ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 134, 2



Date: 25 September 2008


Editorial Board
Page CO
Self-referencing SPR imaging for most demanding high-throughput screening applications
Pages 353-355
Marek Piliarik, Jiří Homola
Short Communication
Development of a holographic sensor for the detection of calcium dipicolinate—A sensitive biomarker for bacterial spores
Pages 356-359
D. Bhatta, G. Christie, J. Blyth, C.R. Lowe
 General Section
Synthesis of ZnO–SnO2 nanocomposites by microemulsion and sensing properties for NO2
Pages 360-366
Chen Liangyuan, Bai Shouli, Zhou Guojun, Li Dianqing, Chen Aifan, Chung Chiun Liu
Electrochemical and photoelectrical properties of titania nanotube arrays annealed in different gases
Pages 367-372
Peng Xiao, Dawei Liu, Betzaida Batalla Garcia, Saghar Sepehri, Yunhuai Zhang, Guozhong Cao
Role of novel microstructure of polyaniline-CSA thin film in ammonia sensing at room temperature
Pages 373-376
Deepak Verma, V. Dutta
New silver selective electrode fabricated from benzothiazole calix[4]arene: Speciation analysis of silver nanoparticles
Pages 377-385
Wittaya Ngeontae, Wanwisa Janrungroatsakul, Neramit Morakot, Wanlapa Aeungmaitrepirom, Thawatchai Tuntulani
Low Hg(II) ion concentration electrical detection with AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors
Pages 386-389
K.H. Chen, H.W. Wang, B.S. Kang, C.Y. Chang, Y.L. Wang, T.P. Lele, F. Ren, S.J. Pearton, A. Dabiran, A. Osinsky, P.P. Chow
Moisture measurement using porous aluminum oxide coated microcantilevers
Pages 390-395
Prathima Kapa, Liu Pan, Arogydeepika Bandhanadham, Ji Fang, Koday Varahramyan, Wes Davis, Hai-Feng Ji
Gas sensing (RuPc)2 thin films: Electrical response to NO2 gas and morphological changes induced by external moisture
Pages 396-402
Amanda Generosi, Barbara Paci, Valerio Rossi Albertini, Renato Generosi, Anna Maria Paoletti, Gianna Pennesi, Gentilina Rossi, Marco Fosca, Ruggero Caminiti
Fabrication of SnO2–ZnO nanocomposite sensor for selective sensing of trimethylamine and the freshness of fishes
Pages 403-408
Wen-Hui Zhang, Wei-De Zhang
Synthesis and evaluation of a new polysiloxane as SAW sensor coatings for DMMP detection
Pages 409-413
Xiaosong Du, Zhihua Ying, Yadong Jiang, Zhongxiang Liu, Taojun Yang, Guangzhong Xie
Synthesis and characterization of 9-(cycloheptatrienylidene)fluorene derivatives: New fluorescent chemosensors for detection of Fe3+ and Cu2+
Pages 414-418
Zhitao Jiang, Lei Tang, Fei Shao, Guorong Zheng, Ping Lu
Uranyl ion detection based on wavelength-resolved surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Pages 419-422
Hongxia Chen, Youngki Lee, Min-Cheol Oh, Jaebeom Lee, Su-Chak Ryu, Yoon-Hwae Hwang, Kwangnak Koh
Enhancement of the sensitivity of a quantum dot-based fiber optic temperature sensor using the sol–gel technique
Pages 423-426
Hong Dinh Duong, Jong Il Rhee
Development of an optical biosensor using gold nanoparticles and quantum dots for the detection of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
Pages 427-431
R. Cody Stringer, Susan Schommer, Daniel Hoehn, Sheila A. Grant
Real-time liquid crystal-based glutaraldehyde sensor
Pages 432-437
Xinyan Bi, Kun-Lin Yang
A silicon microfluidic chip integrating an ordered micropillar array separation column and a nano-electrospray emitter for LC/MS analysis of peptides
Pages 438-446
E. Mery, F. Ricoul, N. Sarrut, O. Constantin, G. Delapierre, J. Garin, F. Vinet
Application of a flow-through type pH/CO2 sensor system based on ISFET for evaluation of the glucose dependency of the metabolic pathways in cultured cells
Pages 447-450
