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Date: 20 July 2011



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General Section


Oligonucleotide immobilization using 10-(carbomethoxy)decyl-dimethylchlorosilane for mRNA isolation and cDNA synthesis on a microfluidic chip
Pages 437-445
Chantelle N. Hughes-Chinkhota, Malathi Banda, Joseph M. Smolinski, Robert A. Thomas, Dayton M. Petibone, James D. Tucker, Gregory W. Auner


Grating coupled optical waveguide interferometer for label-free biosensing
Pages 446-450
Peter Kozma, András Hámori, Sándor Kurunczi, Kaspar Cottier, Robert Horvath


Epitaxially grown graphene based gas sensors for ultra sensitive NO2 detection
Pages 451-455
R. Pearce, T. Iakimov, M. Andersson, L. Hultman, A. Lloyd Spetz, R. Yakimova


A portable electronic nose system for the identification of cannabis-based drugs
Pages 456-463
Z. Haddi, A. Amari, H. Alami, N. El Bari, E. Llobet, B. Bouchikhi


Simultaneous determination of N-acetylcysteine and acetaminophen by voltammetric method using N-(3,4-dihydroxyphenethyl)-3,5-dinitrobenzamide modified multiwall carbon nanotubes paste electrode
Pages 464-472
Ali A. Ensafi, Hassan Karimi-Maleh, S. Mallakpour, M. Hatami


Predicting odor mixture's responses on machine olfaction sensors
Pages 473-482
Ekachai Phaisangittisagul, H. Troy Nagle


Micrometer-sized nanoporous tin dioxide spheres for gas sensing
Pages 483-488
J.-H. Smått, M. Lindén, T. Wagner, C.-D. Kohl, M. Tiemann


Modification of the oxygen diffusivity in limiting current oxygen sensors
Pages 489-499
S. Nazarpour, C. López-Gándara, C. Zamani, F.M. Ramos, Albert Cirera


Rapid parallelized and quantitative analysis of five pathogenic bacteria by ITS hybridization using QCM biosensor
Pages 500-504
Jin Cai, Chunyan Yao, Ji Xia, Jue Wang, Ming Chen, Junfu Huang, Kai Chang, Chunjiang Liu, Hong Pan, Weiling Fu


A microvalve for lab-on-a-chip applications based on electrochemically actuated SU8 cantilevers
Pages 505-511
Aitor Ezkerra, Luis José Fernández, Kepa Mayora, Jesús Miguel Ruano-López


Enhanced C2H5OH sensing characteristics of nano-porous In2O3 hollow spheres prepared by sucrose-mediated hydrothermal reaction
Pages 512-518
Sun-Jung Kim, In-Sung Hwang, Joong-Ki Choi, Yun Chan Kang, Jong-Heun Lee


Detection of ethanol and methanol vapors using polymer-coated piezoresistive Si bridge
Pages 519-523
Huihui Guo, Xiangdong Chen, Yao Yao, Guangtao Du, Hui Li


Electrical conductivity dependence of Ni doped Sm0.95Ce0.05FeO3−δ on surface morphology and composition
Pages 524-537
Syed M. Bukhari, Javier B. Giorgi


Polymer-grafted QCM chemical sensor and application to heavy metal ions real time detection
Pages 538-544
Luciana Sartore, Marzia Barbaglio, Laura Borgese, Elza Bontempi


A disposable amperometric biosensor for determining total cholesterol in whole blood
Pages 545-550
Cheng Fang, Jishan He, Zhencheng Chen


Growth of tin oxide thick films by plasma spray physical vapor deposition
Pages 551-556
Kazuyuki Iizuka, Makoto Kambara, Toyonobu Yoshida


An ultra-sensitive chemiluminescence immunosensor of carcinoembryonic antigen using HRP-functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles as labels
Pages 557-561
Lili Chen, Zhujun Zhang, Ping Zhang, Xiaoming Zhang, Aihua Fu


Non-solvent induced phase separation as a method for making high-performance chemiresistors based on conductive polymer nanocomposites
Pages 562-567
Ehsan Danesh, Seyed Reza Ghaffarian, Payam Molla-Abbasi


Synthesis and characterisation of nanosized TiO2–ZrO2 binary system prepared by an aqueous sol–gel process: Physical and sensing properties
Pages 568-576
M.R. Mohammadi, D.J. Fray


