ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 55 / 2-3


Screen-printed perovskite-type thick films as gas sensors for environmental monitoring
Martinelli , Giuliano pp.: 99-110

Development of continuous air quality monitoring systems at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for conventional pollutants and their performance evaluation, Mahadevan , T.N. pp.: 111-117

A smart gas sensor for monitoring environmental changes in closed systems: results from the MIR space station
Persaud , Krishna C. pp.: 118-126

Impedance studies of an LPG sensor using surface ruthenated tin oxide
Chaudhary , V.A. pp.: 127-133

Sol--gel derived pure and palladium activated tin oxide films for gas-sensing applications
De , G. pp.: 134-139

Very low power consumption micromachined CO sensors
Faglia , G. pp.: 140-146

A low temperature H2 sensor based on intermediate hydroxy tin oxide
Jayaraman , V. pp.: 147-153

Selective hydrogen sensing properties of surface functionalized tin oxide
Chaudhary , V.A. pp.: 154-160

High ethanol sensitivity in sol--gel derived SnO2 thin films 
Varghese , Oomman K. pp.: 161-165

Gas sensitivity of ZnO based thick film sensor to NH3 at room temperature
Rao , G.S. Trivikrama pp.: 166-169

Electrical and sensor properties of FeNbO4: a new sensor material
Gnanasekar , K.I. pp.: 170-174

Preparation and characterisation of Cr2-xTixO3+[delta] and its sensor properties
Jayaraman , V. pp.: 175-179

Effect of Li+ doping on ZrO2--TiO2 humidity sensor
Jain , M.K. pp.: 180-185

Study of bi-coloured leaves by microwave microstrip moisture sensor
Yogi , R.A. pp.: 186-190

Chemically modified sensor for amperometric determination of sulphur dioxide
Ravi Shankaran , D. pp.: 191-194

A PVC-based 12-crown-4 membrane potentiometric sensor for zinc (II) ions
Gupta , Vinod K. pp.: 195-200

PVC-based neutral carrier and organic exchanger membranes as sensors for the determination of Ba2+ and Sr2+
Gupta , Vinod K. pp.: 201-211

Fiber optic sensor for determining adulteration of petrol and diesel by kerosene
Roy , Sukhdev pp.: 212-216

A capacitive pressure gauge as a reliable transfer pressure standard
Kumar , Yashwant pp.: 217-221

Magnetic field sensor based on second harmonic response of polycrystalline YBCO pellets
Dey , T.K. pp.: 222-226



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