ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 144, 1



Date: 29 January 2010


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
Letters to the Editor
2. Harnessing self-heating in nanowires for energy efficient, fully autonomous and ultra-fast gas sensors
Pages 1-5
J.D. Prades, R. Jimenez-Diaz, F. Hernandez-Ramirez, A. Cirera, A. Romano-Rodriguez, J.R. Morante
3. Quantitative evaluation of a gold-nanoparticle labeling method for detecting target DNAs on DNA microarrays
Pages 6-10
Hyonchol Kim, Hiroyuki Takei, Kenji Yasuda
General Section
4. Nanofibrous polyethyleneimine membranes as sensitive coatings for quartz crystal microbalance-based formaldehyde sensors
Pages 11-17
Xianfeng Wang, Bin Ding, Min Sun, Jianyong Yu, Gang Sun
5. Inhibition of benzoic acid on the polyaniline–polyphenol oxidase biosensor
Pages 18-22
Shengqi Li, Yongyan Tan, Peng Wang, Jinqing Kan
6. Amine functionalized SU-8 layer guiding Love mode surface acoustic wave
Pages 23-26
Lamia El Fissi, Jean-Michel Friedt, Frédéric Chérioux, Sylvain Ballandras
7. Sensor signal processing for gravimetric chemical sensors based on a state-space model
Pages 27-36
Florian Thalmayr, Gerhard Fischerauer
8. Sensing properties of CdS-doped tin oxide thick film gas sensor
Pages 37-42
Lallan Yadava, Ritesh Verma, R. Dwivedi
9. Highly porous SnO2 fibers by electrospinning and oxygen plasma etching and its ethanol-sensing properties
Pages 43-48
Yang Zhang, Jianping Li, Guimin An, Xiuli He
10. Monitoring time and temperature by methylene blue containing polyacrylate film
Pages 49-55
Yulia Galagan, Sheng-Hao Hsu, Wei-Fang Su
11. Selective hydrogen gas nanosensor using individual ZnO nanowire with fast response at room temperature
Pages 56-66
O. Lupan, V.V. Ursaki, G. Chai, L. Chow, G.A. Emelchenko, I.M. Tiginyanu, A.N. Gruzintsev, A.N. Redkin
12. Sensor response formula for sensor based on ZnO nanostructures
Pages 67-72
Niyom Hongsith, Ekasiddh Wongrat, Teerakiat Kerdcharoen, Supab Choopun
13. Improved selectivity, response time and recovery time by [0 1 0] highly preferred-orientation silicalite-1 layer coated on SnO2 thin film sensor for selective ethylene gas detection
Pages 73-80
Damrongsak Jadsadapattarakul, Chanchana Thanachayanont, Jiti Nukeaw, Tawan Sooknoi
14. Electronic nose responses and acute phase proteins correlate in blood using a bovine model of respiratory infection
Pages 81-87
Henri Knobloch, Wieland Schroedl, Claire Turner, Mark Chambers, Petra Reinhold
15. AND molecular logic using semiconductor quantum dots
Pages 88-91
Navneet Kaur, Narinder Singh, Bridgeen McCaughan, John F. Callan
16. Effective catalytic electrode system based on polyviologen and Au nanoparticles multilayer
Pages 92-98
Chiara Zanardi, Fabio Terzi, Barbara Zanfrognini, Laura Pigani, Renato Seeber, Jukka Lukkari, Timo Ääritalo
17. Assessment of meat freshness with metal oxide sensor microarray electronic nose: A practical approach
Pages 99-103
V.Yu. Musatov, V.V. Sysoev, M. Sommer, I. Kiselev
18. On-line monitoring of residual solvent during the pharmaceutical drying process using non-contact infrared sensor: A process analytical technology (PAT) approach
Pages 104-111
Jagdish Tewari, Vivechana Dixit, Kamal Malik
19. Application of commercial automotive sensor manufacturing methods for NOx/NH3 mixed potential sensors for on-board emissions control
Pages 112-119
Praveen K. Sekhar, Eric. L. Brosha, Rangachary Mukundan, Wenxia Li, Mark A. Nelson, Ponnusamy Palanisamy, Fernando H. Garzon
