ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 49 / 1-2


DNA quantification with an electrochemiluminescence microcell
Hsueh , Yun-Tai, pp.: 1-4

A surface plasmon resonance-based immunosensor for highly sensitive detection of morphine
Sakai , Go, pp.: 5-12

A silicon-based ultrasonic immunoassay for detection of breast cancer antigens
Wang , Amy W., pp.: 13-21

Thick oxidised porous silicon layer as a thermo-insulating membrane for high-temperature operating thin- and thick-film gas sensors, Maccagnani , P., pp.: 22-29

Wire bonding over insulating substrates by electropolymerization of polypyrrole using a scanning micro-needle 
Shiratori , Seimei Sha, pp.: 30-33

A chemical micro analysis system for the measurement of pressure, flow rate, temperature, conductivity,
UV-absorption and fluorescence, Norlin , Peter, pp.: 34-39

Fluidic interconnects for modular assembly of chemical microsystems
Gonza'lez , C., pp.: 40-45

CO-Sensor for domestic use based on high temperature stable Ga2O3 thin films
Schwebel , T., pp.: 46-51

Remote sensing of gas/odor source location and concentration distribution using mobile system
Ishida , Hiroshi, pp.: 52-57

A novel semiconductor NO gas sensor operating at room temperature
Zhang , Wenyi, pp.: 58-62

Conductivity and work function ozone sensors based on indium oxide
Doll , T. , pp.: 63-67

A micro-planar amperometric glucose sensor unsusceptible to interference species
Matsumoto , T., pp.: 68-72

Nanoscaled interdigitated electrode arrays for biochemical sensors
Van Gerwen , Peter, pp.: 73-80

A low-power CMOS compatible integrated gas sensor using maskless tin oxide sputtering
Sheng , Lie-yi, pp.: 81-87

Thin-film gas sensor implemented on a low-power-consumption micromachined silicon structure
Guidi , Vincenzo, pp.: 88-92

A first principles model of metal oxide gas sensors for measuring combustibles
Brailsford , A.D., pp.: 93-100

A compact solid-state amperometric sensor for detection of NO2 in ppb range
Miura , Norio, pp.: 101-109

Enhancement of sensitivity and conductivity of semiconducting Ga2O3 gas sensors by doping with SnO2
Frank , J., pp.: 110-114

High temperature tolerant diamond-based microelectronic oxygen gas sensor
Gurbuz , Y., pp.: 115-120

Dilute hydrogen sulfide sensing properties of CuO--SnO2 thin film prepared by low-pressure evaporation method
Tamaki , Jun, pp.: 121-125

Dynamic surface tension measured with an integrated sensor--actuator using electrolytically generated gas bubbles
Olthuis , Wouter, pp.: 126-132

High temperature semiconductor sensor for the detection of fluorine
Vasiliev , Alexei, pp.: 133-138

Synthesis and evaluation of fluoropolyol isomers as saw microsensor coatings: role of humidity and temperature
Rebie`re , Dominique, pp.: 139-145

A physical model for drift in pH ISFETs
Jamasb , Shahriar, pp.: 146-155

Plasticised polymeric electrolytes: new extremely versatile receptor materials for gas sensors (VOC monitoring) and electronic noses (odour identification/discrimination), Buhlmann , K., pp.: 156-165



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