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Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 12th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Noses - ISOEN 2007,

St. Petersburg, Russia, 03-05 May 2007, Edited by Dr. Andrey Legin and Yuri Vlasov


Date: 14 April 2007


1. Editorial Board
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  Heading: Special Issue Papers
2. A preliminary study on the possibility to diagnose urinary tract cancers by an electronic nose
Pages 1-4
M. Bernabei, G. Pennazza, M. Santonico, C. Corsi, C. Roscioni, R. Paolesse, C. Di Natale and A. D’Amico
3. Development of conducting polymer sensor arrays for wound monitoring
Pages 5-9
Arthur L.P.S. Bailey, Anna Maria Pisanelli and Krishna C. Persaud
4. Analysis of tomato taste using two types of electronic tongues
Pages 10-17
Katrien Beullens, Péter Mészáros, Steven Vermeir, Dmitriy Kirsanov, Andrey Legin, Saskia Buysens, Nathalie Cap, Bart M. Nicolaï and Jeroen Lammertyn
5. Complementary approaches to measure environmental odours emitted by landfill areas
Pages 18-23
Anne-Claude Romain, Julien Delva and Jacques Nicolas
6. A novel experimental research based on taste cell chips for taste transduction mechanism
Pages 24-28
Wei Zhang, Yan Li, Qingjun Liu, Ying Xu, Hua Cai and Ping Wang
7. Cross-sensitive rare earth metal ion sensors based on extraction systems
Pages 29-36
A.V. Legin, V.A. Babain, D.O. Kirsanov and O.V. Mednova
8. Illumination heating and physical raking for increasing sensitivity of electronic nose measurements with black tea
Pages 37-42
Nabarun Bhattacharya, Bipan Tudu, Arun Jana, Devdulal Ghosh, Rajib Bandhopadhyaya and Amiya Baran Saha
9. Electronic tongue for sensing taste changes with apricots during storage
Pages 43-47
David B. Kantor, Geza Hitka, Andras Fekete and Csaba Balla
10. Integrated multisensor chip with sequential injection technique as a base for “electronic tongue” devices
Pages 48-52
Andrey Ipatov, Natalia Abramova, Andrey Bratov and Carlos Domínguez
11. Electronic noses for the continuous monitoring of odours from a wastewater treatment plant at specific receptors: Focus on training methods
Pages 53-62
Laura Capelli, Selena Sironi, Paolo Céntola, Renato Del Rosso and Massimiliano Il Grande
12. Electronic nose and SPME techniques to monitor phenanthrene biodegradation in soil
Pages 63-70
Fabrizio De Cesare, Simone Pantalei, Emiliano Zampetti and Antonella Macagnano
13. Portable e-nose to classify different kinds of wine
Pages 71-76
M. Aleixandre, J. Lozano, J. Gutiérrez, I. Sayago, M.J. Fernández and M.C. Horrillo
14. Use of pulse transient response as input information for an automated SIA electronic tongue
Pages 77-84
Daniel Calvo, Alejandro Durán and Manuel del Valle
15. Thermal desorption pre-concentrator based system to assess carbon dioxide contamination by benzene
Pages 85-92
C. Duran, X. Vilanova, J. Brezmes, E. Llobet and X. Correig
16. Random forests and nearest shrunken centroids for the classification of sensor array data
Pages 93-99
Matteo Pardo and Giorgio Sberveglieri
17. Exploratory data analysis for industrial safety application
Pages 100-109
M. Vezzoli, A. Ponzoni, M. Pardo, M. Falasconi, G. Faglia and G. Sberveglieri
18. Preemptive identification of optimum fermentation time for black tea using electronic nose
Pages 110-116
Nabarun Bhattacharya, Bipan Tudu, Arun Jana, Devdulal Ghosh, Rajib Bandhopadhyaya and Manabendra Bhuyan
19. Fungal volatile fingerprints: Discrimination between dermatophyte species and strains by means of an electronic nose
Pages 117-120
Natasha Sahgal and Naresh Magan
20. The use of an electronic nose to characterize emissions from a highly polluted river
Pages 121-124
Alberto Lamagna, Silvia Reich, Daniel Rodríguez, Alfredo Boselli and Daniel Cicerone
21. Metal oxide gas sensor array for the detection of diesel fuel in engine oil
Pages 125-133
Simonetta Capone, Marzia Zuppa, Dominique S. Presicce, Luca Francioso, Flavio Casino and Pietro Siciliano
22. Bias dependent sensitivity in metal-oxide gas sensors
Pages 134-142
A. Varpula, S. Novikov, J. Sinkkonen and M. Utriainen
23. A method for evaluating the discomfort induced by odor using a biochemical marker
Pages 143-147
Masaki Yamaguchi, Josaku Sakakima, Shoshi Kosaka and Minako Nakabayashi
24. Piezoelectric quartz crystal sensor for sensing taste-causing compounds in food
Pages 148-158
H. Sun, Z.H. Mo, Jacqueline T.S. Choy, D.R. Zhu and Y.S. Fung
25. Use of a multiplexed oscillator in a miniaturized electronic nose based on a multichannel quartz crystal microbalance
Pages 159-166
E. Zampetti, S. Pantalei, A. Macagnano, E. Proietti, C. Di Natale and A. D’Amico
  Heading: Regular Articles
  Heading: Correspondence
26. Design and syntheses of new fluorescent probes for histidine and fluoride ion: A reinvestigation of chemosensing ensemble method
