ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 60 / 1


Intenstity measurements in scattering media,
J.R. Lakowicz, pp. 1-7

Potassium and sodium measurements at clinical concentrations using phase-modulation fluorometry,
H. Szmacinski, J.R. Lakowicz, pp. 8-18

Application of the mixture of experts algorithm for signal processing in a non-invasive glucose monitoring system,
R.T. Kurnik, pp. 19-26

Pd-coated elastooptic fiber opticbragg grating sensors for multiplexed hydrogen sensing,
B. Sutapun, M. Tabib-Azar, pp. 27-34

Temperature modulation in semiconductor gas sensing,
M.P. Lee, pp. 35-42

A simple REFET for pH detection in differential mode,
A. Errachid, J. Bausells, pp. 43-48

Gas sensing properties of WO3 thick film for NO2 gas dependent on process condition,
Y.K. Chung, W.S. Um, pp. 49-56

Nitrogen oxides-sensing characteristics of WO3-based nanocrystalline thick film gas sensor,
D.S. Lee, D.D. Lee, pp. 57-63

Relationships between sensitivity, catalytic activity and surface areas of SnO2 gas sensors,
G.J. Li, S. Kawi, pp. 64-70

Influence of binders on the sensing and electrical characteristics of WO3 gas sensors,
H.J. Lim, pp. 71-77

Dynamic model to estimate the deoendence of gas sensor characteristics on temperature anf humidity in environment, S. Hirobayashi, pp. 78-82



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