Fabrication of a novel electrochemiluminescence glucose biosensor using Au nanoparticles decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Pages 577-583
Behzad Haghighi, Somayyeh Bozorgzadeh, Lo Gorton


Fabrication, structural characterization and sensing properties of polydiacetylene nanofibers templated from anodized aluminum oxide
Pages 584-591
Ling Tong, Bowen Cheng, Zengshe Liu, Yong Wang


Study of an amperometric glucose sensor based on Pd–Ni/SiNW electrode
Pages 592-597
Shichao Hui, Jian Zhang, Xuejiao Chen, Huhua Xu, Dianfei Ma, Yanli Liu, Bairui Tao


Development of a chemiluminometric immunosensor array for on-site monitoring of genetically modified organisms
Pages 598-605
Hye-Jee Jang, Il-Hoon Cho, Hee-Soo Kim, Jin-Woo Jeon, Se-Young Hwang, Se-Hwan Paek


Synthesis of novel SnO2/ZnSnO3 core–shell microspheres and their gas sensing properities
Pages 606-611
Peng Sun, Yanfeng Sun, Jian Ma, Lu You, Geyu Lu, Wuyou Fu, Minghui Li, Haibin Yang


Electrochemical copper (II) sensor based on self-assembled 4-amino-6-hydroxy-2-mercaptopyrimidine monohydrate
Pages 612-617
Yasemin Oztekin, Almira Ramanaviciene, Arunas Ramanavicius


Label-free electrochemical immunosensor for sensitive detection of kanamycin
Pages 618-625
By Yanfang Zhao, Qin Wei, Caixia Xu, He Li, Dan Wu, Yanyan Cai, Kexia Mao, Zhentao Cui, Bin Du


Anthraquinone functionalized carbon composite electrode: Application to ammonia sensing
Pages 626-631
Thippeswamy Ramakrishnappa, Malingappa Pandurangappa, Doddahalli Hanumantharayudu Nagaraju


Biocompatible hybrid film of β-cyclodextrin and ionic liquids: A novel platform for electrochemical biosensing
Pages 632-638
Anping Cao, Huihui Ai, Yonglan Ding, Chunyan Dai, Junjie Fei


Lead (II) carbon paste electrode based on derivatized multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Application to lead content determination in environmental samples
Pages 639-645
Junxiang Guo, Yaqin Chai, Ruo Yuan, Zhongju Song, Zhifen Zou


Effect of annealing on microstructure and NO2-sensing properties of tungsten oxide nanowires synthesized by solvothermal method
Pages 646-652
Yuxiang Qin, Wanjiang Shen, Xiao Li, Ming Hu


Preparation of Cu2O nano-colloid and its application as selective colorimetric sensor for Ag+ ion
Pages 653-658
V. Andal, G. Buvaneswari


The influence of catalytic activity on the response of Pt/SnO2 gas sensors to carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Pages 659-666
Ireneusz Kocemba, Jacek Rynkowski


Comparative analysis of QCM and SPR techniques for the optimization of immobilization sequences
Pages 667-672
P. Ansorena, A. Zuzuarregui, E. Pérez-Lorenzo, M. Mujika, S. Arana


A distributed Bragg reflector porous silicon layer for optical interferometric sensing of organic vapor
Pages 673-678
Han-Jung Kim, Young-You Kim, Ki-Won Lee, Seon-Hwa Park


Noble metal dispersed multiwalled carbon nanotubes immobilized ss-DNA for selective detection of dopamine
Pages 679-686
S.S. Jyothirmayee Aravind, S. Ramaprabhu


Interfacially polymerized metalloporphyrin thin films for colorimetric sensing of organic vapors
Pages 687-691
Amanda C. Paske, Lyndsey D. Earl, Jodi L. O’Donnell


Copper oxide nanoparticle sensors for hydrogen cyanide detection: Unprecedented selectivity and sensitivity
Pages 692-698
Mingqing Yang, Junhui He, Xiaochun Hu, Chunxiao Yan, Zhenxing Cheng, Yingqiang Zhao, Guomin Zuo


Porous GaN on Si(1 1 1) and its application to hydrogen gas sensor
Pages 699-708
Asmiet Ramizy, Z. Hassan, Khalid Omar