20. Fast-response ozone sensor with ZnO nanorods grown by chemical vapor deposition
Pages 120-125
Forest Shih-Sen Chien, Chang-Ren Wang, Yu-Lin Chan, Hsiao-Lan Lin, Min-Hung Chen, Ren-Jang Wu
21. Fabrication of Langmuir–Blodgett thin films of porphyrins and investigation on their gas sensing properties
Pages 126-130
İ. Capan, Ç. Tarımcı, R. Capan
22. CO and ethanol dual selective sensor of Sm2O3-doped SnO2 nanoparticles synthesized by microwave-induced combustion
Pages 131-138
Sajjad Habibzadeh, Abbas Ali Khodadadi, Yadollah Mortazavi
23. Development of high-κ HoTiO3 sensing membrane for pH detection and glucose biosensing
Pages 139-145
Tung-Ming Pan, Ming-De Huang, Chao-Wen Lin, Min-Hsien Wu
24. Automatic electrochemical sequential processing in a microsystem for urea detection
Pages 146-152
Noriyuki Ohnishi, Wataru Satoh, Katsuya Morimoto, Junji Fukuda, Hiroaki Suzuki
25. Effects of thin-layer diffusion in the electrochemical detection of nicotine on basal plane pyrolytic graphite (BPPG) electrodes modified with layers of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT-BPPG)
Pages 153-158
Marcus J. Sims, Neil V. Rees, Edmund J.F. Dickinson, Richard G. Compton
26. Nanopatterned polycrystalline ZnO for room temperature gas sensing
Pages 159-163
Shan-Wei Fan, Arvind K. Srivastava, Vinayak P. Dravid
27. Highly stable and sensitive humidity sensors based on quartz crystal microbalance coated with hexagonal lamelliform monodisperse mesoporous silica SBA-15 thin film
Pages 164-169
Yongheng Zhu, Hao Yuan, Jiaqiang Xu, Pengcheng Xu, Qingyi Pan
28. Electric field induced dewetting and pattern formation in thin conducting polymer film
Pages 170-175
S. Manigandan, Saptarshi Majumder, A. Suresh, Saibal Ganguly, Kajari Kargupta, Dipali Banerjee
29. Electrical resistivity dependence of semi-conductive oxide electrode on the label-free electrochemical detection of DNA
Pages 176-182
A. Zebda, M. Labeau, J.-P. Diard, V. Lavalley, V. Stambouli
30. Ratiometric/‘On–Off’ sensing of Pb2+ ion using pyrene-appended calix[4]arenes
Pages 183-191
Manoj Kumar, J. Nagendra Babu, Vandana Bhalla, Rajesh Kumar
31. An ethanol gas sensor using energy transfer cataluminescence on nanosized YVO4:Eu3+ surface
Pages 192-197
Qin Zhou, Lichun Zhang, Hanyu Fan, Lan Wu, Yi Lv
32. Sol–gels doped with polymer-coated ZnS/CdSe quantum dots for the detection of organic vapors
Pages 198-202
Masoumeh Hasani, Ana M. Coto García, José M. Costa-Fernández, Alfredo Sanz-Medel
33. Titania nanotube arrays for light sensor and UV photometer
Pages 203-207
Yongshu Tian, Chenguo Hu, Xiaoshan He, Chunlan Cao, Guangsheng Huang, Kaiyou Zhang
34. TEM–XRD analysis of PdO particles on TiO2 support for chemochromic detection of hydrogen
Pages 208-214
Nahid Mohajeri, Ali T-Raissi, Gary Bokerman, Janine E. Captain, Barbara V. Peterson, Mary Whitten, Steve Trigwell, Cristina Berger, James Brenner
35. Highly sensitive and selective stabilized zirconia-based mixed-potential-type propene sensor using NiO/Au composite sensing-electrode
Pages 215-219
Perumal Elumalai, Vladimir V. Plashnitsa, Yuki Fujio, Norio Miura
36. Synthesis of CuO nanostructures and their application for nonenzymatic glucose sensing
Pages 220-225
Xue Wang, Chenguo Hu, Hong Liu, Guojun Du, Xiaoshan He, Yi Xi
37. Fibre-optic SPR sensor with a FBG interrogation scheme for readout enhancement
Pages 226-231
Natalia Díaz-Herrera, Diana Viegas, Pedro A.S. Jorge, Francisco M. Araújo, José-Luis Santos, María-Cruz Navarrete, Agustín González-Cano
