ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 157/2



Date: 20 October 2011



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General Section


Hydrogen sensors – A review
Pages 329-352
T. Hübert, L. Boon-Brett, G. Black, U. Banach


The effect of La2CuO4 sensing electrode thickness on a potentiometric NOx sensor response
Pages 353-360
Eric R. Macam, Bryan M. Blackburn, Eric D. Wachsman


Using a TiO2/ZnO double-layer film for improving the sensing performance of ZnO based NO gas sensor
Pages 361-367
Chia-Yu Lin, Jiang-Ging Chen, Wei-Yi Feng, Chii-Wann Lin, Ju-Wen Huang, James J. Tunney, Kuo-Chuan Ho


Determination of lysozyme at the nanogram level in chicken egg white using Resonance Rayleigh-scattering method with Cd-doped ZnSe quantum dots as probe
Pages 368-373
Zhaoxia Cai, Guoxiang Chen, Xi Huang, Meihu Ma


Development of microwave gas sensors
Pages 374-379
Guillaume Barochi, Jérôme Rossignol, Marcel Bouvet


Carbon dioxide sensing properties of bismuth cobaltite
Pages 380-387
M. Casas-Cabanas, A.V. Chadwick, M.R. Palacín, C.R. Michel


Optimization of single mode fibre sensors to detect organic vapours
Pages 388-394
Cesar Elosua, Candido Bariain, Asuncion Luquin, Mariano Laguna, Ignacio R. Matias


A background elimination method based on wavelet transform in wound infection detection by electronic nose
Pages 395-400
Jingwei Feng, Fengchun Tian, Jia Yan, Qinghua He, Yue Shen, Lina Pan


Highly sensitive NO2 sensor based on square-like tungsten oxide prepared with hydrothermal treatment
Pages 401-407
L. You, Y.F. Sun, J. Ma, Y. Guan, J.M. Sun, Y. Du, G.Y. Lu


Contact CMOS imaging of gaseous oxygen sensor array
Pages 408-416
Daisy S. Daivasagaya, Lei Yao, Ka Yi Yung, Mohamad Hajj-Hassan, Maurice C. Cheung, Vamsy P. Chodavarapu, Frank V. Bright


A dual K+–Na+ selective Prussian blue nanotubes sensor
Pages 417-423
Jin Qiang Ang, Binh Thi Thanh Nguyen, Chee-Seng Toh


Measurement of sub-nanometer molecular layers with ISFET without a reference electrode dependency
Pages 424-429
Maciej Kokot


Selective, simple and economical lead sensor based on ibuprofen derived silver nanoparticles
Pages 430-437
Zulfiqar A. Tagar, Sirajuddin, Najma Memon, Muhammad H. Agheem, Yasmeen Junejo, Syeda S. Hassan, Nazar H. Kalwar, Manzoor I. Khattak


Optical fiber chemical sensing of Hg(II) ions in aqueous samples using a microfluidic device containing a selective tripodal chromoionophore-PVC film
Pages 438-443
Nuriman, Bambang Kuswandi, Willem Verboom


Examination of Au/SnO2 core-shell architecture nanoparticle for low temperature gas sensing applications
Pages 444-449
Yeon-Tae Yu, Prabir Dutta


Zeolite-coated interdigital capacitors for humidity sensing
Pages 450-459
M. Urbiztondo, I. Pellejero, A. Rodriguez, M.P. Pina, J. Santamaria


Hydrogen sensing performances of Pt/i-ZnO/GaN metal–insulator–semiconductor diodes
Pages 460-465
Hsin-Ying Lee, Hung-Lin Huang, Ching-Ting Lee


Temperature dependent H2S and Cl2 sensing selectivity of Cr2O3 thin films
Pages 466-472
Vishal Balouria, Arvind Kumar, A. Singh, S. Samanta, A.K. Debnath, Aman Mahajan, R.K. Bedi, D.K. Aswal, S.K. Gupta, J.V. Yakhmi


Low temperature gas sensing applications using copier grade transparency sheets as substrates
Pages 473-481
G. Scandurra, A. Arena, C. Ciofi, A. Gambadoro, F. Barreca, G. Saitta, G. Neri


Characterization of porous cubic silicon carbide deposited with Pd and Pt nanoparticles as a hydrogen sensor
Pages 482-487
Kang-San Kim, Gwiy-Sang Chung


