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Date: 15 November 2011



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General Section


Mixed-potential-type zirconia-based NO2 sensor with high-performance three-phase boundary
Pages 1-8
Xishuang Liang, Shiqi Yang, Jianguo Li, Han Zhang, Quan Diao, Wan Zhao, Geyu Lu


Micro-lotus constructed by Fe-doped ZnO hierarchically porous nanosheets: Preparation, characterization and gas sensing property
Pages 9-16
Ang Yu, Jieshu Qian, Hao Pan, Yuming Cui, Meigui Xu, Luo Tu, Qingli Chai, Xingfu Zhou


Composites of carboxylate-capped TiO2 nanoparticles and carbon black as chemiresistive vapor sensors
Pages 17-22
Edgardo García-Berríos, Ting Gao, Don Walker, Bruce S. Brunschwig, Nathan S. Lewis


A novel glucose biosensor based on direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase incorporated in biomediated gold nanoparticles–carbon nanotubes composite film  
Pages 23-27
Hongfang Zhang, Zuchao Meng, Qi Wang, Jianbin Zheng


Explicit formulation for the response of neat oxide semiconductor gas sensor to reducing gas
Pages 28-34
Noboru Yamazoe, Kengo Shimanoe


An LED array-based light induced fluorescence sensor for real-time process and field monitoring
Pages 35-42
Jason E. Dickens, Michael S. Vaughn, Mervin Taylor, Mike Ponstingl


Sparse representation-based classification for breath sample identification
Pages 43-53
Dongmin Guo, David Zhang, Lei Zhang


Rationalization of the behaviour of a bi-label oxygen optical sensor
Pages 54-61
Denis Badocco, Andrea Mondin, Paolo Pastore


The influence of the surface morphologies of Langmuir Blodgett (LB) thin films of porphyrins on their gas sensing properties
Pages 62-68
D. Çaycı, S.G. Stanciu, İ. Çapan, M. Erdoğan, B. Güner, R. Hristu, G.A. Stanciu


Novel approach for detection of toxic organophosphorus compounds
Pages 69-74
Binu B. Narakathu, Wen Guo, Sherine O. Obare, M.Z. Atashbar


A new feature extraction method for odour classification
Pages 75-88
Bernd Ehret, Konstantin Safenreiter, Frank Lorenz, Joachim Biermann


Structure and humidity sensing properties of La1−xKxCo0.3Fe0.7O3−δ perovskite
Pages 89-96
Zhuyi Wang, Liyi Shi, Fengqing Wu, Shuai Yuan, Yin Zhao, Meihong Zhang


Love wave hydrogen sensors based on ZnO nanorod film/36°YX-LiTaO3 substrate structures operated at room temperature
Pages 97-103
Yan Wang, Shu-yi Zhang, Feng-mei Zhou, Li Fan, Yue-tao Yang, Cheng Wang


Quantitative detection of a simulant of organophosphonate chemical warfare agents using liquid crystals
Pages 104-110
Heidi J. VanTreeck, Darrin R. Most, Bart A. Grinwald, Kurt A. Kupcho, Avijit Sen, Michael D. Bonds, Bharat R. Acharya


Feedback-enabled discrimination enhancement for temperature-programmed chemiresistive microsensors
Pages 111-116
Phillip H. Rogers, Steve Semancik


Conducting polymers with benzothiadiazole and benzoselenadiazole units for biosensor applications
Pages 117-123
Fatma Bilge Emre, Fulya Ekiz, Abidin Balan, Sinan Emre, Suna Timur, Levent Toppare


A novel electrochemiluminescence glucose biosensor based on alcohol-free mesoporous molecular sieve silica modified electrode
Pages 124-129
Rong Lei, Xinyi Wang, Shuifang Zhu, Na Li


A H2O2 electrochemical biosensor based on biocompatible PNIPAM-g-P (NIPAM-co-St) nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified glass carbon electrode
Pages 130-137
Guohui Zhang, Ningbo Yang, Yalong Ni, Jian Shen, Wenbo Zhao, Xiaohua Huang


Modeling the high pH sensitivity of Suspended Gate Field Effect Transistor (SGFET)
Pages 138-143
A.-C. Salaün, F. Le Bihan, T. Mohammed-Brahim


Hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchical nanoparticle-decorated ZnO microdisks and the structure-enhanced acetylene sensing properties at high temperatures
Pages 144-150
Lexi Zhang, Jianghong Zhao, Jianfeng Zheng, Li Li, Zhenping Zhu


Surface modification of electrospun spherical activated carbon for a high-performance biosensor electrode
Pages 151-158
Ji Sun Im, Jong Gu Kim, Tae-Sung Bae, Hye-Ryeon Yu, Young-Seak Lee


NOx adsorption behavior of LaFeO3 and LaMnO3+δ and its influence on potentiometric sensor response
Pages 159-170
E.N. Armstrong, T. Striker, V. Ramaswamy, J.A. Ruud, E.D. Wachsman


A new long-lasting phosphor Zr4+ and Eu3+ co-doped SrMg2(PO4)2
Pages 171-175
Xigang Wang, Fuping Du, Donglei Wei, Yanlin Huang, Hyo Jin Seo