Pages 167-173
Yanyan Fu, Hongxiang Li and Wenping Hu
27. Novel hybrid materials for gas sensing applications made of metal-decorated MWCNTs dispersed on nano-particle metal oxides
Pages 174-182
R. Ionescu, E.H. Espinosa, R. Leghrib, A. Felten, J.J. Pireaux, R. Erni, G. Van Tendeloo, C. Bittencourt, N. Cañellas and E. Llobet
28. Low-temperature H2S sensors based on Ag-doped α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Pages 183-189
Yan Wang, Yanmei Wang, Jianliang Cao, Fanhong Kong, Huijuan Xia, Jun Zhang, Baolin Zhu, Shurong Wang and Shihua Wu
29. A comparison of chemical sensors based on the different ordered inverse opal films
Pages 190-195
Jianlin Li and Tiesong Zheng
30. Quantitative discrimination of the binary gas mixtures using a combinational structure of the probabilistic and multilayer neural networks
Pages 196-204
Ali Gulbag, Feyzullah Temurtas and Ismihan Yusubov
31. Nanocrystalline nickel ferrite thick film as an efficient gas sensor at room temperature
Pages 205-209
R.B. Kamble and V.L. Mathe
32. Phytase immobilization on modified electrodes for amperometric biosensing
Pages 210-215
Marli L. Moraes, Osvaldo N. Oliveira Jr., Ubirajara P. Rodrigues Filho and Marystela Ferreira
33. Moisture sensor based on ZnO nanomaterial synthesized through oxalate route
Pages 216-222
B.C. Yadav, Richa Srivastava, C.D. Dwivedi and P. Pramanik
34. Mass and electron-transfer conditions for the electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen sulfide at vanadium pentoxide film modified electrode
Pages 223-229
Emad A. Khudaish
35. Characterisation of humidity dependence of a metal oxide semiconductor sensor array using partial least squares
Pages 230-235
Jae Ho Sohn, Michael Atzeni, Les Zeller and Giovanni Pioggia
36. Ammonia sensor based on propylene carbonate
Pages 236-240
B.A. López de Mishima and H.T. Mishima
37. Development of a scanning surface plasmon microscope based on white light for analysis of a wide range of protein arrays
Pages 241-246
Jong Seol Yuk, Jae-Wan Jung, Jinho Hyun, Young-Myeong Kim and Kwon-Soo Ha
38. Direct UV-LED lifetime pH sensor based on a semi-permeable sol–gel membrane immobilized luminescent Eu3+ chelate complex
Pages 247-253
Matejka Turel, Merima Čajlaković, Ed Austin, John P. Dakin, Georg Uray and Aleksandra Lobnik
39. A CMOS-based integrated-system architecture for a static cantilever array
Pages 254-264
M. Zimmermann, T. Volden, K.-U. Kirstein, S. Hafizovic, J. Lichtenberg, Oliver Brand and A. Hierlemann
40. Detection of external refractive index change with high sensitivity using long-period gratings in photonic crystal fiber
Pages 265-269
Yinian Zhu, Zonghu He and Henry Du
41. Design of high frequency GaPO4 BAW resonators by chemical etching
Pages 270-278
N. Prudhomme, V. Flaud, P. Papet, O. Cambon, J. Zaccaro and A. Ibanez
42. High sensitivity photonic crystal biosensor incorporating nanorod structures for enhanced surface area
Pages 279-284
Wei Zhang, Nikhil Ganesh, Ian D. Block and Brian T. Cunningham
43. Detection of surface immunoreactions on individual cells by electrophoretic mobility measurement in a micro-channel
Pages 285-289
Atsushi Aki, Yusuke Nihei, Hiroto Asai, Tomofumi Ukai, Hisao Morimoto, Yoshikata Nakajima, Tatsuro Hanajiri and Toru Maekawa
44. H2S sensing characteristics of La0.7Pb0.3Fe0.4Ni0.6O3 based nanocrystalline thick film gas sensor
Pages 290-294
S.V. Jagtap, A.V. Kadu, V.S. Sangawar, S.V. Manorama and G.N. Chaudhari
45. Microbial biosensor based on whole cell of Pseudomonas sp. for online measurement of p-Nitrophenol
Pages 295-300
R.M. Banik, Mayank, Rajiv Prakash and S.N. Upadhyay
46. The fabrication and gas-sensing characteristics of the formaldehyde gas sensors with high sensitivity
Pages 301-305
T. Chen, Q.J. Liu, Z.L. Zhou and Y.D. Wang
47. Promotive effect of CNT on Co3O4–SnO2 in a semiconductor-type CO sensor working at room temperature
Pages 306-312
Ren-Jang Wu, Jhih-Gan Wu, Ming-Ru Yu, Tung-Kang Tsai and Chuin-Tih Yeh
48. Synthesis and high gas sensitivity of tin oxide nanotubes
Pages 313-317
G.X. Wang, J.S. Park, M.S. Park and X.L. Gou
49. dc and ac response of SnO2 sensor to CO
Pages 318-322
Shulan Wang, Zhuoxin Wang, Xuan Liu and Lijun Zhang
50. Optimisation of analyte transport in integrated microfluidic affinity sensors for the quantification of low levels of analyte
Pages 323-332
Daniel Friedrich, Colin Please and Tracy Melvin
51. High pressure electroosmotic pump based on a packed bed planar microchip
Pages 333-339
Joseph Borowsky, Qin Lu and Greg E. Collins
52. Electrode reactions in Cu–Pt coated ionic polymer actuators
Pages 340-346
Urmas Johanson, Uno Mäeorg, Väino Sammelselg, Daniel Brandell, Andres Punning, Maarja Kruusmaa and Alvo Aabloo

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