ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 133, 1


Date: 28 July 2008


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2. Substrate-bound tyrosinase electrode using gold nanoparticles anchored to pyrroloquinoline quinone for a pesticide biosensor
Pages 1-4
Gha-Young Kim, Min-Su Kang, Joonmok Shim and Seung-Hyeon Moon
3. Ion chromatography-potentiometric detection of inorganic anions and cations using polypyrrole and overoxidized polypyrrole electrode
Pages 5-14
Mutlu Şahin, Yücel Şahin and Adnan Özcan
4. Application of molecular dynamics modeling for the prediction of selective adsorption properties of dimethoate imprinting polymer
Pages 15-23
Yongqin Lv, Zhixing Lin, Tianwei Tan, Wei Feng, Peiyong Qin and Cong Li
5. MEMS-based multi-inlet/outlet preconcentrator coated by inkjet printing of polymer adsorbents
Pages 24-32
Bassam Alfeeli, Daniel Cho, Mehdi Ashraf-Khorassani, Larry T. Taylor and Masoud Agah
6. A promising red-emitting phosphor for white light emitting diodes prepared by sol–gel method
Pages 33-39
Chongfeng Guo, Wei Zhang, Lin Luan, Tao Chen, Hong Cheng and Dexiu Huang
7. Chemiluminescence imaging assay dipyridamole based on molecular imprinted polymer as recognition material
Pages 40-45
Li Wang and Zhujun Zhang
8. Highly sensitive NH3 sensor using Pt catalyzed silica coating over WO3 thick films
Pages 46-52
Vibha Srivastava and Kiran Jain
9. A reagentless enzymatic amperometric biosensor using vertically aligned carbon nanofibers (VACNF)
Pages 53-59
Martha L. Weeks, Touhidur Rahman, Paul D. Frymier, Syed K. Islam and Timothy E. McKnight
10. Implementation of an electronic nose for continuous odour monitoring in a poultry shed
Pages 60-69
Jae Ho Sohn, Neale Hudson, Erin Gallagher, Mark Dunlop, Les Zeller and Michael Atzeni
11. Thermoelectric carbon monoxide sensor using Co-Ce catalyst
Pages 70-77
Tian Xu, Hu Huang, Weiling Luan, Yunshi Qi and Shan-tung Tu
12. Investigations of conduction mechanism in Cr2O3 gas sensing thick films by ac impedance spectroscopy and work function changes measurements
Pages 78-83
Suman Pokhrel, C.E. Simion, V. Quemener, N. Bârsan and U. Weimar
13. Highly selective optical sensor for mercury assay based on covalent immobilization of 4-hydroxy salophen on a triacetylcellulose membrane
Pages 84-90
Ali A. Ensafi, A. Katiraei Far and S. Meghdadi
14. Flowing thermal lens micro-flow velocimeter
Pages 91-96
Yoshikuni Kikutani, Kazuma Mawatari, Kenji Katayama, Manabu Tokeshi, Takashi Fukuzawa, Mitsuo Kitaoka and Takehiko Kitamori
15. Comparison of structural and sensing characteristics of Pr2O3 and PrTiO3 sensing membrane for pH-ISFET application
Pages 97-104
Tung-Ming Pan and Kao-Ming Liao
16. An opto-fluidic ring resonator biosensor for the detection of organophosphorus pesticides
Pages 105-112
Gilmo Yang, Ian M. White and Xudong Fan
17. A highly selective and sensitive two-photon chemosensor for silver ion derived from 3,9-dithia-6-azaundecane
Pages 113-117
Chibao Huang, Xiaojun Peng, Ziyang Lin, Jiangli Fan, Anxiang Ren and Daxin Sun
18. Fabricating random arrays of boron doped diamond nano-disc electrodes: Towards achieving maximum Faradaic current with minimum capacitive charging
Pages 118-127
Lei Xiao, Ian Streeter, Gregory G. Wildgoose and Richard G. Compton
