ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 49 / 3


Gastric PCO2 monitoring system based on a double membrane type PCO2 sensor
Sekiguchi , Tetsushi, pp.: 171-178

Characterization of polymers for a capacitive-type humidity sensor based on water sorption behavior
Matsuguchi , M., pp.: 179-185

Neural network signal detection of an SO2 electrode
Syu , Mei-Jywan, pp.: 186-194

Identification of natural spring water using shear horizontal SAW based sensors
Campitelli , Andrew P., pp.: 195-201

Development of a flow-through immunoassay system
Abdel-Hamid , I., pp.: 202-210

Potentiometric pH sensors based on urethane--acrylate photocurable polymer membranes
Puig-Lleixa , C., pp.: 211-217

Surface acoustic wave humidity sensor based on a thin PolyXIO film
Tashtoush , N.M., pp.: 218-225

Development of chromogenic reactands for optical sensing of alcohols
Mohr , Gerhard J., pp.: 226-234

The effect of NO2 on optical absorption in Langmuir--Blodgett films of octa-substituted amphiphilic
copper phthalocyanine molecules, Hassan , A.K., pp.: 235-239

Humidity sensors using polyvinyl alcohol mixed with electrolytes
Yang , Mu-Rong, pp.: 240-247

Nitrogen oxides sensing characteristics of Zn2SnO4 thin film
Yamada , Yasushi, pp.: 248-252

Determination of glucose, ascorbic and citric acids by two-ISFET multienzyme sensor
Volotovsky , Viatcheslav, pp.: 253-257

Pd/PVDF thin film hydrogen sensor based on laser-amplitude-modulated optical-transmittance: dependence
on H2 concentration and device physics, Mandelis , Andreas, pp.: 258-267

Interference-based amygdalin sensor with emulsin and peroxidase
Tatsuma , Tetsu, pp.: 268-272

Fabrication of semiconductor oxide thick films by slide-off transfer printing and their NO2-sensing properties
Kawahara , Akihiko, pp.: 273-278

Pressure influence in capacitive humidity measurement
Luijten , C.C.M., pp.: 279-282

Erratum to `Liquid-petroleum-gas sensor based on a spinel semiconductor, ZnGa2O4[Sensors and Actuators B, 46 (1998) 1-7], Satyanarayana , L., pp.: 283-283



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