38. Hand-held optical instrument for CO2 in gas phase based on sensing film coating optoelectronic elements
Pages 232-238
M.A. Carvajal, I.M. Pérez de Vargas-Sansalvador, A.J. Palma, M.D. Fernández-Ramos, L.F. Capitán-Vallvey
39. Study of interaction between kaempferol–Eu3+ complex and DNA with the use of the Neutral Red dye as a fluorescence probe
Pages 239-246
Guowen Zhang, Jinbao Guo, Nan Zhao, Jiarong Wang
40. Spherical SAW devices with self-assembled lipopolymers for odor-sensing
Pages 247-254
Bartosz Wyszynski, Masaaki Sekine, Takamichi Nakamoto, Noritaka Nakaso, Kazuhiro Noguchi
41. Fiber optic pH sensor based on mode-filtered light detection
Pages 255-259
Suozhu Wu, Wenping Cheng, Yan Qiu, Zhongping Li, Shaomin Shuang, Chuan Dong
42. Strontium cobaltite coated optical sensors for high temperature carbon dioxide detection
Pages 260-266
Xiaotong Wei, Tao Wei, Jiansheng Li, Xinwei Lan, Hai Xiao, Y.S. Lin
43. Electrophoretic deposition of metal oxide films aimed for gas sensors application: The role of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO)/Al composite structure
Pages 267-273
Ning Han, Pingye Deng, Jiangchao Chen, Linyu Chai, Hongshuai Gao, Yunfa Chen
44. Carbon nanotubes paste electrodes modified with a melanic polymer: Analytical applications for the sensitive and selective quantification of dopamine
Pages 274-279
María D. Rubianes, Alberto Sánchez Arribas, Esperanza Bermejo, Manuel Chicharro, Antonio Zapardiel, Gustavo Rivas
45. Sensing properties of atmospheric plasma-sprayed WO3 coating for sub-ppm NO2 detection
Pages 280-288
Chao Zhang, Marc Debliquy, Abdelhamid Boudiba, Hanlin Liao, Christian Coddet
46. Building Ag nanoparticle 3D catalyst via Na2Ti3O7 nanowires for the detection of hydrogen peroxide
Pages 289-294
Xiaoshan He, Chenguo Hu, Hong Liu, Guojun Du, Yi Xi, Youfei Jiang
Micro TAS Section
47. Planar near-infrared surface plasmon resonance sensor with Si prism and grating coupler
Pages 295-300
Tetsuo Kan, Naoko Tsujiuchi, Eiji Iwase, Kiyoshi Matsumoto, Isao Shimoyama
48. Passive microfluidic device for submillisecond mixing
Pages 301-309
Zonghuan Lu, Jay McMahon, Hisham Mohamed, David Barnard, Tanvir R. Shaikh, Carmen A. Mannella, Terence Wagenknecht, Toh-Ming Lu
49. A polymeric chip for micromanipulation and particle sorting by ultrasounds based on a multilayer configuration
Pages 310-317
Icíar González, Luis José Fernández, Tomás Enrique Gómez, Javier Berganzo, Jose Luis Soto, Alfredo Carrato
50. Molecular weight influence study of aqueous poly(ethylene glycol) solutions with a microfluidic Love wave sensor
Pages 318-322
V. Raimbault, D. Rebiére, C. Dejous, M. Guirardel, J.L. Lachaud
51. Effect of electrical conditions on an impedimetric immunosensor based on a modified conducting polypyrrole
Pages 323-331
Imen Hafaid, Syrine Chebil, Hafsa Korri-Youssoufi, François Bessueille, Abdelhamid Errachid, Zina Sassi, Zulfiqur Ali, Adnane Abdelghani, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Short Communications
52. Osmotic swelling pressure response of smart hydrogels suitable for chronically implantable glucose sensors
Pages 332-336
G. Lin, S. Chang, H. Hao, P. Tathireddy, M. Orthner, J. Magda, F. Solzbacher
53. The quinoline derivative of ratiometric and sensitive fluorescent zinc probe based on deprotonation
Pages 337-341
Jianjun Du, Jiangli Fan, Xiaojun Peng, Honglin Li, Shiguo Sun


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