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Date: 20 June 2012




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General Section



Facile synthesis of nanospindle-like Cu2O/straight multi-walled carbon nanotube hybrid nanostructures and their application in enzyme-free glucose sensing

Pages 1-7
Xuemei Zhou, Huagui Nie, Zhen Yao, Youqing Dong, Zhi Yang, Shaoming Huang



Room temperature CO sensing of selectively grown networked ZnO nanowires by Pd nanodot functionalization

Pages 8-13
Sun-Woo Choi, Sang Sub Kim



A colorimetric and fluorometric dual-modal chemosensor for cyanide in water

Pages 14-19
Jiang-Fei Xu, Hong-Hai Chen, Yu-Zhe Chen, Zhong-Jin Li, Li-Zhu Wu, Chen-Ho Tung, Qing-Zheng Yang



Dually tunable inverse opal hydrogel colorimetric sensor with fast and reversible color changes

Pages 20-26
Jinsub Shin, Sung Gu Han, Wonmok Lee



Electrochemical detection of hydroquinone with a gold nanoparticle and graphene modified carbon ionic liquid electrode

Pages 27-33
Song Hu, Yuhua Wang, Xiuzheng Wang, Li Xu, Jun Xiang, Wei Sun



Multi-wall carbon nanotube gas sensors modified with amino-group to detect low concentration of formaldehyde

Pages 34-38
Haifen Xie, Changhao Sheng, Xin Chen, Xingyan Wang, Zhi Li, Jia Zhou



Enhanced acetone sensing performance of Au nanoparticles functionalized flower-like ZnO

Pages 39-45
Xin-jun Wang, Wei Wang, Yan-Li Liu



Highly sensitive phenolic biosensor based on magnetic polydopamine-laccase-Fe3O4 bionanocomposite

Pages 46-53
Yunyong Li, Cong Qin, Chao Chen, Yingchun Fu, Ming Ma, Qingji Xie



Rapid colorimetric detection of sulfide using calix[4]arene modified gold nanoparticles as a probe

Pages 54-61
Alok Pandya, Kuldeep V. Joshi, Nishith R. Modi, Shobhana K. Menon



Miniaturized F-selective all-solid-state potentiometric sensors with conductive polymer as an intermediate layer

Pages 62-73
Alexey Matusevich, Mariusz Pietrzak, Elżbieta Malinowska



Nanoporous silicalite-only cantilevers as micromechanical sensors: Fabrication, resonance response and VOCs sensing performance

Pages 74-82
I. Pellejero, J. Agustí, M.A. Urbiztondo, J. Sesé, M.P. Pina, J. Santamaría, G. Abadal



One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of CuO–ZnO composite hollow spheres for selective H2S detection

Pages 83-89
Sun-Jung Kim, Chan Woong Na, In-Sung Hwang, Jong-Heun Lee



Novel protein based pressure transducer

Pages 90-96
Christopher M. Sponheimer, Corinne S. Lengsfeld



Electrochemical study of niclosamide at poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) modified glassy carbon electrode

Pages 97-102
Solomon Mehretie, Shimelis Admassie, Merid Tessema, Theodros Solomon



A novel amperometric sensor based on screen-printed electrode modified with multi-walled carbon nanotubes and molecularly imprinted membrane for rapid determination of ractopamine in pig urine

Pages 103-110
Hongcai Zhang, Guoyan Liu, Chunyan Chai



Development of a micro-flame ionization detector using a diffusion flame

Pages 111-117
Jihyung Kim, Byunghoon Bae, James Hammonds, Taekyu Kang, Mark A. Shannon



The use of a novel compact fluorosensor for in situ monitoring of the photocatalytic destruction of methylene blue dye effluents

Pages 118-122
Peter K.J. Robertson, Soo-Keun Lee, Daniel McStay, Patricia M. Pollard



Carbon dioxide sensing with sulfonated polyaniline

Pages 123-130
Tin C.D. Doan, Rajesh Ramaneti, Jacob Baggerman, J. Franc van der Bent, Antonius T.M. Marcelis, Hien D. Tong, Cees J.M. van Rijn



X-ray dose detector based on color changing of light-emitting polymer–metal complex hybrid material

Pages 131-137
T. Schimitberger, G.R. Ferreira, M.F. Saraiva, A.G.C. Bianchi, R.F. Bianchi



Toward the nanospring-based artificial olfactory system for trace-detection of flammable and explosive vapors

Pages 138-148
Vladimir Dobrokhotov, Landon Oakes, Dewayne Sowell, Alexander Larin, Jessica Hall, Alex Kengne, Pavel Bakharev, Giancarlo Corti, Timothy Cantrell, Tej Prakash, Joseph Williams, D.N. McIlroy



Glucose sensing characteristics of Pd-doped tin oxide thin films deposited by plasma enhanced CVD

