ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 52 / 3


Non-invasive, real-time and dynamic monitoring of CO2 and O2 simultaneously using modulated potential pulse-amperometry/coulometry, Zhou , Zhong-Bai pp.: 219-225

Rare earth oxide sensors for ethanol analysis
Chi Tsang , Shik pp.: 226-235

Dynamic reflectometry near the critical angle for high-resolution sensing of the index of refraction
Garci`a-Valenzuela , Augusto pp.: 236-242

On determining gas concentrations using dielectric thin-film helicoidal bianisotropic medium bilayers
Lakhtakia , Akhlesh pp.: 243-250

Electrical and CO gas sensing properties of ZnO--SnO2 composites
Haeng Yu , Ji pp.: 251-256

Glucose biosensor strip in a three electrode configuration based on composite and biocomposite materials applied by planar thick film technology, Gala'n-Vidal , C.A. pp.: 257-263

Titanyl phthalocyanine gas sensor for NO2 detection
Liu , C.J. pp.: 264-269

A novel high performance ethanol gas sensor based on CdO---Fe2O3 semiconducting materials
Liu , Xingqin pp.: 270-273

Silicone membrane measuring system with SnO2 gas sensor for on-line monitoring of volatile organic compounds in water, Strakova' , Ma'ria pp.: 274-282



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