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Date: 10 August 2011



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General Section


Surface acoustic wave gas sensors based on polyisobutylene and carbon nanotube composites
Pages 1-5
I. Sayago, M.J. Fernández, J.L. Fontecha, M.C. Horrillo, C. Vera, I. Obieta, I. Bustero


Synthesis, characteristics and luminescent properties of a new europium(III) organic complex applied in near UV LED
Pages 6-11
Huihui Wang, Pei He, Haigang Yan, Menglian Gong


Effect of soft–hard segment structure on vapor responsiveness of polyurethane conducting composite thin films loaded with multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 12-22
Yan-Ling Luo, Bi-Xia Wang, Feng Xu


Preparation and gas sensing properties of Fe-doped yttrium manganate nanoparticles
Pages 23-27
Shuang Zhou, Shao-Yu Mao, Zhao-Xiong Xie, Lan-Sun Zheng


Detection of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, ecstasy) by displacement of antibodies
Pages 28-34
Inger Vikholm-Lundin, Sanna Auer, Ann-Charlotte Hellgren


A method to probe electrochemically active material state in portable sensor applications
Pages 35-42
S. Yunus, A. Attout, G. Vanlancker, P. Bertrand, N. Ruth, M. Galleni


Two-dimensional molecular imprinting approach for the electrochemical detection of trinitrotoluene
Pages 43-49
Dongxia Nie, Dawei Jiang, Dan Zhang, Ying Liang, Ying Xue, Tianshu Zhou, Litong Jin, Guoyue Shi


Reliable new immunosensor for atrazine pesticide analysis
Pages 50-62
L. Campanella, S. Eremin, D. Lelo, E. Martini, M. Tomassetti


Vapor sensing properties of thermoplastic polyurethane multifilament covered with carbon nanotube networks
Pages 63-70
Qingqing Fan, Zongyi Qin, Tobias Villmow, Jürgen Pionteck, Petra Pötschke, Yongtao Wu, Brigitte Voit, Meifang Zhu


Electrochemical immunosensor for salbutamol detection based on CS-Fe3O4-PAMAM-GNPs nanocomposites and HRP-MWCNTs-Ab bioconjugates for signal amplification
Pages 71-78
Su Liu, Qing Lin, Xiuming Zhang, Xiaorui He, Xianrong Xing, Wenjing Lian, Jiadong Huang


Platelet graphite nanofibers/soft polymer composites for electrochemical sensing and biosensing
Pages 79-83
Tzu Hui Seah, Martin Pumera


Photoelectrocatalytic regeneration of NADH at poly(4,4′-diaminodiphenyl sulfone)/nano TiO2 composite film modified indium tin oxide electrode
Pages 84-94
Ya-Hui Ho, Arun Prakash Periasamy, Shen-Ming Chen


Aptamer-based colorimetric biosensing of dopamine using unmodified gold nanoparticles
Pages 95-99
Yu Zheng, Yong Wang, Xiurong Yang


Preparation of a photoresponsive molecularly imprinted polymer containing fluorine-substituted azobenzene chromophores
Pages 100-107
Qian Tang, Chengbin Gong, Michael Hon Wah Lam, Xiangkai Fu


Solar or surplus heat-driven actuators using metal hydride alloys
Pages 108-113
Mitsuru Sato, Minako Hosono, Kazuhiko Yamashita, Sawako Nakajima, Shuichi Ino


UV sensor based on TiO2 nanorod arrays on FTO thin film
Pages 114-119
Chunlan Cao, Chenguo Hu, Xue Wang, Shuxia Wang, Yongshu Tian, Hulin Zhang


Detection of mercury ions (Hg2+) in urine using a terbium chelate fluorescent probe
Pages 120-125
Hongliang Tan, Yanqin Zhang, Yang Chen


A new acridine derivative as a highly selective ‘off–on’ fluorescence chemosensor for Cd2+ in aqueous media
Pages 126-131
Yu Wang, XueYan Hu, Lei Wang, ZhuoBin Shang, JianBin Chao, WeiJun Jin


Artificial neural network onto eight bit microcontroller for Secchi depth calculation
Pages 132-139
Javier Ibáñez Civera, Eduardo Garcia Breijo, Nicolás Laguarda Miró, Luis Gil Sánchez, José Garrigues Baixauli, Inmaculada Romero Gil, Rafael Masot Peris, Miguel Alcañiz Fillol


