ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 53 / 1-2


Design studies on piezoresistive humidity sensors
Buchhold , R. pp.: 1-7

A study of the sensing properties of thin film sensor to trimethylamine
Dai , Guorui pp.: 8-12

Chemical microsensors based on chalcogenide glasses for the detection of cadmium ions in solution
Guessous , A. pp.: 13-18

Electrode-sample capacitance effect on Ethanol sensitivity of nano-grained SnO2 thin films
Varghese , Oomman K. pp.: 19-23

Optimization of temperature programmed sensing for gas identification using micro-hotplate sensors
Kunt , Tekin A. pp.: 24-43

Effect of NiII ions on the properties of In2O3-based ceramic sensors
Ivanovskaya , M. pp.: 44-53

An electrochemical nitrogen sensor for iron and steel melts
Hong , Y.R. pp.: 54-57

Development of an amperometric enzyme electrode biosensor for fish freshness detection
Ghosh (Hazra) , S. pp.: 58-62

Polyimide, a new shielding layer for sensor applications
Wessa , T. pp.: 63-68

Square and collinear four probe array and Hall measurements on metal oxide thin film gas sensors
Faglia , G. pp.: 69-75

Gas sensing and structural properties of variously pretreated nanopowder tin (IV) oxide samples
J. Willett , Martin pp.: 76-90

A novel fiber-optic gas-sensing configuration using extremely curved optical fibers and an attempt for optical humidity detection, Otsuki , Soichi pp.: 91-96

A method of reducing oxygen induced drift in iridium oxide pH sensors
Hendrikse , J. pp.: 97-103

Investigation of a robust flow-through Cu(I) optical sensor using 2,9-dimethyl-4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline
immobilized into a Nafion film, Ervin , A.M. pp.: 104-110

Stability and function of screen printed electrodes, based on cholinesterase, stabilised by a co-polymer/ sugar alcohol mixture, Hart , A.L. pp.: 111-115

Design and characteristics of DBR-laser-based environmental sensors
Beregovski , Yuri pp.: 116-124

Humidity standards for low level water vapor sensing and measurements
Huang , P.H. pp.: 125-127



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