ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 54 / 1-2


Surface plasmon resonance sensors: review
Homola , Jir[caron]i' pp.: 3-15

Surface plasmon resonance sensors based on diffraction gratings and prism couplers: sensitivity comparison
Homola , Jir[caron]i' pp.: 16-24

Enhanced sensitivity of wavelength modulated surface plasmon resonance devices using dispersion from a dye solution, Hanning , A. pp.: 25-36

Long-range surface plasmons in asymmetric layered metal-dielectric structures
Lyndin , N.M. pp.: 37-42

Surface plasmon resonance interferometry for biological and chemical sensing
Nikitin , P.I. pp.: 43-50

Surface plasmon resonance bio- and chemical sensors with phase-polarisation contrast
Kabashin , A.V. pp.: 51-56

Prototype of a multi-channel planar substrate SPR probe 
Johnston , Kyle S. pp.: 57-65

Theory and modelling of optical waveguide sensors utilising surface plasmon resonance
C[caron]tyroky' , J. pp.: 66-73

Single-mode optical fiber surface plasmon resonance sensor
Slavi'k , Radan pp.: 74-79

Performance comparison between high and low resolution spectrophotometers used in a white light surface plasmon resonance sensor, Johnston , Kyle S. pp.: 80-88

Optimal linear data analysis for surface plasmon resonance biosensors
Chinowsky , Timothy M. pp.: 89-97

Compact surface plasmon resonance-transducers with spectral readout for biosensing applications
Stemmler , I. pp.: 98-105

Fiber optic sensor based on gold island plasmon resonance
Merinudeau , F. pp.: 106-117

Surface plasmon resonance of colloidal Au-modified gold films
Lyon , V. Andrew pp.: 118-124

An intrinsically protein-resistant surface plasmon resonance biosensor based upon a RF-plasma-deposited thin film
Mar , Mimi N. pp.: 125-131

Antibody networks for surface plasmon resonance immunosensors
Brynda , Eduard pp.: 132-136

Surface plasmon resonance measurement of binding and dissociation of wild-type and mutant streptavidin on mixed biotin-containing alkylthiolate monolayers, Jung , Linda S. pp.: 137-144

Probing the electrochemical deposition and/or desorption of self-assembled and electropolymerizable organic thin films by surface plasmon spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy, Badia , A. pp.: 145-165

Real time sensing of specific molecular binding using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Pfeifer , Peter pp.: 166-175

SPR immunosensor integrated two miniature enzyme sensors
Suzuki , Masayasu pp.: 176-181

Integrated analytical sensors: the use of the TISPR-1 as a biosensor
Elkind , J.L. pp.: 182-190



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