ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 133, 2



Date: 12 August 2008


1. Editorial Board
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General Section
2. The superior performance of the electrochemically grown ZnO thin films as methane sensor
Pages 357-363
P.K. Basu, P. Bhattacharyya, N. Saha, H. Saha and S. Basu
3. Bean sprout peroxidase biosensor based on l-cysteine self-assembled monolayer for the determination of dopamine
Pages 364-369
Sally Katiuce Moccelini, Suellen Cadorin Fernandes and Iolanda Cruz Vieira
4. The enhancement method of optical fiber biosensor based on surface plasmon resonance with cold plasma modification
Pages 370-373
Yu-Cheng Lin, Yu-chia Tsao, Woo-Hu Tsai, Tsui-Shan Hung, Ko-Shao Chen and Shu-Chuan Liao
5. Polyaniline–TiO2 nano-composite-based trimethylamine QCM sensor and its thermal behavior studies
Pages 374-380
Junbao Zheng, Guang Li, Xingfa Ma, Yaming Wang, Gang Wu and Yunan Cheng
6. A sensitive nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor based on DNA–Cu2+ complex electrodeposition onto glassy carbon electrode
Pages 381-386
Xiandong Zeng, Xiaoying Liu, Bo Kong, Ying Wang and Wanzhi Wei
7. Application of carbon ionic liquid electrode for the electrooxidative determination of catechol
Pages 387-392
Wei Sun, Yinzhuo Li, Maoxia Yang, Jiao Li and Kui Jiao
8. Electrochemical properties of SWNT/ferritin composite for bioapplications
Pages 393-397
Kwang Min Shin, Ji Won Lee, Gordon G. Wallace and Seon Jeong Kim
9. Voltammetric sensor for amoxicillin determination in human urine using polyglutamic acid/glutaraldehyde film
Pages 398-403
Daniela P. Santos, Márcio F. Bergamini and Maria Valnice B. Zanoni
10. Influence of Cs doping in spray deposited SnO2 thin films for LPG sensors
Pages 404-413
Boben Thomas, Skariah Benoy and K.K. Radha
11. Rapid differentiation between E. coli and Salmonella Typhimurium using metal oxide sensors integrated with pattern recognition
Pages 414-419
Ubonrat Siripatrawan
12. Lithium ferrite for gas sensing applications
Pages 420-425
N. Rezlescu, C. Doroftei, E. Rezlescu and P.D. Popa
13. Design and optimisation of a filter based on neural networks. Application to reduce noise in experimental measurement by TGA of thermal degradation of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium ethylsulfate ionic liquid
Pages 426-434
José S. Torrecilla, Adela Fernández, Julián García and Francisco Rodríguez
14. Development and application of micromachined Pd/SnO2 gas sensors with zeolite coatings
Pages 435-441
M. Vilaseca, J. Coronas, A. Cirera, A. Cornet, J.R. Morante and J. Santamaria
15. Alkaline phosphatase biosensors based on layered double hydroxides matrices: Role of LDH composition
Pages 442-448
Christine Mousty, Oznur Kaftan, Vanessa Prevot and Claude Forano
16. Studies on the gas sensing behaviour of nanosized CuNb2O6 towards ammonia, hydrogen and liquefied petroleum gas
Pages 449-455
Soumya Kanti Biswas and Panchanan Pramanik
17. Room-temperature H2S gas sensing at ppb level by single crystal In2O3 whiskers
Pages 456-461
Manmeet Kaur, Namrata Jain, Kamalkant Sharma, Shovit Bhattacharya, Mainak Roy, A.K. Tyagi, S.K. Gupta and J.V. Yakhmi
18. Cyclic voltammetry on electrode surfaces covered with porous layers: An analysis of electron transfer kinetics at single-walled carbon nanotube modified electrodes
Pages 462-466
Ian Streeter, Gregory G. Wildgoose, Lidong Shao and Richard G. Compton
19. Surface plasmon resonance immunosensor using Au nanoparticle for detection of TNT
Pages 467-472
Toshikazu Kawaguchi, Dhesingh Ravi Shankaran, Sook Jin Kim, Kiyoshi Matsumoto, Kiyoshi Toko and Norio Miura
20. A wireless magnetoelastic-sensing device for in situ evaluation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation
Pages 473-47