Electrochemical deposition of polypyrrole/graphene oxide composite on microelectrodes towards tuning the electrochemical properties of neural probes
Pages 176-184
Meng Deng, Xi Yang, Musa Silke, Weiming Qiu, Mingsheng Xu, Gustaaf Borghs, Hongzheng Chen


A novel photometric glucose biosensor based on decolorizing of silver nanoparticles
Pages 185-189
J. Tashkhourian, M.R. Hormozi-Nezhad, J. Khodaveisi, R. Dashti


Planar sensors for local conductivity measurements in biological objects—Design, modelling, sensitivity maps
Pages 190-198
Tomasz Grysiński, Zbigniew Moroń


Tin–copper mixed metal oxide nanowires: Synthesis and sensor response to chemical vapors
Pages 199-207
Xiaopeng Li, Zhiyong Gu, JungHwan Cho, Hongwei Sun, Pradeep Kurup


Temperature sensor based on the Er3+ green upconverted emission in a fluorotellurite glass
Pages 208-213
Sergio F. León-Luis, Ulises R. Rodríguez-Mendoza, Emmanuel Lalla, Víctor Lavín


Luminescent Eu(III) hybrid sensors for in situ copper detection
Pages 214-222
Beatriz C. Barja, Sara E. Bari, M. Claudia Marchi, Fabricio L. Iglesias, Milagros Bernardi


Polypyrrole thin film fiber optic chemical sensor for detection of VOCs
Pages 223-228
Hongyi Qin, Atul Kulkarni, Hang Zhang, Hojoong Kim, Dong Jiang, Taesung Kim


Ethanol sensing using CuO/MWNT thin film
Pages 229-234
Mitesh Parmar, Ravi Bhatia, V. Prasad, K. Rajanna


Optical parameters of calix[4]arene films and their response to volatile organic vapors
Pages 235-240
Z. Özbek, R. Çapan, H. Göktaş, S. Şen, F.G. İnce, M.E. Özel, F. Davis


Ammonia traces detection based on photoacoustic spectroscopy for evaluating ammonia volatization from natural zeolites at typical crop field temperature
Pages 241-245
Milton Baptista-Filho, Heitor Gonçalves Riter, Marcelo Gomes da Silva, Fernando J. Luna, Carlos Guarino Werneck, Ioná Rech, José Carlos Polidoro, Marisa Bezerra Mello Monte, Fernando Souza-Barros, Andras Miklos, Helion Vargas


Hydrocarbon gas sensing of nano-crystalline perovskite oxides LnFeO3 (Ln = La, Nd and Sm)
Pages 246-251
Ho Truong Giang, Ha Thai Duy, Pham Quang Ngan, Giang Hong Thai, Do Thi Anh Thu, Do Thi Thu, Nguyen Ngoc Toan


On the use of a self organising map as feature compressor in the building of calibration models: Application to FTIR-spectrophotometry
Pages 252-258
Eduard Llobet, Mohamed Anaimi, Alba Pruñonosa, Eloi Gras



Influence of pH on particle size and sensing response of chemically synthesized chromium oxide nanoparticles to alcohols
Pages 259-264
Nipin Kohli, Onkar Singh, Ravi Chand Singh


Orientation and capturing of antibody affinity ligands: Applications to surface plasmon resonance biochips
Pages 265-270
Gunnar Bergström, Carl-Fredrik Mandenius


Lead detection in environmental water sample using an organoclay film-based attenuated total reflectance sensor
Pages 271-277
John Richardson, Amanda Drake, Claire Lazo-Miller, Jennifer Hand, Thomas Morgan, Isabelle Lagadic


Evaluation of amperometric glucose biosensors based on glucose oxidase encapsulated within enzymatically synthesized polyaniline and polypyrrole
Pages 278-285
Asta Kausaite-Minkstimiene, Viktor Mazeiko, Almira Ramanaviciene, Arunas Ramanavicius


Low cost chemical sensor device for supersensitive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) explosives detection based on titanium dioxide nanotubes
Pages 286-291
Mario Boehme, Friedemann Voelklein, Wolfgang Ensinger


Development of high sensitivity potentiometric NOx sensor and its application to breath analysis
Pages 292-298
Suvra Prakash Mondal, Prabir K. Dutta, G.W. Hunter, B.J. Ward, D. Laskowski, R.A. Dweik


Gas sensing properties of CuO nanorods synthesized by a microwave-assisted hydrothermal method
Pages 299-303
Chao Yang, Xintai Su, Feng Xiao, Jikang Jian, Jide Wang


Effect of La2CuO4 electrode area on potentiometric NOx sensor response and its implications on sensing mechanism
Pages 304-312
Eric R. Macam, Bryan M. Blackburn, Eric D. Wachsman


Analysis of volatile alcohols in apple juices by an electrochemical biosensor measuring in the headspace above the liquid
Pages 313-318
Martin Hämmerle, Karin Hilgert, Marcus A. Horn, Ralf Moos


