ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 60 / 2-3


A new glucose sensor based on encapsulated glucose oxidase within organically-modified sol-gel glass,
P.C. Pandey, pp.83-89

Gas sensors for air quality monitoring: realisation and characterisation of undoped and noble metal doped SnO2 thin sensing films deposited by the pulsed laser ablation, S. Nicoletti, pp.90-96

Consolidated biocomposite membrane technology for production of potentiometric biosensors,
A. Merkoci, S. Alegret, pp.97-105

Selective methane detection under varying moisture conditions using static and dynamic sensor signals,
J. Orts, X. Correig, pp.106-117

Effect of surfaces modification on NO2 sensing properties of SnO2 varistor-type sensors,
Y. Shimizu, pp.118-124

Nanoparticle engineering for gas sensor optimisation: Improved sol-gel fabricated nanocrystalline SnO2 thick gas sensor for NO2 detection by calcination, catalytic metal introduction and grinding treatments, A. Dieguez, pp.125-137

A metallic oxide gas sensor aray for a selective detection of the CO and NH3 gases,
L.Chambon, pp.138-147

Gold and thiol surface functionalized integrated optical Mach-Zehnder interferometer for sensing purposes,
S. Busse, S. Mittler-Neher, p.148-154

A miniature PTC thermistor based sensor element fabricated by tape casting technique,
S. Chatterjee, H.S. Maiti, pp.155-160

Mercury-electroplated-iridium microelectrode array based sensors for the detection of heavy metal ultratraces: optimization of the mercury charge, P.R.M. Silva, M.A. E.l. Khakani, pp.161-167

Concentration determination of gas by organic thin film sensor and back propagation network,
J.C. Chen, Y.H. Ju, pp.168-173

Oxygen sensors based on a new design concept for amperometric solid state devices,
K. Wallgren, S. Sotiropoulos, pp.174-183

Carbon film-based humidity sensor containing sodium or potassium. Recovery effect,
J.P. Lukaszewicz, pp.184-190

Analysis of optochemical absorbance sensors based on bidimensional planar ARROW microoptics,
I. Garces, pp.191-199

Characterization of the cement setting by acoustic near field,
B. Cros, pp.200-207 

Selective detection of ethanol vapor and hydrogen using Cd-doped SnO2-based sensors,
Z. Tianshu, pp.208-215

Molecularly imprinted self-assembled films with specificity to cholesterol,
S.A. Piletsky, pp.216-220

Gas sensing properties of the composite Langmuir-Blodgett films: effects of the film thickness and the Cd2+ addition into the subphase, I.L. Emelianov, pp.221-227

Pd/PVDF thin film hydrogen sensor system based on photopyroelectric purely-thermal-wave interference,
C. Wang, A. Mandelis, pp.228-237



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