ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 46 / 3


Effects of gas diffusivity and reactivity on sensing properties of thick film SnO2-based sensors
Shimizu , Yasuhiro, pp.: 163-168

A SrF2-based oxygen sensor operative at low temperature
Lee , Jae-Hyun, pp.: 169-173

An integrated gas sensor based on tin oxide thin-film and improved micro-hotplate
Tang , Zhenan, pp.: 174-179

Fabrication and characterization of a new automotive air-to-fuel sensors based on Pt- and TiO2-doped Nb2O5 film deposited by IBED, Jianzhong , Zhu, pp.: 180-185

Silica effect on [alpha]-Fe2O3 humidity sensor
Pelino , Mario, pp.: 186-193

Mechanism in Nb doped titania oxygen gas sensor
Sharma , R.K., pp.: 194-201

Photochemical sensors based on amorphous silicon thin films
Fortunato , Elvira, pp.: 202-207

Calcium zirconate for the monitoring of hydrocarbons
Chiang , Y., pp.: 208-212

Screen-printable surfactant-induced sol--gel graphite composites for electrochemical sensors
Guo , Yizhu, pp.: 213-219

Microfabricated disposable DNA sensor for detection of hepatitis B virus DNA
Hashimoto , Koji, pp.: 220-225

In situ control of the electrochemical gap height modification of a suspended gate field-effect transistor by
capacitance--voltage measurement technique, Meister , V., pp.: 226-235

Electrocatalytic reactions of hydrogen peroxide at carbon paste electrodes modified by some metal hexacyanoferrates
Garjonyte. , Rasa, pp.: 236-241

Chrono amperometric determination of hydrogen peroxide in swimming pool water using an ultramicroelectrode array
Schwake , A., pp.: 242-248

Development of needle-type glucose sensor with high selectivity
Yang , Qingling, pp.: 249-256



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