A dissolved oxygen sensor based on hot electron induced cathodic electrochemiluminescence at a disposable CdS modified screen-printed carbon electrode
Pages 488-493
Rui-Juan Zheng, Yi-Min Fang, Su-Fang Qin, Jing Song, Ai-Hong Wu, Jian-Jun Sun


SnO2-based R134a gas sensor: Sensing materials preparation, gas response and sensing mechanism
Pages 494-499
Junchen Chen, Jiaqiang Xu


Hydrogen detection using platinum coated graphene grown on SiC
Pages 500-503
Byung Hwan Chu, C.F. Lo, Justin Nicolosi, C.Y. Chang, Victor Chen, W. Strupinski, S.J. Pearton, F. Ren


Hydrogen incorporation in gasochromic coloration of sol–gel WO3 thin films
Pages 504-509
Chih-Chieh Chan, Wen-Chia Hsu, Chung-Chieh Chang, Chao-Sheng Hsu


Conduction mechanisms in SnO2 based polycrystalline thick film gas sensors exposed to CO and H2 in different oxygen backgrounds
Pages 510-517
N. Bârsan, M. Hübner, U. Weimar


Improvement of thermal bond strength and surface properties of Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) based microfluidic device using the photo-grafting technique
Pages 518-526
R.K. Jena, C.Y. Yue, L. Anand


Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin immobilized into poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid)/room temperature ionic liquid composite film
Pages 527-532
Yao Zhang, Xiumei Sun, Nengqin Jia


Real time monitor electroless plating of Ni–P film on quartz surface by an electrode-separated piezoelectric sensor
Pages 533-539
Qi Kang, Rui Sheng, Yaolong Li, Zhengli Zhang, Shijie Wu, Dazhong Shen


High sensitive simultaneous determination of hydroquinone and catechol based on graphene/BMIMPF6 nanocomposite modified electrode
Pages 540-546
Zhimin Liu, Zhenling Wang, Yanyan Cao, Yanfeng Jing, Yanli Liu


Design and performances of immunoassay based on SPR biosensor with Au/Ag alloy nanocomposites
Pages 547-553
Jing Wang, Daqian Song, Liying Wang, Hua Zhang, Hanqi Zhang, Ying Sun


Formaldehyde sensors based on nanofibrous polyethyleneimine/bacterial cellulose membranes coated quartz crystal microbalance
Pages 554-559
Weili Hu, Shiyan Chen, Luting Liu, Bin Ding, Huaping Wang


Multiple fluorescence sensing with side-pumped tapered polymer fiber
Pages 560-564
C. Pulido, Ó. Esteban


High-sensitivity NO2 gas sensors based on flower-like and tube-like ZnO nanomaterials
Pages 565-574
Mei Chen, Zhihua Wang, Dongmei Han, Fubo Gu, Guangsheng Guo


An interferometric biosensor composed of a prism-chamber assembly and a composite waveguide with a Ta2O5 nanometric layer
Pages 575-580
Dan-feng Lu, Zhi-mei Qi, Rui-peng Liu


Investigating surface crystal growth using an intrinsic exposed core optical fibre sensor
Pages 581-585
M. Boerkamp, D.W. Lamb, P.G. Lye


Selectivity tune of fluoride ion sensing for phenolic OH-containing BODIPY dyes
Pages 586-593
Jianguang Wang, Yuanjun Hou, Chao Li, Baowen Zhang, Xuesong Wang


An acoustic wave sensor for the hydrophilic fluoride
Pages 594-599
Nuno I.P. Valente, Paulino V. Muteto, Andreia S.F. Farinha, Augusto C. Tomé, João A.B.P. Oliveira, M. Teresa S.R. Gomes


Novel photocatalyst-based colourimetric indicator for oxygen: Use of a platinum catalyst for controlling response times
Pages 600-605
Andrew Mills, Katherine Lawrie


Resonant cantilever sensors operated in a high-Q in-plane mode for real-time bio/chemical detection in liquids
Pages 606-614
Yihan Tao, Xinxin Li, Tiegang Xu, Haitao Yu, Pengcheng Xu, Bin Xiong, Changzheng Wei