Pengfei Pang, Xilin Xiao, Qingyun Cai, Shouzhuo Yao and Craig A. Grimes
21. Quick and reliable estimation of BOD load of beverage industrial wastewater by developing BOD biosensor
Pages 478-483
Purnima Dhall, Anil Kumar, Abha Joshi, Tushya Kumar Saxsena, Angamuthu Manoharan, Santosh Dayal Makhijani and Rita Kumar
22. Molecularly imprinted ligand-exchange recognition assay of DNA by SPR system using guanosine and guanine recognition sites of DNA
Pages 484-488
S. Emir Diltemiz, Adil Denizli, Arzu Ersöz and Rıdvan Say
23. A trivalent organoboron compound as one and two-photon fluorescent chemosensor for fluoride anion
Pages 489-492
Duxia Cao, Zhiqiang Liu and Guozhong Li
24. Compact optical diagnostic device for isothermal nucleic acids amplification
Pages 493-501
Szu-Yuan Lee, Jhen-Gang Huang, Tsung-Liang Chuang, Jin-Chuan Sheu, Yi-Kuang Chuang, Mark Holl, Deirdre R. Meldrum, Chun-Nan Lee and Chii-Wann Lin
25. Zeolite cover layer for selectivity enhancement of p-type semiconducting hydrocarbon sensors
Pages 502-508
K. Sahner, D. Schönauer, P. Kuchinke and R. Moos
26. Square wave voltammetric detection of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene and 2,4-dinitrotoluene on a gold electrode modified with self-assembled monolayers
Pages 509-515
Robert G. Bozic, Alan C. West and Rastislav Levicky
27. Metal-oxide solid solutions for light alkane sensing
Pages 516-520
M.C. Carotta, A. Cervi, A. Giberti, V. Guidi, C. Malagù, G. Martinelli and D. Puzzovio
28. Interaction of thin films of hydroxo-oxobis(8-quinolyloxo) vanadium (V) with ammonia vapour
Pages 521-525
S.M. Aliwi and A.K. Hassan
29. Enhancing the sensitivity of ionic liquid sensors for methane detection with polyaniline template
Pages 526-532
Xiaoxia Jin, Lei Yu and Xiangqun Zeng
30. An immunoelectrochemical sensor for salivary cortisol measurement
Pages 533-537
Ke Sun, Niranjan Ramgir and Shekhar Bhansali
31. Analysis of response mechanism of a proton-pumping gate FET hydrogen gas sensor in air
Pages 538-542
T. Yamaguchi, M. Takisawa, T. Kiwa, H. Yamada and K. Tsukada
32. Limitations on the use of perovskite-structure oxides in gas sensing as a result of the concurrent operation of separate mechanisms
Pages 543-546
P.T. Moseley, A. Oprea, O. Merdrignac-Conanec, M. Kerlau, N. Bârsan and U. Weimar
33. Universal bio-molecular signal transduction-based nano-electronic bio-detection system
Pages 547-554
Wusi C. Maki, Nirankar N. Mishra, Shiva K. Rastogi, Eric Cameron, Brian Filanoski, Paul Winterrowd and Gary K. Maki
34. Direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase on screen-printed electrodes through one-step enzyme immobilization process with silica sol–gel/polyvinyl alcohol hybrid film
Pages 555-560
Shaohua Zuo, Yuanjie Teng, Huihui Yuan and Minbo Lan
35. Detection of Escherichia coli using CMOS array photo sensor-based enzyme biochip detection system
Pages 561-564
Su-Hua Huang
36. Effect of surface charges of nanoparticles on response current of enzyme electrode for single use
Pages 565-570
Mengqiao Dai, Li Gou and Junguo Ran
37. A sensitive nitric oxide microsensor based on PBPB composite film-modified carbon fiber microelectrode
Pages 571-576
Yanfen Peng, Chengguo Hu, Dongyun Zheng and Shengshui Hu
38. Potassium ion sensing using a self-assembled calix[4]crown monolayer by surface plasmon resonance
Pages 577-581
Hongxia Chen, Yeong-Soon Gal, Sung-Hoon Kim, Heung-Jin Choi, Min-Cheol Oh, Jaebeom Lee and Kwangnak Koh
39. Electrochemical DNA biosensor for the detection of interaction between di[azino-di(5,6-azafluorene)-κ2-NN′]dichlormanganous and DNA
Pages 582-587
Nan Liu, Guang-Jiu Li, Shu-Feng Liu and Shu-Sheng Zhang
40. Electrochemical sensor for hydroperoxides determination based on Prussian blue film modified electrode
Pages 588-592
Nafaâ Adhoum and Lotfi Monser
