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Date: 5 July 2011



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General Section


Locked nucleic acids biosensor for detection of BCR/ABL fusion gene using benzoate binuclear copper (II) complex as hybridization indicator
Pages 1-7
Liqing Lin, Jie Kang, Shaohuang Weng, Jinghua Chen, Ailin Liu, Xinhua Lin, Yuanzhong Chen


Olfactory receptor based piezoelectric biosensors for detection of alcohols related to food safety applications
Pages 8-18
Sindhuja Sankaran, Suranjan Panigrahi, Sanku Mallik


In2O3 + xBaO (x = 0.5–5 at.%) – A novel material for trace level detection of NOx in the ambient
Pages 19-27
Chander Shekhar, K.I. Gnanasekar, E. Prabhu, V. Jayaraman, T. Gnanasekaran


Chemo-sensitivity of latex-based films containing segregated networks of carbon nanotubes
Pages 28-36
J. Lu, J.F. Feller, B. Kumar, M. Castro, Y.S. Kim, Y.T. Park, J.C. Grunlan


Design and performances of a mid-infrared CH4 detection device with novel three-channel-based LS-FTF self-adaptive denoising structure
Pages 37-45
Wei-Lin Ye, Chuan-Tao Zheng, Xin Yu, Cong-Xin Zhao, Zhan-Wei Song, Yi-Ding Wang


Cu2+ chemosensing behaviour of self-organized micro-array structures of a donor–acceptor bichromophoric compound anchored onto Ag nanoisland films
Pages 46-52
T. Del Rosso, E. Giorgetti, G. Margheri, A. Rindi, M. Muniz-Miranda, A. Carloni, F. Pavone, P. Fabbrizzi, S. Cicchi


Highly sensitive and linear calibration optical fiber oxygen sensor based on Pt(II) complex embedded in sol–gel matrix
Pages 53-57
Cheng-Shane Chu, Yu-Lung Lo


Demonstration and characterization of biomolecular enrichment on microfluidic aptamer-functionalized surfaces
Pages 58-66
Thai Huu Nguyen, Renjun Pei, Milan Stojanovic, Qiao Lin


Carbon nanotube based sensors for the detection of viruses
Pages 67-74
M. Bhattacharya, S. Hong, D. Lee, T. Cui, S.M. Goyal


An amperometric biosensor based on lactate oxidase immobilized in laponite–chitosan hydrogel on a glassy carbon electrode. Application to the analysis of l-lactate in food samples
Pages 75-80
Veronica Paz Zanini, Beatriz López de Mishima, Velia Solís


Potential of 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(3′,5′-di-tertbutylphenyl)porphyrinatocopper(II) for a multifunctional sensor
Pages 81-85
Z. Ahmad, M.H. Sayyad, M. Yaseen, K.C. Aw, M. M-Tahir, M. Ali


C-doped WO3 microtubes assembled by nanoparticles with ultrahigh sensitivity to toluene at low operating temperature
Pages 86-92
Xiaohu Ding, Dawen Zeng, Shunping Zhang, Changsheng Xie


Large-strain thermo-mechanical behavior of cyclic olefin copolymers: Application to hot embossing and thermal bonding for the fabrication of microfluidic devices
Pages 93-105
R.K. Jena, S.A. Chester, V. Srivastava, C.Y. Yue, L. Anand, Y.C. Lam


Electro-chemical operation of ionic polymer–metal composites
Pages 106-113
Doyeon Kim, Kwang J. Kim, Jae-do Nam, Viljar Palmre


Sensitive amperometric determination of chemical oxygen demand using Ti/Sb–SnO2/PbO2 composite electrode
Pages 114-119
Chuanjun Ma, Feng Tan, Huimin Zhao, Shuo Chen, Xie Quan


Electrochemical performances of B doped and undoped diamond-like carbon (DLC) films deposited by femtosecond pulsed laser ablation for heavy metal detection using square wave anodic stripping voltammetric (SWASV) technique
Pages 120-125
B. Khadro, A. Sikora, A.-S. Loir, A. Errachid, F. Garrelie, C. Donnet, N. Jaffrezic-Renault


Fabrication and gas-sensing properties of hierarchically porous ZnO architectures
Pages 126-133
Jiarui Huang, Youjie Wu, Cuiping Gu, Muheng Zhai, Yufeng Sun, Jinhuai Liu


A coral-like macroporous gold–platinum hybrid 3D electrode for enzyme-free glucose detection
Pages 134-139
Yi-Jae Lee, Jae-Yeong Park


Enantioselective recognition of chiral mandelic acid in the presence of Zn(II) ions by l-cysteine-modified electrode
Pages 140-144
Yingzi Fu, Lilan Wang, Qiao Chen, Juan Zhou


A polymer lab chip sensor with microfabricated planar silver electrode for continuous and on-site heavy metal measurement
Pages 145-153
Wooseok Jung, Am Jang, Paul L. Bishop, Chong H. Ahn