Satoshi Mohri, Akira Yamada, Noriko Goda, Michihiro Nakamura, Keiji Naruse, Fumihiko Kajiya
Functionalization of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles through the grafting of an organophosphorous ligand
Pages 451-454
Thomas Georgelin, Bernard Moreau, Nathalie Bar, Didier Villemin, Valérie Cabuil, Olivier Horner
Demonstration of surface sensing using long-range surface plasmon waveguides on silica
Pages 455-461
Robert Charbonneau, Michal Tencer, Nancy Lahoud, Pierre Berini
Methanal and xylene sensors based on ZnO nanoparticles and nanorods prepared by room-temperature solid-state chemical reaction
Pages 462-466
Yali Cao, Pengfei Hu, Weiyu Pan, Yudai Huang, Dianzeng Jia
PEDOT and PPy conducting polymer bilayer and trilayer actuators
Pages 467-470
U.L. Zainudeen, M.A. Careem, S. Skaarup
Enzyme-free glucose sensor based on a three-dimensional gold film electrode
Pages 471-476
Yu Bai, Weiwei Yang, Ying Sun, Changqing Sun
Electrochemical properties of colchicine on the PoPD/SWNTs composite-modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 477-482
Xiu-Hua Zhang, Shi-Min Wang, Li Jia, Zu-Xun Xu, Yu Zeng
Acetone gas sensing properties of SmFe1−xMgxO3 perovskite oxides
Pages 483-487
Xing Liu, Jifan Hu, Bin Cheng, Hongwei Qin, Minhua Jiang
Development of wafer-level batch fabrication for combined atomic force–scanning electrochemical microscopy (AFM–SECM) probes
Pages 488-495
H. Shin, P.J. Hesketh, B. Mizaikoff, C. Kranz
Electrochemical properties and actuation mechanisms of polyacrylamide hydrogel for artificial muscle application
Pages 496-501
M. Bassil, J. Davenas, M. EL Tahchi
Simulation of surface plasmon resonance of Au–WO3−x and Ag–WO3−x nanocomposite films
Pages 502-509
Henghua Deng, Dongfang Yang, Bo Chen, Chii-Wann Lin
Selective optical sensing of copper(II) ions based on a novel cyclobutane-substituted Schiff base ligand embedded in polymer films
Pages 510-515
Nur Aksuner, Emur Henden, Ibrahim Yilmaz, Alaaddin Cukurovali
Oxygen electrode as a new tool to evaluate hydroxyl radical-scavenging ability
Pages 516-520
Keiko Komagoe, Hiroaki Takeuchi, Takashi Katsu
Detection of organic vapors and NH3(g) using thin-film carbon black–metallophthalocyanine composite chemiresistors
Pages 521-531
Stephen Maldonado, Edgardo García-Berríos, Marc D. Woodka, Bruce S. Brunschwig, Nathan S. Lewis
Monolithic integration of poly(dimethylsiloxane) waveguides and microfluidics for on-chip absorbance measurements
Pages 532-538
Jack Sheng Kee, Daniel Puiu Poenar, Pavel Neuzil, Levent Yobas
Improving hydrogen detecting performance of a Pd/n-LTPS/glass thin film Schottky diode with a TiO2 interface layer
Pages 539-544
Tse-Heng Chou, Yean-Kuen Fang, Yen-Ting Chiang, Cheng-I. Lin, Kung-Cheng Lin
Imaging SPR for detection of local electrochemical processes on patterned surfaces
Pages 545-550
Olof Andersson, Christian Ulrich, Fredrik Björefors, Bo Liedberg
A micromachined thermoelectric sensor for natural gas analysis: Thermal model and experimental results
Pages 551-558
S. Udina, M. Carmona, G. Carles, J. Santander, L. Fonseca, S. Marc
Highly selective determination of uric acid in the presence of ascorbic acid at glassy carbon electrodes modified with carbon nanotubes dispersed in polylysine
Pages 559-565
Marcela C. Rodríguez, José Sandoval, Laura Galicia, Silvia Gutiérrez, Gustavo A. Rivas
Preparation of titania sol–gel matrix for the immunoassay by SPR biosensor with magnetic beads
Pages 566-572
Ying Sun, Ning Bi, Daqian Song, Yu Bai, Liying Wang, Hanqi Zhang
Molecular imprinted polypyrrole nanowires for chiral amino acid recognition
Pages 573-578
Jiyong Huang, Zhixiang Wei, Jinchun Chen
