ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 47 / 1-3


The EMOSFET as a potentiometric transducer in an oxygen sensor
Hendrikse , J., pp.: 1-8

H2PO-4-selective CHEMFETs with uranyl salophene receptors
Antonisse , Martijn M.G., pp.: 9-12

Reagentless carbon paste phosphate biosensors: preliminary studies
Ferna'ndez , J.J., pp.: 13-20

Preparation and characterization of platinum coatings for long life-time BOD biosensor
Tammeveski , Kaido, pp.: 21-29

A lactoperoxidase-based flow injection amperometric biosensor for iodide detection
Desmond , Donal, pp.: 30-36

Novel, self-organising materials for use in gas sensor arrays: beating the humidity problem.
Clements , J., pp.: 37-42

Study of ion-selective evaporated calixarene film used as a sensitive layer on ISFET sensors
Mlika , R., pp.: 43-47

A flow-through cell with integrated coulometric pH actuator
Bo"hm , S., pp.: 48-53

Helium purity control by thin film gas sensors at the NA-48 experiment at CERN
Guidi , Vincenzo, pp.: 54-58

Computational approaches to the chemical sensitivity of semiconducting tin dioxide
Rantala , Tuomo, pp.: 59-64

Coloration reactions between NO2 and organic compounds in porous glass for cumulative gas sensor
Tanaka , Tohru, pp.: 65-69

Self-assembled monolayers of mercaptoporphyrins as sensing material for quartz crystal microbalance chemical sensors, Paolesse , Roberto, pp.: 70-76

High-precision neural pre-processing for signal analysis of a sensor array
Gnani , Dario, pp.: 77-83

Highly selective CO sensor using stabilized zirconia and a couple of oxide electrodes
Miura , Norio, pp.: 84-91

In2O3 and MoO3--In2O3 thin film semiconductor sensors: interaction with NO2 and O3
Gurlo , A., pp.: 92-99

New design of an SnO2 gas sensor on low temperature cofiring ceramics
Teterycz , H., pp.: 100-103

Transient response of thick-film tin oxide gas-sensors to multicomponent gas mixtures
Llobet , E., pp.: 104-112

Evaluation of a commercially available fluorocarbon gas sensor for monitoring air pollutants
Sarry , Fre'de'ric, pp.: 113-117

Pseudo-random binary sequence interrogation technique for gas sensors
Amrani , M.E.H., pp.: 118-124

Response of metal--insulator--silicon carbide sensors to different components in exhaust gases
Tobias , Peter, pp.: 125-130

A parallel analysis of oxygen and combustibles in solid electrolyte amperometric cells
Somov , S.I., pp.: 131-138

Structural studies of sputtered noble metal catalysts on oxide surfaces
Mizsei , J., pp.: 139-144

Thin (NiO)1-x(Al2O3)x, Al doped and Al coated NiO layers for gas detection with HSGFET
Bo"gner , M., pp.: 145-152

Anomalous behaviour of new thick film gas sensitive composition
Teterycz , H., pp.: 153-157

An interpretation of NO response kinetics for copper phthalocyanine-based binary Langmuir--Blodgett films in the context of the gas diffusion model, Emelianov , Iouri, pp.: 158-163

AES, SIMS, XPS analysis and electrical conductance of Ta-doped SrTiO3 thin films
Varhegyi , E.B., pp.: 164-170

A low-cost oxygen sensor fabricated as a screen-printed semiconductor device suitable for unheated operation at ambient temperatures, Atkinson , John, pp.: 171-180

SnO2-based thick-film-resistive sensor for H2S detection in the concentration range of 1--10 mg m-3
Malyshev , V.V., pp.: 181-188

Elaboration and characterization of SnO2--Mn2O3 thin layers prepared by electrostatic spray deposition
Gourari , H., pp.: 189-193

SnO2--TiO2 solid solutions for gas sensors 
Radecka , Marta, pp.: 194-204

Electrical and spectroscopic characterization of SnO2 and Pd-SnO2 thick films studied as CO gas sensors
Chiorino , A., pp.: 205-212

Highly sensitive NO2 sensor device featuring a JFET-like transducer mechanism
Hoefer , U., pp.: 213-217

Monitoring of NH3 gas by LB polypyrrole-based SAW sensor
Penza , M., pp.: 218-224

A novel silicon-based sensor array with capacitive EIS structures
Scho"ning , M.J., pp.: 225-230

An attempt to apply Elman's neural-network to the recognition of methane pulses
Brudzewski , Kazimierz, pp.: 231-234

A BioFET on the basis of intact insect antennae
Scho"ning , M.J., pp.: 235-238

Adhesive interactions of liposomes with supported planar bilayers on QCM as a new adhesion model
Liebau , M., pp.: 239-245

Immunoenzymatic sensitisation of membrane ion-selective electrodes
Koncki , Robert, pp.: 246-250



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