Functionalized graphene as an aqueous phase chemiresistor sensing material
Pages 154-158
Matthew Myers, James Cooper, Bobby Pejcic, Murray Baker, Burkhard Raguse, Lech Wieczorek


Effect of surface defects on biosensing properties of TiO2 nanotube arrays
Pages 159-164
Peng Xiao, Yunhuai Zhang, Guozhong Cao


Enhanced chemosensing of ammonia based on the novel molecular semiconductor-doped insulator (MSDI) heterojunctions
Pages 165-173
Yanli Chen, Marcel Bouvet, Thibaut Sizun, Guillaume Barochi, Jérôme Rossignol, Eric Lesniewska


Fe2O3 modified thick films of nanostructured SnO2 powder consisting of hollow microspheres synthesized from pyrolysis of ultrasonically atomized aerosol for LPG sensing
Pages 174-182
L.A. Patil, M.D. Shinde, A.R. Bari, V.V. Deo, D.M. Patil, M.P. Kaushik


On data analysis in PTR-TOF-MS: From raw spectra to data mining
Pages 183-190
Luca Cappellin, Franco Biasioli, Pablo M. Granitto, Erna Schuhfried, Christos Soukoulis, Fabrizio Costa, Tilmann D. Märk, Flavia Gasperi


Pt nanoparticle-supported multiwall carbon nanotube electrodes for amperometric hydrogen detection
Pages 191-198
Duc-Duong La, Chi Kwan Kim, Tae Sun Jun, Yongju Jung, Gi Hun Seong, Jaebum Choo, Yong Shin Kim


Vanadia doped tungsten–titania SCR catalysts as functional materials for exhaust gas sensor applications
Pages 199-205
Daniela Schönauer, Ina Sichert, Ralf Moos


Bioelectronic system for the control and readout of enzyme logic gates
Pages 206-213
Joshua Ray Windmiller, Padmanabhan Santhosh, Evgeny Katz, Joseph Wang


In vitro assessing the risk of drug-induced cardiotoxicity by embryonic stem cell-based biosensor
Pages 214-219
Qingjun Liu, Hui Yu, Zhou Tan, Hua Cai, Weiwei Ye, Ming Zhang, Ping Wang


Graphite oxide film-modified electrode as an electrochemical sensor for acetaminophen
Pages 220-225
Jinchun Song, Ji Yang, Junfen Zeng, Juan Tan, Li Zhang


An optical humidity sensor based on Li3PO4 hollow nanospheres
Pages 226-231
Weixin Zhang, Lingling Chen, Zeheng Yang, Jing Peng


Ethanol sensing properties of LaCoxFe1−xO3 nanoparticles: Effects of calcination temperature, Co-doping, and carbon nanotube-treatment
Pages 232-238
Caihui Feng, Shengping Ruan, Jiajing Li, Bo Zou, Junyu Luo, Weiyou Chen, Wei Dong, Fengqing Wu


Signal changes for dye-complexed biomolecular interactions on waveguide-sensor chips
Pages 239-244
Subash C.B. Gopinath, Koichi Awazu, Makoto Fujimaki, Penmetcha K.R. Kumar


Synthesis, functionalization, and environmental stabilization of ZnO nanobridge transducers for gas and liquid-phase sensing
Pages 245-252
A.D. Mason, C.-C. Huang, S. Kondo, M.T. Koesdjojo, Y.H. Tennico, V.T. Remcho, J.F. Conley Jr.


A fluorescent chemosensor for cysteine based on naphthalimide derivative in aqueous solution
Pages 253-257
Yong-Fei Li, Chun-Yan Li, Fen Xu, Yu Zhou, Qi-Chang Xiao


Miniature interferometric humidity sensors based on silica/polymer microfiber knot resonators
Pages 258-263
Yu Wu, TianHu Zhang, YunJiang Rao, Yuan Gong


Vertically aligned ZnO nanorods and graphene hybrid architectures for high-sensitive flexible gas sensors
Pages 264-269
Jaeseok Yi, Jung Min Lee, Won Il Park


α-MoO3/TiO2 core/shell nanorods: Controlled-synthesis and low-temperature gas sensing properties
Pages 270-277
Yu-Jin Chen, Gang Xiao, Tie-Shi Wang, Fan Zhang, Yang Ma, Peng Gao, Chun-Ling Zhu, Endi Zhang, Zhi Xu, Qiu-hong Li


High strain electromechanical actuators based on electrodeposited polypyrrole doped with di-(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate
Pages 278-284
Javad Foroughi, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Gordon G. Wallace


Facile synthesis of hierarchical SnO2 semiconductor microspheres for gas sensor application
Pages 285-289
Lili Wang, Zheng Lou, Tong Zhang, Huitao Fan, Xiujuan Xu


Optical fiber pH sensor based on lossy-mode resonances by means of thin polymeric coatings
Pages 290-297
C.R. Zamarreño, M. Hernáez, I. Del Villar, I.R. Matías, F.J. Arregui