19. Comprehensive study of a Pd/Al0.24Ga0.76As-based field-effect-transistor-type hydrogen sensor
Pages 128-134
Yan-Ying Tsai, Kun-Wei Lin, Huey-Ing Chen, Ching-Wen Hung, Tzu-Pin Chen, Tsung-Han Tsai, Li-Yang Chen, Kuei-Yi Chu and Wen-Chau Liu
20. Copper sulphide (CuxS) as an ammonia gas sensor working at room temperature
Pages 135-143
Abhay A. Sagade and Ramphal Sharma
21. Preparation of porous tin dioxide powder by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis and their application to sensor materials
Pages 144-150
Koji Hieda, Takeo Hyodo, Yasuhiro Shimizu and Makoto Egashira
22. Novel hexagonal WO3 nanopowder with metal decorated carbon nanotubes as NO2 gas sensor
Pages 151-155
Csaba Balázsi, Katarína Sedlácková, Eduard Llobet and Radu Ionescu
23. Gas sensing properties of hydrogen-terminated diamond
Pages 156-165
A. Helwig, G. Müller, J.A. Garrido and M. Eickhoff
24. Humidity sensitive properties of copoly(TEAMPS/VP)/silver nanocomposite films
Pages 166-173
Min-Su Park, Tae-Ho Lim, Young-Min Jeon, Jong-Gyu Kim, Sang-Woo Joo and Myoung-Seon Gong
25. An optical fiber methane sensing system employing a two-step reference measuring method
Pages 174-179
Yi Jiang and Caijie Tang
26. Electronic nose for wine ageing detection
Pages 180-186
J. Lozano, T. Arroyo, J.P. Santos, J.M. Cabellos and M.C. Horrillo
27. Formation of nanorods and nanoparticles of polyaniline using Langmuir Blodgett technique: Performance study for ammonia sensor
Pages 187-194
Sabapathy Manigandan, Anudeep Jain, Saptarshi Majumder, Saibal Ganguly and Kajari Kargupta
28. Performance of a portable biosensor for the analysis of organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides in water and food
Pages 195-201
A. Hildebrandt, R. Bragós, S. Lacorte and J.L. Marty
29. Biosensor based on laccase immobilized on microspheres of chitosan crosslinked with tripolyphosphate
Pages 202-207
Suellen Cadorin Fernandes, Inês Rosane W.Z. de Oliveira, Orlando Fatibello-Filho, Almir Spinelli and Iolanda Cruz Vieira
30. Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotube array electrodes with gold nanoparticle tips
Pages 208-212
YeoHeung Yun, Zhongyun Dong, Vesselin N. Shanov, Amos Doepke, William R. Heineman, H. Brian Halsall, Amit Bhattacharya, Danny K.Y. Wong and Mark J. Schulz
31. Factors influencing the capillary separation of leukocytes from whole blood in a plastic-based microfluidic chip
Pages 213-221
T. Isoda, I. Urushibara, K. Umino, Y. Ishida and H. Sato
32. Al-doped zinc oxide thin films for liquid petroleum gas (LPG) sensors
Pages 222-227
P.P. Sahay and R.K. Nath
33. Enhanced performance of SnO2 nanowires ethanol sensor by functionalizing with La2O3
Pages 228-234
Nguyen Van Hieu, Hae-Ryong Kim, Byeong-Kwon Ju and Jong-Heun Lee
34. New membrane electrodes based on a functionalized tetraphenylborate covalently bound to the polymeric backbone
Pages 235-240
Marco Giannetto, Alessandra Bello, Marcello Gennari, Luciano Marchiò and Giovanni Mori
35. Selective and enhanced nitric oxide detection using hemoprotein/silica hybrids
Pages 241-243
Al. Palaniappan, Shabbir Moochhala, Francis E.H. Tay, Nicky C.L. Phua and Xiaodi Su
36. Glucose biosensor constructed from capped conducting microtubules of PEDOT
Pages 244-250
