ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 61 / 1-3


Multi-structure ion sensitive field effect transistor with a metal light shield,
H.K. Liaong, S.K. Hsiung, pp.1-5

Prediction of QCM gas sensor responses using a computational chemistry method,
K. Nakamura, pp.6-11

A novel sensor for C1-C8 hydrocarbons using two zirconia-based electrochemical cells,
T. Hibino, pp.12-18

Study on gas-sensing properties of Cd1-xAgxIn2O4,
X. Chu, X.Q. Liu, pp.19-22

Effect of texture and annealing treatments in SnO2 and Pd/SnO2 gas sensor materials,
V.M. Jimenez, A.R. Gonzalez-Elipe, pp.23-32

Preparation and properties of gamma-Fe2O3 and Y2O3 doped gamma-Fe2O3 by a sol-gel process,
S. Tao, pp.33-38

Role of water vapour in the interaction of SnO2 gas sensors with CO and CH4,
R. Ionescu, pp.39-42

Influence of oxygen concentration in the carrier gas on the response of tin dioxide sensor under hydrogen and methane, G. Tournier, pp. 43-50

Highly selective sensor materials for discriminating carbonyl compounds in the gas phase using quartz microbalances, C. Heil, pp. 51-58

Electrical and CO gas sensing properties of ZnO/SnO2 hetero-contact,
J.H. Yu, G.M. Choi, pp.59-67

Maximum separation-distance for a separated-electrode piezoelectric sensor in non-electrolyte liquids. Application to determination of the adsorption human immunoglobulin G onto quartz surface, Q. Kang, D. Shen, pp.68-74

Detection of 2-mercapteothanol using gold coated micromachined cantilevers,
P.G. Datskoa, pp.75-82

Effect of the pH value of the precipitation solution on the CO sensitivity of alpha-Fe2O3,
J.S. Han, pp. 83-91

Correcting lifetime measurements for temperature,
L.M. Coyle, M. Gouterman, pp.92-99

Remote opto-chemical sensing with extreme sensitivity: design, fabrication and performance of a pigtailed integrated optical phase-modulated Mach-Zehnder interferometer system, R.G. Heideman, P.V. Lambeck, pp.100-127

Multi-element heavy metal ion sensors for aqueous solutions,
S.B. Saban, R.B. Darling, pp.128-137

The electrical conductance and gas-sensing properties of Sb-modified CdFe2O4 semiconductor material,
X.Q. Liu, pp.138-142

Simulation of thin film gas sensors kinetics, 
V. Brynzari, G. Korotchenkov, pp.143-153

Biochips on CMOS: an active matrix address array for DNA analysis,
M.P. Caillat, pp.154-162

New applications of tin oxide gas sensors I. Molecular identification by cyclic variation of the working temperature and numerical analysis of the signals, H. Kohler, pp.163-169

Transient response analysis of an electronic nose using multi-exponential models,
R. Gutierrez-Osuna, pp.170-182

Fuzzy ARTMAP based electronic nose data analysis,
E. Llobet, E.L. Hines, pp.183-190

Optimization of surface acoustic wave sensor arrays and application to high performance liquid chromatography, 

M. Marth, pp.191-198

A study of the catalytic and vapour-sensing properties of zinc oxide and tin dioxide in relation to 1-butanol and dimethyldisulphide, B.P.J. De Lacy, R.J. Ewen, pp.199-207

A study on the novel gas-sensing solid solution material (Cd1-xAgx)2Sb2O6.8,
Y.F. Liu, X.Q. Liu, pp.208-212

Sensing of biological substances based on the bending of microfabricated cantilevers,
R. Raiteri, pp.213-217

Chemical optical sensing based on luminescence lifetime measurements: a caveat,
F. Hendrick, pp.218-221

Oxygen sensing by photoluminescence quenching of a heteroleptic copper (I) bis(phenanthroline) complex immobilized in polystyrene, M.T. Miller, T.B. Karpishin, pp.222-224



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