-351
R.R. Salunkhe and C.D. Lokhande
53. Reverse iontophoresis: A non-invasive technique for measuring blood lactate level
Pages 352-358
C.T.S. Ching and P. Connolly
54. Investigation of dye-doped sol–gels for ammonia gas sensing
Pages 359-363
Alvin Persad, Kwok-Fan Chow, Wenqun Wang, Enju Wang, Ann Okafor, Neil Jespersen, Jonathan Mann and Andrew Bocarsly
55. Rotation effect in split and recombination micromixing
Pages 364-371
Seok Woo Lee and Seung S. Lee
56. An electrochemical impedance biosensor with aptamer-modified pyrolyzed carbon electrode for label-free protein detection
Pages 372-379
Jung A Lee, Seongpil Hwang, Juhyoun Kwak, Se Il Park, Seung S. Lee and Kwang-Cheol Lee
57. Humidity sensing and electrical properties of Na- and K-montmorillonite
Pages 380-385
Pi-Guey Su and Ching-Yin Chen
58. Influence of silver as an additive on BaTiO3–CuO thin film for CO2 monitoring
Pages 386-390
J. Herrán, G. Gª Mandayo, I. Ayerdi and E. Castaño
59. Humidity sensing based on nanoporous polymeric photonic crystals
Pages 391-396
Jinjie Shi, Vincent K.S. Hsiao, Thomas R. Walker and Tony Jun Huang
60. Line-scanning LAPS array for measurement of heavy metal ions with micro-lens array based on MEMS
Pages 397-403
Weijun Hu, Hua Cai, Jing Fu, Ping Wang and Guoguang Yang
61. PECVD amorphous silicon carbide membranes for cell culturing
Pages 404-411
Ciprian Iliescu, Bangtao Chen, Daniel P. Poenar and Yong Yeow Lee
62. Electronic nose based on the polymer coated SAW sensors array for the warfare agent simulants classification
Pages 412-423
T. Alizadeh and S. Zeynali
63. Development of a new biomimetic sensor based on an FeIIIFeII complex for the determination of phenolic compounds
Pages 424-430
Inês Rosane W.Z. de Oliveira, Ademir Neves and Iolanda Cruz Vieira
64. Carbon monoxide detection at low temperatures by semiconductor sensor with nanostructured Au-doped CoOOH films
Pages 431-441
Serge Zhuiykov
65. Improved detection limit for an electrochemical γ-aminobutyric acid sensor based on stable NADPH detection using an electron cyclotron resonance sputtered carbon film electrode
Pages 442-449
Naoyuki Sekioka, Dai Kato, Ryoji Kurita, Shigeru Hirono and Osamu Niwa
  Heading: Review
66. Oxygen influence on the interaction mechanisms of ozone on SnO2 sensors
Pages 450-458
L. Berry and J. Brunet
67. Electrochemical biosensors as a tool for antioxidant capacity assessment
Pages 459-466
B. Prieto-Simón, M. Cortina, M. Campàs and C. Calas-Blanchard
68. NOx sensing properties of In2O3 thin films grown by MOCVD
Pages 467-472
M. Ali, Ch.Y. Wang, C.-C. Röhlig, V. Cimalla, Th. Stauden and O. Ambacher
  Heading: UTAS Section
69. Response of bacteriorhodopsin thin films to ammonia
Pages 473-480
S.O. Korposh, Y.P. Sharkan and J.J. Ramsden
70. A microchannel concentrator controlled by integral thermoresponsive valves
Pages 481-486
Yaopeng Zhang, Shinji Kato and Takanori Anazawa
  Heading: End of UTAS Section
71. Fabrication and characterization of polysilsesquioxanes nanocomposites based chemical sensor
Pages 487-490
E. Massera, A. Castaldo, L. Quercia and G. Di Francia
72. Bidirectional field-flow particle separation method in a dielectrophoretic chip with 3D electrodes
Pages 491-496
Ciprian Iliescu, Liming Yu, Francis E.H. Tay and Bangtao Chen






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