Prolonged sensitivity of immobilized thylakoid membranes in cross-linked matrix to atrazine
Pages 140-146
Emilia L. Apostolova, Anelia G. Dobrikova, Georgi D. Rashkov, Kolyo G. Dankov, Radka S. Vladkova, Amarendra N. Misra


Electrical and CO gas sensing properties of nanostructured La1−xCexCoO3 perovskite prepared by activated reactive synthesis
Pages 147-155
Mohammad Ghasdi, Houshang Alamdari, Sébastien Royer, Alain Adnot


A post-bonding-free fabrication of integrated microfluidic devices for mass spectrometry applications
Pages 156-161
Shu-Ming Kuo, Chao-Chi Yang, Jentaie Shiea, Che-Hsin Lin


An electrochemical sensor based on carboxymethylated dextran modified gold surface for ochratoxin A analysis
Pages 162-168
Meike Heurich, Mohamad Kamal Abdul Kadir, Ibtisam E. Tothill


Sensitivity comparison of surface plasmon resonance and plasmon-waveguide resonance biosensors
Pages 169-175
Abdennour Abbas, Matthew J. Linman, Quan Cheng


Catalytic determination of traces of Rh(III) using an optode based on immobilization of methyl violet on a triacetylcellulose membrane
Pages 176-180
N. Sarlak, M. Anizadeh


Development of an optical sensor for determination of zinc by application of PC-ANN
Pages 181-186
Fatemeh Abbasitabar, Vali Zare-Shahabadi, Mojtaba Shamsipur, Morteza Akhond


Enhanced actuation in functionalized carbon nanotube–Nafion composites
Pages 187-193
Huiqin Lian, Weizhong Qian, Luis Estevez, Hailan Liu, Yuexian Liu, Tao Jiang, Kuisheng Wang, Wenli Guo, Emmanuel P. Giannelis


Sensitivity of guided mode resonance filter-based biosensor in visible and near infrared ranges
Pages 194-197
Kehui Jia, Dawei Zhang, Junshan Ma


Application of modified pyrolytic graphite electrode as a sensor in the simultaneous assay of adenine and adenosine monophosphate
Pages 198-203
Rajendra N. Goyal, Sanghamitra Chatterjee, Anoop Raj Singh Rana, Himanshu Chasta


Quality control of oral herbal products by an electronic tongue—Case study on sage lozenges
Pages 204-212
Carolin Eckert, Christina Lutz, Jörg Breitkreutz, Katharina Woertz


A dual functional near infrared fluorescent probe based on the bodipy fluorophores for selective detection of copper and aluminum ions
Pages 213-217
Xiaojiang Xie, Yu Qin


In situ three-dimensional analysis of the linear actuation of polypyrrole micro-rod actuators using optical microscopy
Pages 218-221
M.S. Cho, J.J. Choi, T.S. Kim, Y. Lee


Layer-by-layer self-assembly CdTe quantum dots and molecularly imprinted polymers modified chemiluminescence sensor for deltamethrin detection
Pages 222-227
Shenguang Ge, Congcong Zhang, Feng Yu, Mei Yan, Jinghua Yu


Dynamic feedback regulation of the potential of a microfabricated liquid-junction Ag/AgCl reference electrode
Pages 228-235
Takahiro Adachi, Hiroaki Suzuki


Tuning pH sensitivities of zinc phthalocyanines in ionic liquid modified matrices
Pages 236-244
Sevinc Zehra Topal, Kadriye Ertekin, Ayşe Gül Gürek, Berrin Yenigul, Vefa Ahsen


Large-area Raman enhancement substrates using spontaneous dewetting of gold films and silver nanoparticles deposition
Pages 245-250
Tzu-Yi Liao, Ba-Yan Lee, Chia-Wei Lee, Pei-Kuen Wei


Synthesis and enhanced gas-sensing properties of ultralong NiO nanowires assembled with NiO nanocrystals
Pages 251-262
Bin Liu, Heqing Yang, Hua Zhao, Lijuan An, Lihui Zhang, Ruyu Shi, Lin Wang, Liu Bao, Yan Chen