Fe2O3-activated Cr2O3 thick films as temperature dependent gas sensors
Pages 579-584
D.N. Suryawanshi, D.R. Patil, L.A. Patil
An integrated CMOS sensing chip for NO2 detection
Pages 585-590
G. Barillaro, L.M. Strambini
A new gas sensor electronic interface with generalized impedance converter
Pages 591-596
Alejandro Durán Carrillo de Albornoz, Diego Ramírez Muñoz, Jaime Sánchez Moreno, Silvia Casans Berga, Edith Navarro Antón
Influence of electrical characteristics on the sensitivity of p-InP-based pseudo-Schottky diodes for NO2 monitoring in atmosphere
Pages 597-603
C. Varenne, J. Brunet, A. Pauly, B. Lauron
Preparation and VOC gas sensing properties of Sr(II)-added copper aluminate spinel composites
Pages 604-612
J. Judith Vijaya, L. John Kennedy, G. Sekaran, M. Bayhan, M. Albert William
Specific detection of proteins using nanomechanical resonators
Pages 613-617
L.M. Fischer, V.A. Wright, C. Guthy, N. Yang, M.T. McDermott, J.M. Buriak, S. Evoy
Hydrogen sensor based on WO3 subnano-clusters and Pt co-loaded on ZrO2
Pages 618-624
Ken-ichi Shimizu, Isao Chinzei, Hiroyuki Nishiyama, Shiro Kakimoto, Satoshi Sugaya, Hitoshi Yokoi, Atsushi Satsuma
Highly sensitive, reagentless amperometric immunosensor based on a novel redox-active organic–inorganic composite film
Pages 625-631
Zhongyuan Liu, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Ying Zhuo, Chenglin Hong, Xia Yang
An optimised gas sensor microsystem for accurate and real-time measurement of nitrogen dioxide at ppb level
Pages 632-639
J. Brunet, V. Parra Garcia, A. Pauly, C. Varenne, B. Lauron
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes as high temperature carbon monoxide sensors
Pages 640-646
Joseph C. Obirai, Gary Hunter, Prabir K. Dutta
FeSrTiO3-based resistive oxygen sensors for application in diesel engines
Pages 647-653
G. Neri, G. Micali, A. Bonavita, R. Licheri, R. Orrù, G. Cao, D. Marzorati, E. Merlone Borla, E. Roncari, A. Sanson
Al-doped ZnO thin films as methanol sensors
Pages 654-659
P.P. Sahay, R.K. Nath
Linear temperature microhotplate gas sensor array for automotive cabin air quality monitoring
Pages 660-665
L. Francioso, A. Forleo, A.M. Taurino, P. Siciliano, L. Lorenzelli, V. Guarnieri, A. Adami, G. Agnusdei
Photocatalytic regeneration of interdigitated capacitor relative humidity sensors fabricated by glancing angle deposition
Pages 666-671
Michael T. Taschuk, John J. Steele, Andy C. van Popta, Michael J. Brett
Chemically modified silica surface as effective sodium cation scavenger
Pages 672-679
Joanna Kurczewska, Grzegorz Schroeder
Electrochemical epinephrine sensor using artificial receptor synthesized by sol–gel process
Pages 680-686
Chun-Wei Hsu, Ming-Chang Yang
Nano-structured Pd-long period fiber gratings integrated optical sensor for hydrogen detection
Pages 687-693
Xiaotong Wei, Tao Wei, Hai Xiao, Y.S. Lin
Scanometric potassium determination with ionophore-based disposable sensors
Pages 694-701
A. Lapresta-Fernández, L.F. Capitán-Vallvey
Relation between noise and resolution in integrated optical refractometric sensing
Pages 702-710
Hugo J.W.M. Hoekstra, Paul V. Lambeck, Henri P. Uranus, Ton M. Koster
Ratiometric fiber-optic oxygen sensors based on sol–gel matrix doped with metalloporphyrin and 7-amino-4-trifluoromethyl coumarin
Pages 711-717
Chen-Shane Chu, Yu-Lung Lo
Influence of calcining temperature on photoresponse of TiO2 film under nitrogen and oxygen in room temperature
Pages 718-726
Shi-An Gao, Ai-Ping Xian, Li-Hua Cao, Rong-Cai Xie, Jian-Ku Shang
Multianalyte sensor array based on an organic light emitting diode platform
Pages 727-735