Pages 149-155
Hyung-Kee Seo, S.G. Ansari, Salem S. Al-Deyab, Z.A. Ansari



Ionic liquid precursor-based synthesis of CuO nanoplates for gas sensing and amperometric sensing applications

Pages 156-164
Rui Li, Jimin Du, Yuxia Luan, Yiguo Xue, Hua Zou, Guangshan Zhuang, Zhonghao Li



Development of nanocrystalline CrNbO4 based p-type semiconducting gas sensor for LPG, ethanol and ammonia

Pages 165-171
C. Balamurugan, G. Bhuvanalogini, A. Subramania



Electrochemical characterization of the solid-state reference electrode based on NiFe2O4 film for the corrosion monitoring of RC structures

Pages 172-177
Guofu Qiao, Yi Hong, Guangping Song, Hui Li, Jinping Ou



Electrochemical sensor for toxic ractopamine and clenbuterol based on the enhancement effect of graphene oxide

Pages 178-184
Can Wu, Dong Sun, Qing Li, Kangbing Wu



Novel fluorene-based chemodosimeters for mercury and methylmercury species in aqueous media

Pages 185-192
Li Ding, Qi Zou, Jianhua Su



Non-enzymatic amperometric sensor of catechol and hydroquinone using Pt-Au-organosilica@chitosan composites modified electrode

Pages 193-199
Dehua Yuan, Shihong Chen, Fangxin Hu, Chengyan Wang, Ruo Yuan



Three highly sensitive and selective colorimetric and off–on fluorescent chemosensors for Cu2+ in aqueous solution

Pages 200-206
Di Zhang, Min Wang, Meimei Chai, Xiaopo Chen, Yong Ye, Yufen Zhao



The effect of the type of doping on the electrical characteristics of electrolyte–oxide–silicon sensors: pH sensing and polyelectrolyte adsorption

Pages 207-213
Goulielmos Z. Garyfallou, Louis C.P.M. de Smet, Ernst J.R. Sudhölter



Prototyping chips in minutes: Direct Laser Plotting (DLP) of functional microfluidic structures

Pages 214-222
Limu Wang, Rimantas Kodzius, Xin Yi, Shunbo Li, Yu Sanna Hui, Weijia Wen



A label-free silver wire based impedimetric immunosensor for detection of aflatoxin M1 in milk

Pages 223-230
Gautam Bacher, Souvik Pal, Lizy Kanungo, Sunil Bhand



Characterization of Kunitz-type inhibitor B1 performance using protein chips and AFM

Pages 231-237
Palmiro Poltronieri, Shaoyang Liu, Fabio Cimaglia, Angelo Santino, Yifen Wang



Synthesis of water-soluble and cross-linkable ferrocenyl redox polymers for uses as mediators in biosensors

Pages 238-242
Huimin Deng, Wei Shen, Zhiqiang Gao



Sensitive detection of adipokines for early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes using enzyme-linked antibody-aptamer sandwich (ELAAS) assays

Pages 243-248
Su Jin Lee, Jee-Woong Park, In-Ae Kim, Byung-Soo Youn, Man Bock Gu



Effects of self-assembled monolayers on amperometric glucose biosensors based on an organic–inorganic hybrid system

Pages 249-255
Huihui Wang, Hitoshi Ohnuki, Hideaki Endo, Mitsuru Izumi



MOF @ MEMS: Design optimization for high sensitivity chemical detection

Pages 256-262
Anandram Venkatasubramanian, Jin-Hwan Lee, Vitalie Stavila, Alex Robinson, Mark D. Allendorf, Peter J. Hesketh



Sensing rutile TiO2 through fluorescence of imidazole derivative

Pages 263-270
Chockalingam Karunakaran, Jayaraman Jayabharathi, Karunamoorthy Jayamoorthy, Kumar Brindha Devi



Electrochemiluminescence of CdSe quantum dots for highly sensitive competitive immunosensing

Pages 271-276
Xuelin Fang, Min Han, Guofei Lu, Wenwen Tu, Zhihui Dai



Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin immobilized on an interlaced Co(OH)2 nanosheet-based three-dimensional macroporous film

Pages 277-282
Qing Xie, Xu Chen, Haimei Liu, Wensheng Yang



Fine structural tuning of fluorescent copolymer sensors for methamphetamine vapor detection

Pages 283-288
D. Wen, Y.Y. Fu, L.Q. Shi, C. He, L. Dong, D.F. Zhu, Q.G. He, H.M. Cao, J.G. Cheng



Poly-xanthurenic acid modified electrodes: An amperometric sensor for the simultaneous determination of ascorbic and uric acids

Pages 289-296
Francisco de Assis dos Santos Silva, Cleylton Bezerra Lopes, Lauro Tatsuo Kubota, Phabyanno Rodrigues Lima, Marília Oliveira Fonseca Goulart