Electrochemical determination of imidacloprid using nanosilver Nafion®/nanoTiO2 Nafion® composite modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 319-326
A. Kumaravel, M. Chandrasekaran


Evaluation study of different glass electrodes by an interlaboratory comparison for determining the pH of fuel ethanol
Pages 327-332
Mary Ane Gonçalves, Fabiano Barbieri Gonzaga, Isabel Cristina Serta Fraga, Carla de Matos Ribeiro, Sidney Pereira Sobral, Paulo Paschoal Borges, Werickson Fortunato de Carvalho Rocha


Analyte selective response in solution-deposited tetrabenzoporphyrin thin-film field-effect transistor sensors
Pages 333-339
James E. Royer, Sangyeob Lee, Charlene Chen, Byungmin Ahn, William C. Trogler, Jerzy Kanicki, Andrew C. Kummel


Water pre-adsorption effect on room temperature SnO2 nanobelt ethanol sensitivity in oxygen-deficient conditions
Pages 340-344
M. Li, L.J. Qiao, W.Y. Chu, Alex A. Volinsky


Impedance-controlled cell entrapment using microhole-array chips allows the isolation and identification of single, highly productive cells
Pages 345-352
Christian M. Kurz, Andrea Maurer, Katrin Thees, Stefan Schillberg, Thomas Velten, Hagen Thielecke


A dual enzyme electrochemical assay for the detection of organophosphorus compounds using organophosphorus hydrolase and horseradish peroxidase
Pages 353-360
Asli Sahin, Kevin Dooley, Donald M. Cropek, Alan C. West, Scott Banta


Electrochemical sensor utilizing ferrocene loaded porous polyelectrolyte nanoparticles as label for the detection of protein biomarker IL-6
Pages 361-365
Ting Li, Minghui Yang


Bacterial biofilm-based water toxicity sensor
Pages 366-371
Hadar Ben-Yoav, Tal Amzel, Alva Biran, Marek Sternheim, Shimshon Belkin, Amihay Freeman, Yosi Shacham-Diamand


High-sensitive SPR sensing with Indium Nitride as a dielectric overlay of optical fibers
Pages 372-376
Óscar Esteban, Fernando B. Naranjo, Natalia Díaz-Herrera, Sirona Valdueza-Felip, María-Cruz Navarrete, Agustín González-Cano


Stability of spore-based biosensing systems under extreme conditions
Pages 377-382
Abhishek Sangal, Patrizia Pasini, Sylvia Daunert


A novel electrochemical biosensor for Hg2+ determination based on Hg2+-induced DNA hybridization
Pages 383-387
Xiangheng Niu, Yili Ding, Chen Chen, Hongli Zhao, Minbo Lan


Enhancing performance of FSP SnO2-based gas sensors through Sb-doping and Pd-functionalization
Pages 388-392
Katharina Großmann, Krisztina E. Kovács, David K. Pham, Lutz Mädler, Nicolae Barsan, Udo Weimar


Electrochemiluminescence quenching via capture of ferrocene-labeled ligand-bound aptamer molecular beacon for ultrasensitive detection of thrombin
Pages 393-399
Yuhong Liao, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Li Mao, Ying Zhuo, Yali Yuan, Lijuan Bai, Shirong Yuan


Full-field surface plasmon resonance sensor for high resolution refractive index measurement using common-path heterodyne interferometer
Pages 400-404
Y.L. Lo, C.H. Chuang, Z.W. Lin


Rhodafluor-based chromo- and fluorogenic probe for cyanide anion
Pages 405-410
Xin Lv, Jing Liu, Yunlong Liu, Yun Zhao, Maliang Chen, Pi Wang, Wei Guo


Direct electron transfer of glucose oxidase at glassy carbon electrode modified with functionalized carbon nanotubes within a dihexadecylphosphate film
Pages 411-417
Bruno C. Janegitz, Rasa Pauliukaite, Mariana E. Ghica, Christopher M.A. Brett, Orlando Fatibello-Filho


Nanocomposite sensitive polymeric films for SAW sensors deposited by the MAPLE direct write technique
Pages 418-422
Ionut Nicolae, Cristian Viespe, Constantin Grigoriu


Asparagine quantification in cellular culture media using copper modified carbon nanotubes composite electrodes
Pages 423-426
Maria Lorena López Rodriguez, Guillermina L. Luque, Carmelo J. Felice, Nancy F. Ferreyra, Rossana E. Madrid, Gustavo A. Rivas, Carla E. Giacomelli


Salicylaldehyde based colorimetric and “turn on” fluorescent sensors for fluoride anion sensing employing hydrogen bonding
Pages 427-431
Qian Li, Yong Guo, Jian Xu, Shijun Shao

Micro TAS Section


Computational study of parallel valveless micropumps
Pages 432-440
A. Azarbadegan, I. Eames, S. Sharma, A. Cass



Corrigendum to “Development of a low-cost portable colorimeter for the estimation of fluoride in drinking water” [Sens. Actuators B 149 (2010) 245–251]
Page 441
Rohit, Lalita Kanwar, K. Kesava Rao

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