Yuankun Cai, Ruth Shinar, Zhaoqun Zhou, Joseph Shinar
Cholesterol oxidase functionalization of a polymerized crystalline colloidal array
Pages 736-742
Marta K. Maurer, Sara E. Gould, Paris J. Scott
Chemical interaction of gaseous ammonia and water vapour with polyacrylic acid layers
Pages 743-749
M. Hoerter, A. Oprea, N. Bârsan, U. Weimar
Transient response of a transistor-based hydrogen sensor
Pages 750-754
Yan-Ying Tsai, Kun-Wei Lin, Huey-Ing Chen, I-Ping Liu, Ching-Wen Hung, Tzu-Pin Chen, Tsung-Han Tsai, Li-Yang Chen, Kuei-Yi Chu, Wen-Chau Liu
An impedimetric DNA sensor based on functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for HIV and HBV detection
Pages 755-760
Walid Mohamed Hassen, Carole Chaix, Adnane Abdelghani, François Bessueille, Didier Leonard, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Synthesis of flower-like CuO nanostructures as a sensitive sensor for catalysis
Pages 761-768
Fei Teng, Wenqing Yao, Youfei Zheng, Yutao Ma, Yang Teng, Tongguang Xu, Shuhui Liang, Yongfa Zhu
Humidity sensitive properties of K+-doped SnO2–LiZnVO4
Pages 769-772
Sumei Hu, Haibo Chen, Gang Fu, Fanming Meng
Application of pulsed digital oscillators to volatile organic compounds sensing
Pages 773-779
J. Ricart, J. Pons, M. Domínguez, A. Rodríguez, E. Figueras, M.C. Horrillo, J. Gutiérrez, I. Sayago
Electrochemical determination of nitrite and iodate by use of gold nanoparticles/poly(3-methylthiophene) composites coated glassy carbon electrode
Pages 780-786
Xue Huang, Yongxin Li, Yuanli Chen, Lun Wang
Liquid sensing of melt-processed poly(lactic acid)/multi-walled carbon nanotube composite films
Pages 787-795
Kazufumi Kobashi, Tobias Villmow, Timo Andres, Petra Pötschke
Ultrathin SnO2 gas sensors fabricated by spray pyrolysis for the detection of humidity and carbon monoxide
Pages 796-802
Alexandra Tischner, Thomas Maier, Christoph Stepper, Anton Köck
A carbon monoxide sensor in polymer electrolyte fuel cells based on symbolic dynamic filtering
Pages 803-815
K.S. Bhambare, S. Gupta, M.M. Mench, A. Ray
Sensors for 5-hydroxytryptamine and 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid based on nanomaterial modified electrodes
Pages 816-821
Rajendra N. Goyal, Munetaka Oyama, Vinod K. Gupta, Sudhanshu P. Singh, Ram A. Sharma
A fluorescent crack sensor based on cyclobutane-containing crosslinked polymers of tricinnamates
Pages 822-825
Sung-Youl Cho, Joong-Gon Kim, Chan-Moon Chung
Polypyrrole nanofiber surface acoustic wave gas sensors
Pages 826-831
Laith Al-Mashat, Henry D. Tran, Wojtek Wlodarski, Richard B. Kaner, Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh
Performance test of portable analyzers for total hydrocarbons (THC) through a cross-calibration against gas chromatograph
Pages 832-838
Ki-Hyun Kim, Raktim Pal
Chemosensitive properties of electrically conductive Cu(I) compounds at room temperature
Pages 839-842
Benjamin Wolpert, Michael Leitl, Arno Pfitzner, Vladimir M. Mirsky
Controllable movement of the azobenzene linked crown ether conjugated liposome
Pages 843-848
Jinseok Kim, Eunseok Seo, Soohyun Kim, Sukho Park, Byungkyu Kim
A novel indole phenylhydrazone receptor: Synthesis and recognition for acetate anion
Pages 849-853
Jie Shao, Yuehong Wang, Hai Lin, Jianwei Li, Huakuan Lin
Temperature-dependent sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance sensors at the gold–water interface
Pages 854-862
C.S. Moreira, A.M.N. Lima, H. Neff, C. Thirstrup
Miniaturized setup for fluorescence sensing with optodes: Characterization of a new hemicyanine ion-selective-based membrane
Pages 863-868
Laia Rivera, Mar Puyol, Francisco Villuendas, Julián Alonso
Anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) nanowell sensors for hydrogen detection
Pages 869-877
F. Rumiche, H.H. Wang, W.S. Hu, J.E. Indacochea, M.L. Wang
Soluble semiconducting poly(3-octylthiophene) as a solid-contact material in all-solid-state chloride sensors
Pages 878-886
Pia Sjöberg-Eerola, Jill Nylund, Johan Bobacka, Andrzej Lewenstam, Ari Ivaska
Quartz crystal microbalance sensor coated with polyaniline emeraldine base for determination of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons
Pages 887-894
Mohamad M. Ayad, Gad El-Hefnawey, Nagy L. Torad
Single-walled carbon nanotube-ionic liquid paste electrode for the sensitive voltammetric determination of folic acid
Pages 895-901
Fei Xiao, Changping Ruan, Lihong Liu, Rui Yan, Faqiong Zhao, Baizhao Zeng
Table olives volatile fingerprints: Potential of an electronic nose for quality discrimination
Pages 902-907
E.Z. Panagou, N. Sahgal, N. Magan, G.-J.E. Nychas
Application of chemisorption/desorption process of thiocholine for pesticide detection based on acetylcholinesterase biosensor
Pages 908-912
Dan Du, Jiawang Ding, Yuan Tao, Xi Chen
Investigation of gas-sensitivity of sensor structures to hydrogen in a wide range of temperature, concentration and humidity of gas medium
Pages 913-921
V.V. Malyshev, A.V. Pislyakov
NO2 adsorption effects on p+–n silicon junctions surrounded by a porous layer
Pages 922-927
G. Barillaro, A. Diligenti, L.M. Strambini, E. Comini, G. Faglia
Study on the response and recovery properties of semiconductor gas sensors using a high-speed gas-switching system
Pages 928-933
Tetsuya Kida, Toru Kuroiwa, Masayoshi Yuasa, Kengo Shimanoe, Noboru Yamazoe
Carbon monoxide gas-sensing properties of electron-beam deposited cerium oxide thin films
Pages 934-939
S.M.A. Durrani, M.F. Al-Kuhaili, I.A. Bakhtiari
Ag dots array fabricated using laser interference technique for biosensing
Pages 940-944
Haiying Li, Xiangang Luo, Chunlei Du, Xunan Chen, Yongqi Fu
Highly sensitive room temperature sensors based on the UV-LED activation of zinc oxide nanoparticles
Pages 945-952
B.P.J. de Lacy Costello, R.J. Ewen, N.M. Ratcliffe, M. Richards
Demonstration of MEMS-based differential scanning calorimetry for determining thermodynamic properties of biomolecules
Pages 953-958
Li Wang, Bin Wang, Qiao Lin
Evaluation of an optical phenolic biosensor signal employing artificial neural networks
Pages 959-965
Jaafar Abdullah, Musa Ahmad, Lee Yook Heng, Nadarajah Karuppiah, Hamidah Sidek
Optical fibre sensing element based on xerogel-supported [Au2Ag2(C6F5)4(C14H10)]n for the detection of methanol and ethanol in the vapour phase
Pages 966-973
M. Bezunartea, J. Estella, J.C. Echeverría, C. Elosúa, C. Bariáin, M. Laguna, A. Luquin, J.J. Garrido
Development of amperometric biosensors using thiolated tetrathiafulvalene-derivatised self-assembled monolayer modified electrodes
Pages 974-980
Susana Campuzano, Vanessa Escamilla-Gómez, M. Ángeles Herranz, María Pedrero, José M. Pingarrón
A thin-film transistor based acetylcholine sensor using self-assembled carbon nanotubes and SiO2 nanoparticles
Pages 981-987
Wei Xue, Tianhong Cui
Room temperature liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensor based on p-polyaniline/n-TiO2 heterojunction
Pages 988-992
D.S. Dhawale, R.R. Salunkhe, U.M. Patil, K.V. Gurav, A.M. More, C.D. Lokhande
Detection of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 using a nano-iridium particle catalyst-based biosensor
Pages 993-999
Wei-Yin Liao, Chung-Chiun Liu, Christina Wang



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