Laser-induced fluorescence integrated in a microfluidic immunosensor for quantification of human serum IgG antibodies to Helicobacter pylori

Pages 297-302
Marco A. Seia, Sirley V. Pereira, Carlos A. Fontán, Irma E. De Vito, Germán A. Messina, Julio Raba



A selective DMSO gas sensor based on nanostructured conducting polypyrrole doped with sulfonate anion

Pages 303-309
Sajad Pirsa, Naader Alizadeh



BODIPY modified 9-cycloheptatrienylidene fluorene derivatives: Fluorescent “turn-on” for detecting Cu2+ with acidity independence

Pages 310-317
Binbin Hu, Qiang Su, Ping Lu, Yanguang Wang



2,2′-Diaminoazo-benzene, a potential scaffold for the synthesis of bis-ureas and thioureas: Solution phase anion sensing and binding studies

Pages 318-328
Bhaskar Garg, Tanuja Bisht, Shive Murat Singh Chauhan



Electrochemical sensing platform based on the quaternized cellulose nanoparticles/acetylene black/enzymes composite film

Pages 329-335
Ming Li, Ying Qi, Yonglan Ding, Qinglan Zhao, Junjie Fei, Jinping Zhou



Electroanalytical determination of sulfasalazine in pharmaceutical and biological samples using molecularly imprinted polymer modified carbon paste electrode

Pages 336-344
Susan Sadeghi, Ali Motaharian, Ali Zeraatkar Moghaddam



Gas sensing characteristics of Fe-doped tungsten oxide thin films

Pages 345-353
Tuquabo Tesfamichael, Andrea Ponzoni, Mohammed Ahsan, Guido Faglia



The multi fiber optode (MuFO): A novel system for simultaneous analysis of multiple fiber optic oxygen sensors

Pages 354-359
Jan P. Fischer, Ketil Koop-Jakobsen



A polarization-maintaining fiber loop mirror based sensor for liquid refractive index absolute measurement

Pages 360-364
Chuan Zhong, Changyu Shen, Yang You, Jinlei Chu, Xin Zou, Xinyong Dong, Yongxing Jin, Jianfeng Wang



A specific sensing ensemble for cyanide ion in aqueous solution

Pages 365-369
Liheng Feng, Yue Wang, Fei Liang, Wen Liu, Xiaoju Wang, Haipeng Diao



Reusable phosphorescent probes based on molecularly imprinted polymers for the determination of propranolol in urine

Pages 370-375
Adrián Álvarez, José Manuel Costa, Rosario Pereiro, Alfredo Sanz-Medel



Reaction-based chemosensor for the reversible detection of cyanide and cadmium ions

Pages 376-380
Seokan Park, Hae-Jo Kim



Electrocatalytic reduction and determination of p-nitrophenol on acetylene black paste electrode coated with salicylaldehyde-modified chitosan

Pages 381-389
Peihong Deng, Zhifeng Xu, Yonglan Feng, Junhua Li



Cell phone-based two-dimensional spectral analysis for banana ripeness estimation

Pages 390-394
Yuttana Intaravanne, Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn, Jiti Nukeaw



Molecularly imprinted polymers based electrochemical sensor for bovine hemoglobin recognition

Pages 395-401
Xianwen Kan, Zonglan Xing, Anhong Zhu, Zhe Zhao, Guilin Xu, Chen Li, Hong Zhou



A generalized approach for design of photonic gas sensors based on Vernier-effect in mid-IR

Pages 402-420
Vittorio M.N. Passaro, Benedetto Troia, Francesco De Leonardis



Biomorphic synthesis and gas response of In2O3 microtubules using cotton fibers as templates

Pages 421-428
Peng Song, Qi Wang, Zhongxi Yang



Boehmite nanorod/gold nanoparticle nanocomposite film for an easy-to-use optical humidity sensor

Pages 429-435
Priyank Mohan, Ryuzo Shinta, Jun Fujiwara, Hiroaki Takahashi, Derrick Mott, Yasufumi Matsumura, Goro Mizutani, Kentaro Iwami, Norihiro Umeda, Shinya Maenosono



Probing single molecule interactions by AFM using bio-functionalized dendritips

Pages 436-441
Eric Jauvert, Etienne Dague, Marjorie Séverac, Laurence Ressier, Anne-Marie Caminade, Jean-Pierre Majoral, Emmanuelle Trévisiol

Micro TAS Section



Sorting and lysis of single cells by BubbleJet technology

Pages 442-445
Henning Hoefemann, Simon Wadle, Natalia Bakhtina, Vitaliy Kondrashov, Nicolai Wangler, Roland Zengerle



Controllable construction of ordered three-dimensional microbeads structure and its application in enzyme-linked immunosorbent microarray

Pages 446-452
Hulie Zeng, Yoriko Inoue, Kosuke Moritani, Moeka Nishiwaki, Hizuru Nakajima, Katsumi Uchiyama




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