ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 51 / 1-3


How to measure pO2 of tissue sealed in a transparent chamber:Development and construction of the first optrodes/optodes, Lu"bbers , D.W., pp.: 5-11

Subcellular optochemical nanobiosensors: probes encapsulated by biologically localised embedding (PEBBLEs)
Clark , Heather A., pp.: 12-16

Set of luminescence decay time based chemical sensors for clinical applications
Wolfbeis , Otto S., pp.: 17-24

Fibre optic techniques for remote spectroscopic methane detection---from concept to system realisation
Culshaw , B., pp.: 25-37

Reference-compensated biosensing using a dual-channel surface plasmon resonance sensor system based on a planar lightpipe configuration, Nenninger , G.G., pp.: 38-45

A fiber optic biosensor for multianalyte detection: importance of preventing fluorophore aggregation
Bakaltcheva , Irina B., pp.: 46-51

Development of a DNA biochip: principle and applications
Vo-Dinh , Tuan, pp.: 52-59

Controlling the sensitivity of optical oxygen sensors
Mills , Andrew, pp.: 60-68

Optical sensors for oxygen: a log-gaussian multisite-quenching model
Mills , Andrew, pp.: 69-76

Polymeric films in optical gas sensors
Brook , Thomas E., pp.: 77-83

Attenuated total reflection mid-infrared spectroscopy for clinical chemistry applications using silver halide fibers
Heise , H.M., pp.: 84-91

Comparison of fibre-optic SERS sensors with differently prepared tips
Viets , C., pp.: 92-99

Electrochemiluminescence of luminol for 2,4-D optical immunosensing in a flow injection analysis system
Marquette , Christophe A., pp.: 100-106

Novel chemiluminometric H2O2 sensors for the selective flow injection analysis
Janasek , D., pp.: 107-113

New NIR methine dyes as sensing agents for ammonia
Landl , M., pp.: 114-120

Development of a piezo-optical chemical monitoring system
Wright , John D., pp.: 121-130

Resonant grating sensors using frustrated total-internal reflection
Goddard , Nicholas J., pp.: 131-136

Biosensors on the basis of luminescent oxygen sensor: the use of microporous light-scattering support materials
Papkovsky , Dmitri B., pp.: 137-145

Monitoring the diffusion of vapour molecules in polymer films using SP-leaky-mode spectroscopy
Podgorsek , R.P., pp.: 146-151

Investigation of fiber-optic evanescent-wave sensors for detection of liquid hydrocarbons 
Tobis[caron]ka , Petr, pp.: 152-158

A new method for recognizing organic vapor by spectroscopic image on cataluminescence-based gas sensor
Nakagawa , Masuo, pp.: 159-162

A modular luminescence lifetime imaging system for mapping oxygen distribution in biological samples
Holst , Gerhard, pp.: 163-170

FLIM of luminescent oxygen sensors: clinical applications and results
Stu"cker , Markus, pp.: 171-175

A new sandwich-type diphthalocyanine as a potential optical transducer for NO2 detection
Baldini , F., pp.: 176-180

Immunofluorescence sensor for water analysis
Klotz , A., pp.: 181-187

Development of a submicron optochemical potassium sensor with enhanced stability due to internal reference
Koronczi , Ilona, pp.: 188-195

Photobleaching of a ruthenium complex in polymers used for oxygen optodes and its inhibition by singlet oxygen quenchers, Hartmann , Paul, pp.: 196-202

Sol-gel based optical sensor for dissolved ammonia
Lobnik , Aleksandra, pp.: 203-207

Assessment of water quality based on multiparameter fiber optic probe
Dybko , Artur, pp.: 208-213

Optical sensing of high acidity using a sol--gel entrapped indicator
Noire , M.H., pp.: 214-219

LED-based NIR spectrometer module for hand-held and process analyser applications
Malinen , Jouko, pp.: 220-226

Design of a fibre optic multi-point sensor for gas detection
Stewart , G., pp.: 227-232

Room temperature InAs photodiode--InGaAs LED pairs for methane detection in the mid-IR
Matveev , B., pp.: 233-237

Kinetic factors in the response of piezo-optical chemical monitoring devices
Gibson , Ceri A., pp.: 238-243

Development of a piezo-optical chemical monitoring system for nitrogen dioxide
Colin , Florence, pp.: 244-248

New ways in bioanalysis---one-way optical sensor chip for environmental analysis
Meusel , Markus, pp.: 249-255

Detection of environmental pollutants using optical biosensor with immobilized algae cells
Frense , Dieter, pp.: 256-260

Biomass monitoring using the photoacoustic effect
Schmidt , Kai, pp.: 261-267

Molecular arrangement of adsorbed fibrinogen molecules characterized by specific monoclonal antibodies and a surface plasmon resonance sensor, Dyr , J.E., pp.: 268-272

2-Dimensional fluorescence spectroscopy for on-line bioprocess monitoring
Lindemann , C., pp.: 273-277

Physical analysis of teflon coated capillary waveguides
Dress , Peter, pp.: 278-284

Periodically structured metallic substrates for SERS
Kahl , M., pp.: 285-291

Silver films on diamond particles as substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Kostrewa , S., pp.: 292-297

A comparative study of spectral and angle-dependent SPR devices in biological applications
Aldinger , Ulrich, pp.: 298-304

The detection of phenols in water using a surface plasmon resonance system with specific receptors
Wright , John D., pp.: 305-310

Miniaturization of fiber optic surface plasmon resonance sensor
Slavi'k , Radan, pp.: 311-315

Surface plasmon chemical/biological sensor in integrated optics
Hugon , O., pp.: 316-320

Quantifying the information content of surface plasmon resonance reflection spectra
Chinowsky , Timothy M., pp.: 321-330

Novel polarization control scheme for spectral surface 
Homola , Jir[caron]i', pp.: 331-339

Inverted-graded index fiber structures for evanescent-wave chemical sensing
Mate[caron]jec , Vlastimil, pp.: 340-347

Origin of optical anisotropy in planar polymer waveguides
Hanisch , G., pp.: 348-354

Optical chemical sensing based on thin films of Prussian Blue
Koncki , Robert, pp.: 355-358

Fibre optic ammonia sensing employing novel near infrared dyes
Malins , C., pp.: 359-367

Optical fibre reflectance sensors for the detection of heavy metal ions based on immobilised Br-PADAP
Vaughan , Andrew A., pp.: 368-376

Selection of modulation frequency of excitation for luminescence lifetime-based oxygen sensors
Ogurtsov , Vladimir I., pp.: 377-381

Evaluation of fibre optical chemical sensors for flow analysis systems
Sotomayor , Pilar T., pp.: 382-390


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