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Date: 28 October 2010





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General Section



Monodispersed Au nanoparticles decorated graphene as an enhanced sensing platform for ultrasensitive stripping voltammetric detection of mercury(II)
Pages 491-497
Jingming Gong, Ting Zhou, Dandan Song, Lizhi Zhang



The selective detection of dopamine at a polypyrrole film doped with sulfonated β-cyclodextrins
Pages 498-504
Claire C. Harley, A. Denise Rooney, Carmel B. Breslin



Active Langmuir–Schaefer films of tyrosinase—Characteristic
Pages 505-512
Joanna Cabaj, Jadwiga Sołoducho, Agnieszka Świst



Differential, LED-excited, resonant NO2 photoacoustic system
Pages 513-516
René Bernhardt, Guillermo D. Santiago, Verónica B. Slezak, Alejandro Peuriot, Martín G. González



Integrated zinc oxide nanowires/carbon microfiber gas sensors
Pages 517-522
M. Tonezzer, R.G. Lacerda



Optical detection of pentachlorophenol in water using thin films of octa-tosylamido substituted zinc phthalocyanine
Pages 523-528
Tamara Basova, Aseel Hassan, Fatma Yuksel, Ayşe Gül Gürek, Vefa Ahsen



Immunosensing by colorimetric darkfield microscopy of individual gold nanoparticle-conjugates
Pages 529-536
Felicia Ungureanu, Dorothee Wasserberg, Ni Yang, Remco Verdoold, Rob P.H. Kooyman



Surface analysis, hydrophilic enhancement, ageing behavior and flow in plasma modified cyclic olefin copolymer (COC)-based microfluidic devices
Pages 537-549
Sunanda Roy, C.Y. Yue, Y.C. Lam, Z.Y. Wang, Huifang Hu



Microfluidic integration of nanomechanical resonators for protein analysis in serum
Pages 550-555
P.S. Waggoner, C.P. Tan, H.G. Craighead



Design and fabrication of porous polymer wick structures
Pages 556-563
Viktor Shkolnikov, Daniel G. Strickland, David P. Fenning, Juan G. Santiago



A high performance electrochemical sensor for NADH based on graphite nanosheet modified electrode
Pages 564-568
June Zhu, Xu Chen, Wensheng Yang



Anodized-aluminum as quantum dot support for global temperature sensing from 100 to 500 K
Pages 569-573
Hirotaka Sakaue, Akihisa Aikawa, Yoshimi Iijima



An easily accessible internal charge transfer chemosensor exhibiting dual colorimetric and luminescence switch on responses for targeting Cu2+
Pages 574-578
Sabir H. Mashraqui, Mukesh Chandiramani, Rupesh Betkar, Sushil Ghorpade



Influence of matrices on oxygen sensing of three sensing films with chemically conjugated platinum porphyrin probes and preliminary application for monitoring of oxygen consumption of Escherichia coli (E. coli)
Pages 579-587
Yanqing Tian, Bradley R. Shumway, Weimin Gao, Cody Youngbull, Mark R. Holl, Roger H. Johnson, Deirdre R. Meldrum



NO2 sensing properties of WO3 varistor-type gas sensor
Pages 588-593
Zhongqiu Hua, Yu Wang, Haiqing Wang, Liang Dong



Polymeric macroinitiators for signal amplification in AGET ATRP-based DNA detection
Pages 594-600
Hong Qian, Lin He



Quartz crystal microbalance biochip with ultrasonic standing wave enhancement
Pages 601-608
Guo-Hua Feng, Shu-Xiang Yang



Flame aerosol reactor synthesis of nanostructured SnO2 thin films: High gas-sensing properties by control of morphology
Pages 609-615
Zili Zhan, Wei-Ning Wang, Liying Zhu, Woo-Jin An, Pratim Biswas



Preferential sorption of polar compounds by fluoroalkyloxy substituted phthalocyanines for the use in sorption based gas sensors
Pages 616-624
Mika Harbeck, Cihat Taşaltın, Ilke Gürol, Emel Musluoğlu, Vefa Ahsen, Zafer Ziya Öztürk



The effects of alkaline earth metal salts on the performance of a polymer actuator based on single-walled carbon nanotube-ionic liquid gel
Pages 625-630
Naohiro Terasawa, Ichiroh Takeuchi, Ken Mukai, Kinji Asaka



Nanostructured TiO2–CeO2 mixed oxides by an aqueous sol–gel process: Effect of Ce:Ti molar ratio on physical and sensing properties
Pages 631-640
M.R. Mohammadi, D.J. Fray



Application of plasma modified multi-wall carbon nanotubes to ethanol vapor detection

Pages 641-648
Chun-Kuo Liu, Jyh-Ming Wu, Han C. Shih



Synthesis of InP hierarchical microspheres and its optical property
Pages 649-654
Keyan Bao, Hongxian Sun, Lingling Zhu, Jie Cao



Novel PAMAM light-harvesting antennae based on 1,8-naphthalimide: Synthesis, energy transfer, photophysical and pH sensing properties
Pages 655-666
Nikolai I. Georgiev, Vladimir B. Bojinov, Nevena Marinova



Direct visualization of molecular scale chemical adsorptions on solids using plasmonic nanoparticle arrays