Jongseo Park, Hong Kyu Kim and Yongkeun Son
37. Construction of an amperometric enzymic sensor for triglyceride determination
Pages 251-255
Minakshi and C.S. Pundir
38. Screen-printed enzymatic biosensor modified with carbon nanotube for the methimazole determination in pharmaceuticals formulations
Pages 256-262
Noelia A. Martinez, Germán A. Messina, Franco A. Bertolino, Eloy Salinas and Julio Raba
39. Relationship between surface segregation and rapid propane electrical response in Cd-doped SnO2 nanomaterials
Pages 263-269
Ricardo H.R. Castro, Pilar Hidalgo, Henrique E.M. Perez, F.J. Ramirez-Fernandez and Douglas Gouvêa
40. Improved response characteristics of SnO2 thin film loaded with nanoscale catalysts for LPG detection
Pages 270-275
Divya Haridas, K. Sreenivas and Vinay Gupta
41. Fabrication of monocrystalline 3C–SiC resonators for MHz frequency sensors applications
Pages 276-280
M. Placidi, P. Godignon, N. Mestres, G. Abadal, G. Ferro, A. Leycuras and T. Chassagne
42. Matrix influence on the optical response of composite bacteriorhodopsin films to ammonia
Pages 281-290
S.O. Korposh, Y.P. Sharkan, M.Y. Sichka, D.-H. Yang, S.-W. Lee and J.J. Ramsden
43. Thin sol–gel SiO2–SnOx–AgOy films for low temperature ammonia gas sensor
Pages 291-295
V.V. Petrov, T.N. Nazarova, A.N. Korolev and N.F. Kopilova
44. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensing properties of nanocrystalline CdO thin films prepared by chemical route: Effect of molarities of precursor solution
Pages 296-301
R.R. Salunkhe, V.R. Shinde and C.D. Lokhande
45. Characterization of gas sensing HfO2 coatings synthesized by spray pyrolysis technique
Pages 302-307
A. Avila-García and M. García-Hipólito
46. Potentiometric response of ion-selective membranes with ionic liquids as ion-exchanger and plasticizer
Pages 308-314
Bo Peng, Jingwei Zhu, Xiaojie Liu and Yu Qin
47. On the structural characterization of BaTiO3–CuO as CO2 sensing material
Pages 315-320
J. Herrán, G. Gª Mandayo, N. Pérez, E. Castaño, A. Prim, E. Pellicer, T. Andreu, F. Peiró, A. Cornet and J.R. Morante
48. WO3 gas sensors prepared by thermal oxidization of tungsten
Pages 321-326
T. Siciliano, A. Tepore, G. Micocci, A. Serra, D. Manno and E. Filippo
49. Specific DNA extraction through fluid channels with immobilization of layered double hydroxides on polycarbonate surface
Pages 327-332
Chia-Hao Chan, Jem-Kun Chen and Feng-Chih Chang
50. Electroimmobilization of nitrate reductase and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide into polypyrrole films for potentiometric detection of nitrate
Pages 333-339
Manzar Sohail and Samuel B. Adeloju
51. Preparation, structure, resistance and methane-gas sensing properties of nominal La1−xMgxFeO3
Pages 340-344
Xing Liu, Bin Cheng, Jifan Hu, Hongwei Qin and Minhua Jiang
52. Study of the aroma of artificially flavoured custards by chemical sensor array fingerprinting
Pages 345-351
M. Santonico, P. Pittia, G. Pennazza, E. Martinelli, M. Bernabei, R. Paolesse, A. D’Amico, D. Compagnone and C. Di Natale
53. Enhanced CO sensitivity and selectivity of gold nanoparticles-doped SnO2 sensor in presence of propane and methane
Pages 352-356
B. Bahrami, A. Khodadadi, M. Kazemeini and Y. Mortazavi

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