Highly selective and sensitive fluorescence reporter for toxic Hg(II) ion by a synthetic symmetrical azine derivative
Pages 615-620
Sasanka Dalapati, Bijan Kumar Paul, Sankar Jana, Nikhil Guchhait


Compact dip-style viscometer based on the acousto-optic effect in a long period fiber grating
Pages 621-626
R.A. Oliveira, J. Canning, K. Cook, M. Nashqbandi, A.A.P. Pohl


Direct-binding quartz crystal microbalance immunosensor to detect carp metallothionein
Pages 627-634
N. Kim, S.-H. Son, C.-T. Kim, Y.-J. Cho, C.-J. Kim, W.Y. Kim


A CO2 sensor based upon a continuous-wave thermoelectrically-cooled quantum cascade laser
Pages 635-640
Vasili L. Kasyutich, Philip A. Martin


A novel porous anodic alumina based capacitive sensor towards trace detection of PCBs
Pages 641-646
Zhen Jin, Fanli Meng, Jinyun Liu, Mingqiang Li, Lingtao Kong, Jinhuai Liu


Flow injection determination of sialic acid based on amperometric detection
Pages 647-653
Sayed A.M. Marzouk, Jody D. Haddow, Amr Amin


Structural and properties of nanocrystalline WO3/TiO2-based humidity sensors elements prepared by high energy activation
Pages 654-661
K.O. Rocha, S.M. Zanetti


The nanocomposite of PtPd nanoparticles/onion-like mesoporous carbon vesicle for nonenzymatic amperometric sensing of glucose
Pages 662-668
Xiangjie Bo, Jing Bai, Li Yang, Liping Guo


Graphene–polyaniline composite film modified electrode for voltammetric determination of 4-aminophenol
Pages 669-674
Yang Fan, Jin-Hang Liu, Chun-Peng Yang, Meng Yu, Peng Liu


Facile synthesis and characterization of rhodamine-based colorimetric and “off–on” fluorescent chemosensor for Fe3+
Pages 675-680
Wenting Yin, Hao Cui, Zheng Yang, Chen Li, Mengyao She, Bing Yin, Jianli Li, Guifang Zhao, Zhen Shi


Synthesis of nearly monodisperse Co3O4 nanocubes via a microwave-assisted solvothermal process and their gas sensing properties
Pages 681-685
Chao Sun, Xintai Su, Feng Xiao, Chunge Niu, Jide Wang


A selective and highly sensitive fluorescent probe of Hg2+ in organic and aqueous media: The role of a polymer network in extending the sensing phenomena to water environments
Pages 686-690
Saúl Vallejos, Pedro Estévez, Saturnino Ibeas, Asunción Muñoz, Félix C. García, Felipe Serna, José M. García

Micro TAS Section


Polymeric microfabricated electrochemical nanoprobe with addressable electrodes
Pages 691-696
Benjamin P. Corgier, David Juncker


Enhanced wetting properties of silicon mesh microchannels coated with SiO2/SnO2 nanoparticles through layer-by-layer self assembly
Pages 697-702
Tao Zhang, Tianhong Cui


An application of a plasmonic chip with enhanced fluorescence to a simple biosensor with extended dynamic range
Pages 703-709
Keiko Tawa, Yoshiki Yokota, Kenji Kintaka, Junji Nishii, Takahiko Nakaoki


An integrated microfluidic system for fast, automatic detection of C-reactive protein
Pages 710-721
Wen-Bin Lee, Yin-He Chen, Hsin-I Lin, Shu-Chu Shiesh, Gwo-Bin Lee


Leveraging stimuli responsive hydrogels for on/off control of mixing
Pages 722-726
Jacob B. Prettyman, David T. Eddington


Suitable properties of ink to create inkjet-printed surface-directed microchannels that utilize the pinning effect of a triple line on a rough surface
Pages 727-734
Masashi Watanabe, Yu Eiwa, Sho Tokunaga


DNA ligation using a disposable microfluidic device combined with a micromixer and microchannel reactor
Pages 735-741
Yong-Jun Ko, Joon-Ho Maeng, Yoomin Ahn, Seung Yong Hwang


Ionic current rectification in a conical nanofluidic field effect transistor
Pages 742-751
Ye Ai, Jing Liu, Bingkai Zhang, Shizhi Qian

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