Pages 667-672
Chaoming Wang, Liyuan Ma, Mainul Hossain, Haining Wang, Shengli Zou, James J. Hickman, Ming Su



An intracellular glucose biosensor based on nanoflake ZnO
Pages 673-680
Alimujiang Fulati, Syed M. Usman Ali, Muhammad H. Asif, Naveed ul Hassan Alvi, Magnus Willander, Cecilia Brännmark, Peter Strålfors, Sara I. Börjesson, Fredrik Elinder, Bengt Danielsson



Humidity sensing characteristics of Ga-doped zinc oxide film grown on a polycrystalline AlN thin film based on a surface acoustic wave

Pages 681-685
Hoang-Si Hong, Gwiy-Sang Chung



Sensing response of palladium nanoparticles and thin films to deuterium and hydrogen: Effect of gas atom diffusivity

Pages 686-691
Pragya Agar, Bodh Raj Mehta, Deepak Varandani, Arun K. Prasad, Mohammed Kamruddin, A.K. Tyagi



High fidelity hot-embossing of COC microdevices using a one-step process without pre-annealing of polymer substrate
Pages 692-699
Rajeeb K. Jena, C.Y. Yue, Y.C. Lam, Z.Y. Wang



Activated- and temperature-controlled carbon filter to avoid interferences of ozone and nitrogen dioxide on semiconducting gas sensors
Pages 700-707
L. Berry, A. Hamwi



Flexible gas sensors with assembled carbon nanotube thin films for DMMP vapor detection
Pages 708-714
Yanyan Wang, Zhi Yang, Zhongyu Hou, Dong Xu, Liangming Wei, Eric Siu-Wai Kong, Yafei Zhang



Preliminary studies on LTCC based PCR microreactor
Pages 715-721
Paweł Bembnowicz, Małgorzata Małodobra, Wojciech Kubicki, Patrycja Szczepańska, Anna Górecka-Drzazga, Jan Dziuban, Anna Jonkisz, Anna Karpiewska, Tadeusz Dobosz, Leszek Golonka



Biosensing applications of surface plasmon resonance-based Biacore technology
Pages 722-733
Subash C.B. Gopinath



Detection of lipid bilayer membranes formed on silica fibers by double-long period fiber grating laser refractometry
Pages 734-741
Carrie L. Eggen, Y.S. Lin, Tao Wei, Hai Xiao



Multi-layer ZnO architectures: Polymer induced synthesis and their application as gas sensors

Pages 742-748
Baoyou Geng, Jun Liu, Chunhua Wang



Preparation, characterization of WO3–SnO2 nanocomposites and their sensing properties for NO2
Pages 749-755
Shouli Bai, Dianqing Li, Dongmei Han, Ruixian Luo, Aifan Chen, Chiun Liu Chung



Electrocatalytic oxidation and determination of insulin at CNT-nickel–cobalt oxide modified electrode
Pages 756-763
Adina Arvinte, A. Caroline Westermann, Adama Marie Sesay, Vesa Virtanen



A transparent TMPyP/TiO2 composite thin film as an HCl sensitive optochemical gas sensor
Pages 764-769
Manuel Cano, Pedro Castillero, Javier Roales, José M. Pedrosa, Stuart Brittle, Tim Richardson, Agustín R. González-Elipe, Angel Barranco



Lead ion detection in turbid media by pulsed photoacoustic spectrometry based on dissolution of gold nanoparticles
Pages 770-773
Martín G. González, Xiangjiang Liu, Reinhard Niessner, Christoph Haisch



Thiospirolactone as a recognition site: Rhodamine B-based fluorescent probe for imaging hypochlorous acid generated in human neutrophil cells
Pages 774-780
Xin-Qi Zhan, Jiang-Hua Yan, Jin-Hua Su, Yi-Chen Wang, Jing He, Sheng-Yu Wang, Hong Zheng, Jin-Gou Xu



Synthesis and DMMP sensing properties of fluoroalkyloxy and fluoroaryloxy substituted phthalocyanines in acoustic sensors
Pages 781-787
C. Tasaltin, I. Gurol, M. Harbeck, E. Musluoglu, V. Ahsen, Z.Z. Ozturk



Ordered nanoporous SnO2 gas sensors with high thermal stability
Pages 788-793
T. Waitz, B. Becker, T. Wagner, T. Sauerwald, C.-D. Kohl, M. Tiemann



Critical-angle refractometer enhanced by periodic multilayer coating
Pages 794-797
Valery N. Konopsky, Elena V. Alieva



Fluorescence “turn-on” metal ion sensors based on switching of intramolecular charge transfer of donor–acceptor systems
Pages 798-805
Hongyu Wang, Jianming Lin, Wei Huang, Wei Wei



Improved H2 sensing properties of Co-doped SnO2 nanofibers
Pages 806-810
Li Liu, Chuangchang Guo, Shouchun Li, Lianyuan Wang, Qiongye Dong, Wei Li

Micro TAS Section



Swirl mixing at microfluidic junctions due to low frequency side channel fluidic perturbations 
Pages 811-818
Adrian Neild, Tuck Wah Ng, Gregory J. Sheard, Matthew Powers, Stefano Oberti



Fluidic device with pumping and sensing functions for precise flow control
Pages 819-824
Thien Xuan Dinh, Van Thanh Dau, Susumu Sugiyama, Phuc Hong Pham



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