41. Surface-modified silicon nano-channel for urea sensing
Pages 593-598
Yu Chen, Xihua Wang, Mi Hong, Shyamsunder Erramilli and Pritiraj Mohanty
42. Differential pulse voltammetric determination of N-acetylcysteine by the electrocatalytic oxidation at the surface of carbon nanotube-paste electrode modified with cobalt salophen complexes
Pages 599-606
Saeed Shahrokhian, Zahra Kamalzadeh, Abolfazl Bezaatpour and Davar M. Boghaei
43. Nano-composite ZrO2/Au film electrode for voltammetric detection of parathion
Pages 607-612
Min Wang and Zhuyun Li
44. New gas sensitive MIS structures Pt/Al2O3(M = Pt, Rh)/Si with a granular dielectric layer
Pages 613-616
Andrey Ryzhikov, Florence Robaut, Michel Labeau and Alexandre Gaskov
45. Three-input chemical logic circuits based on a new fluorescent sensor for ATP and Cu2+in aqueous solution
Pages 617-621
Guoqiang Zong and Gongxuan Lu
46. Study on humidity sensing property based on Li-doped mesoporous silica MCM-41
Pages 622-627
Lijie Wang, Di Li, Rui Wang, Yuan He, Qi Qi, Yue Wang and Tong Zhang
47. Phase-sensitive spatially-modulated surface plasmon resonance polarimetry for detection of biomolecular interactions
Pages 628-631
Sergiy Patskovsky, Renaud Jacquemart, Michel Meunier, Gregory De Crescenzo and Andrei V. Kabashin
48. Simultaneous determination of thorium and uranyl ions by optode spectra and chemometric techniques
Pages 632-637
M. Khayatzadeh Mahani, F. Divsar, M. Chaloosi, M. Ghanadi Maragheh, A.R. Khanchi and M.K. Rofouei
49. Properties of humidity sensing ZnO nanorods-base sensor fabricated by screen-printing
Pages 638-643
Qi Qi, Tong Zhang, Qingjiang Yu, Rui Wang, Yi Zeng, Li Liu and Haibin Yang
50. Gas sensing properties of a composite composed of electrospun poly(methyl methacrylate) nanofibers and in situ polymerized polyaniline
Pages 644-649
Shanzuo Ji, Yang Li and Mujie Yang
51. Effect of MoO3 addition on the NO2 sensing properties of SnO2 thin films
Pages 650-655
Jaswinder Kaur, V.D. Vankar and M.C. Bhatnagar
52. Bioluminescent sensor for naphthalene in air: Cell immobilization and evaluation with a dynamic standard atmosphere generator
Pages 656-663
E. Valdman and I.G.R. Gutz
53. Dielectrophoretic manipulation of nano-materials and its application to micro/nano-sensors
Pages 664-670
W.J. Liu, J. Zhang, L.J. Wan, K.W. Jiang, B.R. Tao, H.L. Li, W.L. Gong and X.D. Tang
54. Interrogation of surface plasmon resonance sensors using temporally stretched ultrashort optical pulses
Pages 671-676
Zheng Zheng, Yuhang Wan, Xin Zhao and Jinsong Zhu
55. Simultaneous measurement of Pb, Cd and Zn using differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry at a bismuth/poly(p-aminobenzene sulfonic acid) film electrode
Pages 677-681
Yun Wu, Nian Bing Li and Hong Qun Luo
56. Electrochemical and geometrical characterization of iridium oxide electrodes in stainless steel substrate
Pages 682-686
Carmen C. Mayorga Martinez, Rossana E. Madrid and Carmelo J. Felice
57. Sensing properties of chemically sprayed TiO2 thin films using Ni, Ir, and Rh as catalysts
Pages 687-693
L. Castañeda, A. Maldonado and M. de la L. Olvera
58. Electrostatic sprayed SnO2 and Cu-doped SnO2 films for H2S detection
Pages 694-698
Camelia Matei Ghimbeu, Martine Lumbreras, Maryam Siadat, Robert C. van Landschoot and Joop Schoonman
59. A large-displacement 65Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–35PbTiO3/Pt bimorph actuator prepared by screen printing
Pages 699-704
Hana Uršič, Marko Hrovat, Janez Holc, Marina Santo Zarnik, Silvo Drnovšek, Srečo Maček and Marija Kosec
60. High temperature field effect hydrogen and hydrocarbon gas sensors based on SiC MOS devices
Pages 705-716
Adrian Trinchi, Sasikaran Kandasamy and Wojtek Wlodarski

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