ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 50 / 2



Development of a coulometric CO2 gas sensor
Trapp , T., pp.: 97-103

Study of amorphous tin oxide thin films for ISFET applications
Liao , Hung-Kwei, pp.: 104-109

Harmonic frequency analysis of SAW resonator chemical sensors: application to the detection of carbon dioxide and humidity, Korsah , Kofi, pp.: 110-116

Failure analysis of microfabricated iridium ultramicroelectrodes in chloride media
Nolan , Melissa A., pp.: 117-124

Dense diffusion barrier limiting current oxygen sensors
Garzon , Fernando, pp.: 125-130

Cyclic voltammetric response of boron-doped homoepitaxially grown single crystal and polycrystalline CVD diamond
Ramesham , R., pp.: 131-139

Detection of arc- or corona-discharge in SF6-insulated equipments by using an OTDR method and corner cube prisms coated with dye films, Kawamura , Marenori, pp.: 140-144

Analysis of electrochemical processes using surface plasmon resonance
Iwasaki , Yuzuru, pp.: 145-148

Detection of propylene under oxidizing conditions using zirconia-based potentiometric sensor
Hibino , Takashi, pp.: 149-155

Enzymeless approach for the determination of some biologically important species
Berchmans , Sheela, pp.: 156-163

Chemiresistive sensors of electrically conducting poly(2,5-thienylene vinylene) and copolymers: their
responses to nine organic vapours, De Wit , M., pp.: 164-172



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