ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 50 / 3


Development of high sensitivity tin oxide based sensors for gas/odour detection at room temperature
Srivastava , Roopali, pp.: 175-180

A new approach to the design of amperometric gas sensors
Hodgson , Alexia W.E., pp.: 181-185

CuO/SnO2 thin film heterostructures as chemical sensors to H2S
Vasiliev , R.B., pp.: 186-193

Adaptive resonance neural classifier for identification of gases/odours using an integrated sensor array
Shukla , K.K., pp.: 194-203

Whole blood assay of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase: potential for simplified immunoassay
Tham , Sock Ying, pp.: 204-209

Integrated optical pH sensor using replicated chirped grating coupler sensor chips
Du"bendorfer , J., pp.: 210-219

Effects of different adsorbed species on ultrafine CO sensors
Lu , Fan, pp.: 220-226
High sensitivity ethanol gas sensor integrated with a solid-state heater and thermal isolation improvement  structure for legal drink-drive limit detecting, Ho , Jyh-Jier, pp.: 227-233

Gasochromic effect of palladium doped peroxopolytungstic acid films prepared by the sol-gel route
Orel , B., pp.: 234-245

Electronic nose and sensorial analysis: comparison of performances in selected cases
Di Natale , C., pp.: 246-252

Maximum separation-distance for a separated-electrode piezoelectric sensor: application to the determination of cationic surfactant adsorbed onto quartz surface, Shen , Dazhong, pp.: 253-258



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