Highly sensitive polysilicon wire sensor for DNA detection using silica nanoparticles/γ-APTES nanocomposite for surface modification
Pages 709-715
You-Lin Wu, Jing-Jenn Lin, Po-Yen Hsu, Chung-Ping Hsu


Ag nanoparticles modified TiO2 spherical heterostructures with enhanced gas-sensing performance
Pages 716-721
Xiaoli Cheng, Yingming Xu, Shan Gao, Hui Zhao, Lihua Huo


Carbon felt-based bioelectrocatalytic flow-through detectors: Highly sensitive amperometric determination of H2O2 based on a direct electrochemistry of covalently modified horseradish peroxidase using cyanuric chloride as a linking agent
Pages 722-729
Yue Wang, Yasushi Hasebe


A novel pH potentiometric sensor based on electrochemically synthesized polybisphenol A films at an ITO electrode
Pages 730-736
Qian Li, Hong Li, Jin Zhang, Zhenghe Xu


Electrochemical detection of TNT with in-line pre-concentration using imprinted diethylbenzene-bridged periodic mesoporous organosilicas
Pages 737-744
Scott A. Trammell, Brian J. Melde, Daniel Zabetakis, Jeffrey R. Deschamps, Michael A. Dinderman, Brandy J. Johnson, Anne W. Kusterbeck


ZnO hierarchical nanostructures grown at room temperature and their C2H5OH sensor applications
Pages 745-751
Kang-Min Kim, Hae-Ryong Kim, Kwon-Il Choi, Hyo-Joong Kim, Jong-Heun Lee


Preparation and gas-sensing performance of In2O3 porous nanoplatelets
Pages 752-758
Lijun Guo, Xiaoping Shen, Guoxing Zhu, Kangmin Chen


A fully neural implementation of unitary response model for classification of gases/odors using the responses of thick film gas sensor array
Pages 759-767
N.S. Rajput, R.R. Das, V.N. Mishra, K.P. Singh, R. Dwivedi


Flexible sensorial system based on capacitive chemical sensors integrated with readout circuits fully fabricated on ultra thin substrate
Pages 768-774
E. Zampetti, L. Maiolo, A. Pecora, F. Maita, S. Pantalei, A. Minotti, A. Valletta, M. Cuscunà, A. Macagnano, G. Fortunato, A. Bearzotti.


Impedimetric immunosensor for electronegative low density lipoprotein (LDL) based on monoclonal antibody adsorbed on (polyvinyl formal)–gold nanoparticles matrix
Pages 775-781
Maria D.L. Oliveira, Dulcinéia S.P. Abdalla, Daniel F. Guilherme, Tanize E.S. Faulin, Cesar A.S. Andrade


Improved selective acetone sensing properties of Co-doped ZnO nanofibers by electrospinning
Pages 782-788
Li Liu, Shouchun Li, Juan Zhuang, Lianyuan Wang, Jinbao Zhang, Haiying Li, Zhen Liu, Yu Han, Xiaoxue Jiang, Peng Zhang


Detection of dengue virus serotypes on the surface of gold electrode based on Cratylia mollis lectin affinity
Pages 789-795
Maria D.L. Oliveira, Maurício L. Nogueira, Maria T.S. Correia, Luana C.B.B. Coelho, Cesar A.S. Andrade


A novel amperometric biosensor for oxalate determination using multi-walled carbon nanotube-gold nanoparticle composite
Pages 796-803
C.S. Pundir, Nidhi Chauhan, Rajneesh, Manjeet Verma, Ravi


TiO2 nanofibers fixed in a microfluidic device for rapid determination of chemical oxygen demand via photoelectrocatalysis
Pages 804-809
Qinghui Mu, Yaogang Li, Qinghong Zhang, Hongzhi Wang


Effect of electrolyte storage layer on performance of PPy-PVDF-PPy microactuators
Pages 810-816
Babita Gaihre, Gursel Alici, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Julie M. Cairney


Non-aggregation based label free colorimetric sensor for the detection of Cr (VI) based on selective etching of gold nanorods
Pages 817-822
Fei-Ming Li, Jia-Ming Liu, Xin-Xing Wang, Li-Ping Lin, Wen-Lian Cai, Xuan Lin, Yi-Na Zeng, Zhi-Ming Li, Shao-Qin Lin