Phthalocyanines as sensitive coatings for QCM sensors: Comparison of gas and liquid sensing properties
Pages 298-303
Mika Harbeck, Dilek D. Erbahar, Ilke Gürol, Emel Musluoğlu, Vefa Ahsen, Zafer Ziya Öztürk


A glucose oxidase immobilization platform for glucose biosensor using ZnO hollow nanospheres
Pages 304-310
Bin Fang, Cuihong Zhang, Guangfeng Wang, Meifang Wang, Yulan Ji


Synthesis of Ag2Se nanomaterial by electrodeposition and its application as cataluminescence gas sensor material for carbon tetrachloride
Pages 311-316
Shuxia Xu, Lichun Zhang, Xinfeng Zhang, Chunlan He, Yi Lv


Multi-enzyme layer-by-layer assembly for dual amplified ultrasensitive electronic detection of cancer biomarkers
Pages 317-322
Yun Xiang, Yuyong Zhang, Bingying Jiang, Yaqin Chai, Ruo Yuan


Analytical study on cofactor biorecognition by immobilized alkaline apophosphatase
Pages 323-330
Beata Rozum, Robert Koncki


Biomonitoring of methomyl pesticide by laccase inhibition on sensor containing platinum nanoparticles in ionic liquid phase supported in montmorillonite
Pages 331-339
Eduardo Zapp, Daniela Brondani, Iolanda C. Vieira, Carla W. Scheeren, Jairton Dupont, Antônio M.J. Barbosa, Valdir S. Ferreira


High-performance glucose sensor based on glucose oxidase encapsulated in new synthesized platinum nanoparticles supported on carbon Vulcan/Nafion composite deposited on glassy carbon
Pages 340-346
Malika Ammam, E. Bradley Easton


Ammonia sensing characteristics of a Pt/AlGaN/GaN Schottky diode
Pages 347-350
Tai-You Chen, Huey-Ing Chen, Yi-Jung Liu, Chien-Chang Huang, Chi-Shiang Hsu, Chung-Fu Chang, Wen-Chau Liu


A novel method for label-free detection of ricin using liquid crystals supported on chemically functionalized surfaces
Pages 351-356
Ya-Bin Zhao, Jian-Hua Yu, Hong-Fei Zhao, Chao-Yang Tong, Pu-Hong Wang


Sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for the detection of cancer biomarker using quantum dot functionalized graphene sheets as labels
Pages 357-360
Minghui Yang, Alireza Javadi, Shaoqin Gong


Fast surface plasmon resonance imaging sensor using Radon transform
Pages 361-365
A. Karabchevsky, S. Karabchevsky, I. Abdulhalim


Gas sensing properties of p-type hollow NiO hemispheres prepared by polymeric colloidal templating method
Pages 366-371
Nam Gyu Cho, In-Sung Hwang, Ho-Gi Kim, Jong-Heun Lee, Il-Doo Kim


Optical hydrogen sensing method using temperature-sensitive luminophore on porous palladium
Pages 372-374
Hirotaka Sakaue, Chih-Yung Huang, John P. Sullivan


Enhanced surface plasmon resonance detection of DNA hybridization based on ZnO nanorod arrays
Pages 375-379
Kyung Min Byun, Nak-Hyeon Kim, Yeong Hwan Ko, Jae Su Yu

Micro TAS Section


A digital dilution chip using inter-well valves controlled by a ternary microfluidic multiplexer
Pages 380-387
Dong Woo Lee, Young-Ho Cho



UV initiated formation of polymer monoliths in glass and polymer microreactors
Pages 388-396
Jeremy A. Deverell, Thomas Rodemann, Jason A. Smith, Allan J. Canty, Rosanne M. Guijt


Development of high throughput microfluidic cell culture chip for perfusion 3-dimensional cell culture-based chemosensitivity assay
Pages 397-407
Min-Hsien Wu, Yu-Han Chang, Yen-Ting Liu, Yan-Ming Chen, Shih-Siou Wang, Hsin-Yao Wang, Chao-Sung Lai, Tung-Ming Pan


Thin-film electrode based droplet detection for microfluidic systems
Pages 408-414
E.V. Moiseeva, A.A. Fletcher, C.K. Harnett


Suspending nanoliter droplet arrays for cell capture and copper ion stimulation
Pages 415-421
Hai-Fang Li, Yuan-Feng Pang, Jiang-Jiang Liu, Jin-Ming Lin


Low-cost polymer microfluidic device for on-chip extraction of bacterial DNA
Pages 422-429
Kyu-Youn Hwang, Joon-Ho Kim, Kahp-Yang Suh, Jong Soo Ko, Nam Huh


A CMOS optical detection system for point-of-use luminescent oxygen sensing
Pages 430-435
Li Shen, Michael Ratterman, David Klotzkin, Ian Papautsky

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