ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 57 / 1-3


Semiconducting oxides as gas-sensitive resistors,
D.E. Williams, pp. 1-16

Effect of micro-electrode geometry on response of thin-film poly(pyrrole) and poly(aniline) chemoresistive sensors, P. Ingleby, pp. 17-27

Organic vapour sensing using thin films of a co-ordination polymer: comparison of electrical and optical techniques, R. Casalini, M.C. Petty, pp. 28-34

Enhanced room temperature gas sensing with metal oxides by means of the electroadsorptive effect in HSGFET, K. Scharnagl, pp. 35-38

The application of nanocrystalline BaTiO3-composite films as CO2-sensing layers
P. Keller, pp. 39-46

Towards REFET, 

M. Chudy, Z. Brzozka, pp. 47-50

Effect of air humidity on the MOS tunnel structures capacitance
P.P. Fastykovsky, pp. 51-55

Ion-sensitive field-effect transistors fabricated in a commercial CMOS technology
J. Bausells, A. Errachid, pp. 56-62

New ISFET sensor interface circuit for biomedical applications
B. Palan, pp. 63-68

Influence of atmospheric pollutants on the conductance of phthalocyanine films
A. De Haan, A. Decroly, pp 69-74

Frequency counting interrogation techniques applied to gas sensor arrays 
M.E.H. Amrani, P.A. Payne, pp. 75-82

A capacitive CO2 sensor system with suppression of the humidity interference
H.E. Endres, pp. 83-87

Soluble phthalocyanines as coatings for quartz-microbalan-ces: Specific and unspecific sorption of volatile organic compounds, C. Fietzek, pp. 88-98

Detection of water vapour or carbon dioxide using a zirconia pump-gauge sensor
W.C. Maskell, pp. 99-107

The semistor: a new concept in selective methane detection
G. Williams, G.S.V. Coles, pp. 108-114

Adsorbed water as key to room temperature gas-sensitive reactions in work function type sensors: the carbonate - carbon dioxide system, B. Ostrick, pp. 115-119

Development of a dissolved carbon dioxide sensor based on a coulometric titration
K. Wiegran, pp. 120-124

Langmuir-Blodgett films of poly[3-(butylthio)thiophene]: optical properties and electrical measurements in controlled atmosphere, R. Rella, pp. 125-129

Micromachined thin film SnO2 gas sensors in temperature pulsed operation mode
M. Jaegle, J. Wollenstein, pp. 130-134

System for detecting environmental ppb-level nitrogen dioxide I
Y.Y. Maruo, pp. 135-141

Discrimination of carbon dioxide and forane R134a using figaro type sensors TGS 832
F. Sarry, M. Lumbreras, pp. 142-146

Preparation of nickel oxide thin films for gas sensors applications, 
I. Hotovy, pp. 147-152

Effect of nickel ions on sensitivity on In2O3 thin film sensors to NO2, 
P. Bogdanov, pp. 153-158

Influence of catalytic reactivity on the response of metal-oxide-silicon carbide sensor to exhaust gases,
H. Svenningstorp, A.L. Spetz, pp. 159-165

Tungsten trioxide-based thick-film NO sensor: design and investigation,
A.A. Tomchenko, pp. 166-170

Tracer and surface spectroscopy studies of sensitivity mechanism of mercury ion chalcogenide glass sensors,
M. Miloshova, E. Bychkov, pp. 171-178

Gas sensing properties of Meso,meso'-buta-1,3-diyne-bridged Cu(II) octaethylporphyrin dimer  langmuir-blodgett films, D. Manno, pp. 179-182

Kelvin probe investigation of the thickness effects in langmuir-blodgett films of pyrrolic macrocycles sensitive to volatile compounds in gas phase, C. Di. Natale, pp. 183-187

Electrical and structural properties of RGTO - In2O3 sensors for ozone detection
G. Faglia, pp. 188-191

Humidity insensitive thick film methane sensor based on SnO2/Pt
B.W. Licznerski, pp. 192-196

Preparation of nanosized titania thick and thin films as gas-sensors
V. Guidi, pp. 197-200

Immunosensors based on supported lipid membranes, protein films and liposomes modified by antibodies
T. Hianik, pp. 201-212

Multienzyme electrochemical sensor array for determination of heavy metal ions
A.L. Kukla, pp. 213-218

In situ preparation of overoxidized PPy/oPPD bilayer biosensors for the determination of glucose and cholesterol in serum, J.C. Vidal, pp. 219-226

An optical glucose biosensor based on derived glucose oxidase immobilised onto a sol-gel matrix
S. De Marcos, J. Galban, pp. 227-232

Temperature dependence of an ammonia sensor in humid air based on a cryptophane-coated quartz microbalance
U. Schramm, pp. 233-237

Development of a generic IC compatible silicon transducer for immunoreactions
H. Berney, pp. 238-248

Discrimination of grape juice and fermented wine using a tin oxide multisensor
I. Sayago, J. Gutierrez, pp. 249-254

A humidity-independent ammonia sensor based on a quartz microbalance: A test under agricultural conditions 
T. Rechenback, pp. 255-260

Detection of volatile amines using a quartz crystal with gold electrodes
MTSR Gomes, pp. 261-267

Prussian blue based "artificial peroxidase" as a transducer for hydrogen peroxide detection. Application ot biosensors, A.A. Karyakin, pp. 268-273

Gas mixture analysis using a distributed chemical sensor system
T. Eklov, pp. 274-282



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