Gas sensing properties of a clad modified fiber optic sensor with Ce, Li and Al doped nanocrystalline zinc oxides
Pages 263-270
B. Renganathan, D. Sastikumar, G. Gobi, N. Rajeswari Yogamalar, A. Chandra Bose


Ultrasensitive immunosensing of tuberculosis CFP-10 based on SPR spectroscopy
Pages 271-275
Seong Cheol Hong, Hongxia Chen, Jaewook Lee, Hye-Kyung Park, Young Sik Kim, Hyun-Chul Shin, Cheol-Min Kim, Tae Jung Park, Seok Jae Lee, Kwangnak Koh, Hwa-Jung Kim, Chulhun L. Chang, Jaebeom Lee


Room-temperature CO2 sensing using metal–insulator–semiconductor capacitors comprising atomic-layer-deposited La2O3 thin films
Pages 276-282
K.B. Jinesh, V.A.T. Dam, J. Swerts, C. de Nooijer, S. van Elshocht, S.H. Brongersma, M. Crego-Calama


CO detection in H2 reducing atmosphere with mini fuel cell
Pages 283-289
C. Pijolat, G. Tournier, J.P. Viricelle


Study of the interaction between 10-hydroxycamptothecine and DNA with the use of ethidium bromide dye as a fluorescence probe
Pages 290-297
Yongnian Ni, Yingxia Wang, Serge Kokot


Detecting adenosine with an autonomic cycle of cascading DNA polymerizations
Pages 298-303
Rui Ren, Yuanming Zou


Tethered DNA scaffolds on optical sensor platforms for detection of hipO gene from Campylobacter jejuni
Pages 304-311
Tony J. Gnanaprakasa, Omar A. Oyarzabal, Eric V. Olsen, Valber A. Pedrosa, Aleksandr L. Simonian



A multichannel surface plasmon resonance sensor using a new spectral readout system without moving optics
Pages 312-318
Boonsong Sutapun, Armote Somboonkaew, Ratthasart Amrit, Nongluck Houngkamhang, Toemsak Srikhirin


Rapid discrimination and counterfeit detection of perfumes by an electronic olfactory system
Pages 319-324
Manuel Cano, Virginia Borrego, Javier Roales, Jesús Idígoras, Tania Lopes-Costa, Palma Mendoza, José M. Pedrosa


Reliable and fast sensor for in vitro evaluation of solar protection factor based on the photobleaching kinetics of a nanocrystalline TiO2/dye UV-dosimeter
Pages 325-331
Leonardo R. de Paula, André L.A. Parussulo, Koiti Araki, Henrique E. Toma


Highly sensitive fluorescent probe for thiols based on combination of PET and ESIPT mechanisms
Pages 332-337
Minhuan Lan, Jiasheng Wu, Weimin Liu, Hongyan Zhang, Wenjun Zhang, Xiaoqing Zhuang, Pengfei Wang


The low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) thin film MOS Schottky diode on glass substrate for low cost and high performance CO sensing applications
Pages 338-342
Feng-Renn Juang, Yean-Kuen Fang, Yen-Ting Chiang, Tse-Heng Chou, Cheng-I. Lin, Cheng-Wei Lin


Ochratoxin A immunoassay with surface plasmon resonance registration: Lowering limit of detection by the use of colloidal gold immunoconjugates
Pages 343-349
A.E. Urusov, S.N. Kostenko, P.G. Sveshnikov, A.V. Zherdev, B.B. Dzantiev


Mobile phone platform as portable chemical analyzer
Pages 350-359
Antonio García, M.M. Erenas, Eugenio D. Marinetto, Carlos A. Abad, Ignacio de Orbe-Paya, Alberto J. Palma, Luis F. Capitán-Vallvey


Selectivity of flame-spray-made Nb/ZnO thick films towards NO2 gas
Pages 360-367
Viruntachar Kruefu, Chaikarn Liewhiran, Anurat Wisitsoraat, Sukon Phanichphant


Synthesis and gas sensing properties of bundle-like α-Fe2O3 nanorods
Pages 368-374
Peng Sun, Lu You, Dawei Wang, Yanfeng Sun, Jian Ma, Geyu Lu


