ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 59 / 2-3


The environmental control of atmospheric pollution. The framework directive and its development. The new European approach, J.S. Dos Santos-Alves, R. Fernandez, pp.69-74

Sensors and emissions control in waste treatment installations,
F. Tedjar, pp.75-77

The integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) directive and its implications for the environment and industrial activities in Europe, V. O'Malley, pp.78-82

Solid state electrochemical sensor for chlorine and hydrogen chloride gas trace analysis,
A. Pelloux, pp.83-88

NO2 detection by a resistive device based on n-InP epitaxial layers,
L. Talazac, pp.89-93

Gas composition determination in an air conditioned system using a sensor array: characterization of three different TGS sensors, F. Sarry, pp.94-99

Biosensor using immobilized Chlorella microalgae for determination of volatile organic compounds,
M. Naessen, C.Tran-Minh, pp.100-102

A diffusive sampler development and utilisation for the measurement of urban pollutants (Aldehydes),
A. Roche, pp.103-107

Polymer beads as nano-sensors,
R. Meallet-Renault, pp.108-112

Cuprite-modified electrode for the detection of iodide species,
G. Lefevre, A. Walcarius, pp.113-117

Electrochemical recognition of metal cations by redox-active receptors in homogeneous solution and in polymer films: some relevant examples, A. Ion, J.C. Moutet, pp.118-122

ISE and ISFET microsensors based on a sensitive chalcogenide glass for copper ion detection in solution,
G.Taillades, pp.123-127

The electrocatalytic reduction of organohalides by myoglobin and hemoglobin in a biomembrane-like film and its application to the electrochemical detection of pollutants: new trends and discussion, A.Alatorre, Ordaz, F. Bedioui, pp.128-133

Development of a PPO-poly(amphiphilic pyrrole) electrode for on site monitoring of phenol in aqueous effluents, 

S. Cosnier, pp.134-139

Adsorption and decomposition of methane on gallium oxide films,
D. Kohl, pp.140-145

Acoustic wave gas sensors,
J.D.N. Cheeke, pp.146-153

ISFET microsensors for the detection of pollutants in liquid media,
N. Jaffrezic-Renault, pp.154-164

Optimization of an ion microsensor using a crystallized membrane and an amorphous semiconductor as impedancemetric transducer, A. Barroil, P. Fabry, pp.165-170

The multi-layered effective permittivity function applied to the mass loading and viscous coupling in shear horizontal acoustic plate modes, F. Teston, pp.171-176

Potential of acoustic wave microsensors for aquatic ecotoxicity assessment based on microalgae,
L.Tessier, pp.177-179

Loading effects on A0 lamb-like waves in full and partially filled thin-walled tubes,
J.D.N. Cheeke, pp.180-183

High temperature oxygen sensors based on doped SrTiO3,
W. Menesklou, pp.184-189

Material chemistry of perovskite compounds as chemical sensors,
M. Post, pp.190-194

Gas detection for automotive pollution control, 
C. Pijolat, pp.195-202

Characterization of materials for gas sensors. Surface chemistry of SnO2 and MoOx-SnO2 nano-sized powders and electrical responses of the related thick films, A. Chiorino, G. Ghiotti, pp.203-209

Electrical properties under polluting gas (CO) of Pt and Pd doped polycrystalline SnO2 thin films: Analysis of the metal aggregate size effect, I. Matko, pp.210-215

Electrical properties and sensor characteristics for NH3 gas of sputtered CuBr films,
P. Lauque, J.L. Seguin, pp.216-219

Rutherford backscattering spectrometry investigations of chemical sensors for the detection of metals: application to calixarene and functionalized cottons, J. Davenas, pp.220-224

Thin films of hydrogenated amorphous silicon and polycrystalline silicon; Oxygen and hydrogen interaction effects on electrical properties, M. Aoucher, pp.225-230

Humidity sensors for automotive, appliances and consumer applications,
B. Patissier, pp.231-234

Micromachined thin film solid state electrochemical CO2, NO2 and SO2 gas sensors,
J.F. Currie, pp.235-241

The INO-lauralco HF monitoring programme: an overview,
B. Labranche, P. Galarneau, pp.242-248

Environmental applications of gas sensor arrays: combustion atmospheres and contaminated soils,
J. Getino, pp.249-254

Humidity dependence of a TGS gas sensor array in an air conditioned atmosphere,
C.Delpha, pp.255-259

Integrated solid-state gas sensors based on SnO2(Pd) for CO detection,
O. Renault, M. Labeau, pp.260-264



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