ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 52 / 1-2


Enzyme sensors prepared by layer-by-layer deposition of enzymes on a platinum electrode through avidin--biotin interaction, Anzai , Jun-ichi, pp.: 3-9

An optochemical HCl gas sensor using 5,10,15,20-tetrakis (3',5'-di-tert-butyl,4'-hydroxyphenyl)
porphin-ethylcellulose composite films, Nakagawa , Katsuhiko, pp.: 10-14

Signal conditioning for semiconductor gas sensors being used as detectors in gas-chromatographs and similar applications, Beling , S., pp.: 15-22

Rapid measurement of transaminase activities using an amperometric l-glutamate-sensing electrode based on a glutamate oxidase--polyion complex-bilayer membrane, Mizutani , Fumio, pp.: 23-29

H2 selective gas sensor based on SnO2
Katsuki , A., pp.: 30-37

Modification of H2-sensitive breakdown voltages of SnO2 varistors with noble metals
Shimizu , Yasuhiro, pp.: 38-44

A new method for gas identification using a single semiconductor sensor 
Takada , Tadashi, pp.: 45-52

Stability and reliability of capacitive-type relative humidity sensors using crosslinked polyimide films
Matsuguch , Masanobu, pp.: 53-57

Electrochemical characterization of a microfabricated 
Reeder , Gregory S., pp.: 58-64

Surface design of SPR-based immunosensor for the effective binding of antigen or antibody in the evanescent field using mixed polymer matrix, Toyama , Shigeru, pp.: 65-71

Preparation and properties of amperometric uric acid sensors
Kuwabata , Susumu, pp.: 72-77

Biological determination of Ag(I) ion and arginine by using the composite film of electroinactive polypyrrole and polyion complex, Komaba , Shinichi, pp.: 78-83

Solid electrolyte NOx sensor using pyrochlore-type oxide electrode
Shimizu , Youichi, pp.: 84-89

Battery operated semiconductor CO sensor using pulse heating method
Nomura , Tohru pp.: 90-95

The gas-sensing of SmCoOX/MOX (M=Fe, Zn, In, Sn) having a heterojunction
Mochinaga , Ryoichi pp.: 96-99

Effects of Pt addition for SrSnO3--WO3 capacitive type sensor on NO detection at high temperature
Ishihara , Tatsumi pp.: 100-106

High-spatial resolution LAPS
Ito , Yoshitaka pp.: 107-111

A study of heating-up characteristics of solid-electrolyte type CO2 sensors
Futata , Hozumi pp.: 112-118

Microfabrication of chamber-type microchips and its applications for chemical sensors
Tian , Chen-Yun pp.: 119-124

Chemical imaging: concepts and visions for electronic and bioelectronic noses
Go"pel , Wolfgang pp.: 125-142

Chemical imaging: II. Trends in practical multiparameter sensor systems
Weimar , Udo pp.: 143-161

Characterization and design of porphyrins-based broad selectivity chemical sensors for electronic nose applications 
Di Natale , Corrado pp.: 162-168

High-temperature potentiometric/amperometric NOx sensors combining stabilized zirconia with mixed-metal oxide electrode, Miura , Norio pp.: 169-178

Selectivity in high-temperature operated semiconductor gas-sensors
Fleischer , M. pp.: 179-187

Application of nano-crystalline porous tin oxide thin film for CO sensing
Jin , Zhihong pp.: 188-194

Selected aspects of gas sensing
Brailsford , A.D. pp.: 195-203

Genetically engineered molecular networks for biosensing systems
Aizawa , Masuo pp.: 204-211



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