Bending control of Nafion-based electroactive polymer actuator coated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 375-382
Hirohisa Tamagawa, Wenyi Lin, Keiko Kikuchi, Minoru Sasaki


ZnO modified gold disc: A new route to efficient glucose sensing
Pages 383-387
N. Kamal Singh, Bhagyashree Jain, S. Annapoorni


A label-free amperometric immunosensor based on horseradish peroxidase functionalized carbon nanotubes and bilayer gold nanoparticles
Pages 388-394
Siming Liu, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Huilan Su


Enhanced ammonia sensing performances of Pd-sensitized flowerlike ZnO nanostructure
Pages 395-400
Yi Zeng, Zheng Lou, Lili Wang, Bo Zou, Tong Zhang, Weitao Zheng, Guangtian Zou


Design, microfabrication and evaluation of robust high-performance superlyophobic surfaces
Pages 401-409
Tianzhun Wu, Yuji Suzuki


Ratiometric fluorescent sensors for detecting zinc ions in aqueous solution and living cells with two-photon microscopy
Pages 410-415
Lin Xue, Zhangjian Fang, Guoping Li, Huanhuan Wang, Hua Jiang


Correlation between cell growth rate and glucose consumption determined by electrochemical monitoring
Pages 416-422
Fan Zhang, Jinghua Tian, Li Wang, Pingang He, Yong Chen


All fiber-optic sensing of light using side-polished fiber overlaid with photoresponsive liquid crystals
Pages 423-427
Wei-Huan Fu, Vincent K.S. Hsiao, Jie-Yuan Tang, Ming-Hung Wu, Zhe Chen


Fe3+-selective fluorescent probe based on rhodamine B and its application in bioimaging
Pages 428-432
Zhi-Qiang Hu, Yong-Cheng Feng, He-Qing Huang, Lei Ding, Xiao-Ming Wang, Cun-Sheng Lin, Ming Li, Cui-Ping Ma


A photopatternable superparamagnetic nanocomposite: Material characterization and fabrication of microstructures
Pages 433-443
M. Suter, O. Ergeneman, J. Zürcher, C. Moitzi, S. Pané, T. Rudin, S.E. Pratsinis, B.J. Nelson, C. Hierold


Thin polymer film based rapid surface acoustic wave humidity sensors
Pages 444-449
Andrii Buvailo, Yangjun Xing, Jacqueline Hines, Eric Borguet


Fabrication and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sensing performance of p-polyaniline/n-PbS heterojunction at room temperature
Pages 450-455
S.V. Patil, P.R. Deshmukh, C.D. Lokhande


A highly selective triphenylamine-based indolylmethane derivatives as colorimetric and turn-off fluorimetric sensor toward Cu2+ detection by deprotonation of secondary amines
Pages 456-462
Ajit Kumar Mahapatra, Giridhari Hazra, Nirmal Kumar Das, Shyamaprosad Goswami


Screening iodide anion with selective fluorescent chemosensor
Pages 463-466
Xiaoju Wang, Caihong Zhang, Liheng Feng, Liwei Zhang


Ion track-based urea sensing
Pages 467-470
Dietmar Fink, Gerardo Muñoz Hernandez, Lital Alfonta

Micro TAS Section


Non-labeled virus detection using inverted triangular Au nano-cavities arrayed as SERS-active substrate
Pages 471-478
Chia-Wei Chang, Jiunn-Der Liao, Ai-Li Shiau, Chih-Kai Yao


SERS based optical sensor to detect prion protein in neurodegenerate living cells
Pages 479-485
A. Serra, D. Manno, E. Filippo, A. Buccolieri, E. Urso, A. Rizzello, M. Maffia


Development of a biochip with serially connected pneumatic balloons for cell-stretching culture
Pages 486-493
Kazunori Shimizu, Atsushi Shunori, Kenichi Morimoto, Mitsuru Hashida, Satoshi Konishi


Fluid actuation for a bio-micropump powered by previously frozen cardiomyocytes directly seeded on a diagonally stretched thin membrane
Pages 494-498
Yo Tanaka, Yuka Yanagisawa, Takehiko Kitamori


Detection of glucose based on reversible “on–off” fluorescence systems in aqueous solution
Pages 499-503
Liheng Feng, Yue Wang, Fei Liang, Xiaoju Wang, Liwei Zhang

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