ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 59 / 1


MCM-41 modified SnO2 gas sensors: sensitivity and selectivity properties,
G. Li, S. Kawi, pp. 1-8

A new catalyst monitoring sensor for gasoline engine using YSZ-Al2O3 as solid electrolyte and gas diffusion barrier,
J.H. Lee, K.W. Han, pp. 9-15

Fluorescence-intensity changes in organic dyes impregnated in porous glass on exposure to NO2,
T. Ohyama, pp. 16-20

Application of the chemical imaging sensor to electrophysiological measurement of a neural cell,
H. Iwasaki, pp. 21-25

Application of semiconductor gas sensors for medical diganostics,
S.V. Ryabtsev, pp. 26-29

Zinc-selective membrane potentiometric sensor based on a recently synthesized benzo-substituted,  macrocyclic diamide, M. Shamsipur, pp. 30-34

The EMosfet as an oxygen sensor: constant current potentiometry, 
J. Hendrikse, pp. 35-41

pH-response of nanosized MnO2 prepared with solid state reaction route at room temperature,
L. Quingwen, L. Gouan, pp. 42-47

Acoustic near field process for the characterization of non-miscible liquids,
H. Nounah, B. Cros, pp. 48-53

Optical fiber humidity sensor using a nano fabry-perot cavity formed by the ionic self-assembly method,
F.J. Arregui, R. Claus, pp. 54-59

Electronic conduction in low oxygen partial pressure measurements using an amperometric zirconia oxygen sensor,
K.R. Sridhar, pp. 60-67



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