ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 48 / 1-3


Basic analysis on the origin of asymmetry potentials observed with ion-selective polymer matrix membranes
Schwake , A., pp.: 251-257

Selective detection of methane in domestic environments using a catalyst sensor system based on Ga2O3
Flingelli , G.K., pp.: 258-262

Nanostructured oxide thin films for gas sensors
Kosacki , Igor, pp.: 263-269
Gas-sensitive electrical properties of perovskite-type SmFeO3 thick films
Carotta , Maria Cristina, pp.: 270-276

In-situ EXAFS analysis of the local environment of Pt particles incorporated in thin films of SnO2 semi-conductor oxide used as gas-sensors, Gaidi , M., pp.: 277-284

MoO3-based sputtered thin films for fast NO2 detection
Ferroni , M., pp.: 285-288

Response of a poly(pyrrole) resistive micro-bridge to ethanol vapour
Gardner , J.W., pp.: 289-295

Room temperature ozone sensing with KI layers integrated in HSGFET gas sensors
Fuchs , A., pp.: 296-299

Olfactory images by scanning Kelvin method
Mizsei , J., pp.: 300-304

Micromachined methane sensor based on low resolution spectral modulation of IR absorption radiation
Silveira , J.P., pp.: 305-307

A screen-printed amperometric dissolved oxygen sensor utilising an immobilised electrolyte gel and membrane 
Glasspool , Wendy, pp.: 308-317

Gas-sensitive electrical properties of pure and doped semiconducting Ga2O3 thick films
Frank , J., pp.: 318-321

Gas-sensing properties of SnxWO3+x mixed oxide thick films
Solis , J.L., pp.: 322-327

An ellipsometric study of LB films in a controlled atmosphere
Rella , R., pp.: 328-332

Effect of nitrogen dioxide on titanium bisphthalocyaninato
thin films, Capobianchi , A., pp.: 333-338

Response of a sensor based on ytterbium bisphthalocyanine Langmuir--Blodgett films to selected herbicides
A'lvarez , J., pp.: 339-343

Improvement of potentiometric selectivity of ion-exchanger based membranes doped with co-exchanger Origin of the effect, Mikhelson , Konstantin N., pp.: 344-350

Electrical and gas sensing properties of copper phthalocyanine--polymer composites
Fedoruk , G.G., pp.: 351-355

Buried microchannels in photopolymer for delivering of solutions to neurons in a network
Heuschkel , M.O., pp.: 356-361

Conducting polymers doped with metallic inclusions: New materials for gas sensors
Torsi , L., pp.: 362-367

Kelvin prove investigation of self-assembled-monolayers of thiol derivatized porphyrins interacting with volatile
compounds, Di Natale , Corrado, pp.: 368-372

Effect of gas adsorption on the surface structure of [beta]-Ga2O3 studied by XPS and conductivity measurements
Josepovits , V.K., pp.: 373-375

Stability and oxidation of the sandwich type gas sensors based on thin metal films
Galdikas , A., pp.: 376-382

Determination of cyanide in waste waters using a quartz crystal microbalance
Gomes , M. Teresa S.R., pp.: 383-386

The influence of molybdenum on the properties of SnO2 ceramic sensors
Ivanovskaya , M., pp.: 387-391

Combined Seebeck and resistive SnO2 gas sensors, a new selective device
Ionescu , Radu, pp.: 392-394

Pd-doped SnO2 thin films deposited by assisted ultrasonic spraying CVD for gas sensing: selectivity and effect of annealing, Briand , D., pp.: 395-402

Air sensitive tin dioxide thin films by magnetron sputtering and thermal oxidation technique
Shishkin , N.Y., pp.: 403-408

An environmental monitoring system for trace metals using stripping voltammetry
Desmond , D., pp.: 409-414

Sensor system for the detection of organic pollutants in water by thickness shear mode resonators
Ro"sler , Steffen, pp.: 415-424

Numerical simulation of the electrode geometry and position effects on semiconductor gas sensor response
Vilanova , X., pp.: 425-431

Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy: prospects of superstrate refractive index variation for separate
extraction of molecular layer parameters, Beketov , G.V., pp.: 432-438

Use of carbonic anhydrase in electrochemical biosensors for dissolved CO2
Cammaroto , C., pp.: 439-447

Optimal configuration of a thermally cycled gas sensor array with neural network pattern recognition
Corcoran , P., pp.: 448-455

Surface plasmon resonance sensor for pesticide detection
Chegel , V.I., pp.: 456-460

Computer simulation of transport processes in biosensor microreactors
Kukla , A.L., pp.: 461-466

FET based biosensor for estimation of the effect of Ca2+and Mg2+ on the immobilised butyrlycholinesterase
Khomutov , S.M., pp.: 467-470

Cellulose based bulk pH optomembranes
Wro'blewski , Wojciech, pp.: 471-475

Optical fibre fluorescence and toxicity sensor
Merchant , D., pp.: 476-484

The behaviour of cation-selective glass electrodes as a result of ion exchange Na+<->Ag+ and Li+<->Ag+ at the glass/solution boundary, Belyustin , A.A., pp.: 485-490

Long-lived potentiometric sensors with poly(vinylchloride) and photopolymerized polyacrylate matrix anion sensitive membranes, applied on field effect transistors and silver coated ceramic substrates, Kolytcheva , Nadei[cedil]da V., pp.: 491-500

Slow pH response effects of silicon nitride ISFET sensors
Woias , P., pp.: 501-504

Planar thick-film pH electrodes based on ruthenium dioxide hydrate
Mihell , J.A., pp.: 505-511



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