Effects of K+ and Na+ ions on the fluorescence of colloidal CdSe/CdS and CdSe/ZnS quantum dots
Pages 823-830
M. Molnár, Z.-J. Ning, Y. Chen, P. Friberg, L.-M. Gan, Y. Fu


Direct oxidation of methionine at screen printed graphite macroelectrodes: Towards rapid sensing platforms
Pages 831-836
Maria Gómez-Mingot, Jesús Iniesta, Vicente Montiel, Rashid O. Kadara, Craig E. Banks


Electrochemical behaviors and determination of isoniazid at ordered mesoporous carbon modified electrode
Pages 837-842
Xue Yan, Xiangjie Bo, Liping Guo


Improve the refractive index sensitivity of gold nanotube by reducing the restoring force of localized surface plasmon resonance
Pages 843-847
Jian Zhu, Xing-chun Deng


Large nanoparticle-induced enhancement of recognition selectivity for Cu2+ ion
Pages 848-853
Guoqiang Yang, Kai Zhang, Fangbin Gong, Min Liu, Zhipei Yang, Jinshi Ma, Shayu Li


Microstructural and electrical properties of 0.65Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–0.35PbTiO3 (PMN–PT) epitaxial films grown on Si substrates
Pages 854-858
Juan Jiang, Hyun-Hee Hwang, Won-Jae Lee, Soon-Gil Yoon


Creation of a fiber optic based biosensor for air toxicity monitoring
Pages 859-867
Evgeni Eltzov, Vladislav Pavluchkov, Matan Burstin, Robert S. Marks


The origin of low-order and high-order impedance-coupled resonant modes in piezoelectric-excited millimeter-sized cantilever (PEMC) sensors: Experiments and finite element models
Pages 868-877
Blake N. Johnson, Raj Mutharasan


Colorimetric determination of pyrethroids based on core–shell Ag@SiO2 nanoparticles
Pages 878-883
Yuling Li, Zhimin Cui, Dapeng Li, Haibing Li


Hydrogen selective gas sensor in humid environment based on polymer coated nanostructured-doped tin oxide
Pages 884-892
Amit Kumar, Peng Zhang, Abhilash Vincent, Rameech McCormack, R. Kalyanaraman, Hyoung J. Cho, Sudipta Seal


Sensoring hydrogen gas concentration using electrolyte made of proton conductive manganese dioxide
Pages 893-896
Yoshikatsu Ueda, Alexander I. Kolesnikov, Hideki Koyanaka


Multiwalled carbon nanotubes grafted chitosan nanobiocomposite: A prosperous functional nanomaterials for glucose biosensor application
Pages 897-902
Palanisamy Gomathi, Min Kwan Kim, Jung Je Park, Dhanusuraman Ragupathy, Annamalai Rajendran, Soo Chool Lee, Jae Chang Kim, Sang Hak Lee, Han Do Ghim


Evanescent wave sensor based on permanently bent single mode optical fiber
Pages 903-908
A. Iadicicco, D. Paladino, S. Campopiano, W.J. Bock, A. Cutolo, A. Cusano


Per-6-ammonium-β-cyclodextrin/p-nitrophenol complex as a colorimetric sensor for phosphate and pyrophosphate anions in water
Pages 909-914
Ismail Abulkalam Azath, Palaniswamy Suresh, Kasi Pitchumani


Capacitive sensing of amino acids in molecularly imprinted nylon films
Pages 915-918
J.J. BelBruno, G. Zhang, U.J. Gibson


An All-solid-state Cd2+-selective electrode with a low detection limit
Pages 919-922
Shunyang Yu, Fuhai Li, Wei Qin

Micro TAS Section


Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC)-based biosensor for continuous glucose monitoring
Pages 923-929
Karol Malecha, Dorota G. Pijanowska, Leszek J. Golonka, Piotr Kurek


Nanoparticle detection by microfluidic Resistive Pulse Sensor with a submicron sensing gate and dual detecting channels-two stage differential amplifier
Pages 930-936
Yongxin Song, Hongpeng Zhang, Chan Hee Chon, Xinxiang Pan, Dongqing Li

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