ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 62 / 1


Inverse gas chromatographic characterization of functionalized polysiloxanes. relevance to sensors technology,
C. Demathieu, M.M. Chehimi, pp.1-7

Cu2+ -ISFET type microsensors based on thermally evaporated p-tert-butylcalix [9 and 11] arene thin films,
R. Mlika, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, pp.8-12

Pyroelectric detector for single-crystal adsorption microcalorimetry: Analysis of pulse shape and intensity,
J.T. Stuckless, pp.13-22

Large-area interdigitated array microelectrodes for electrochemical sensing,
A.E. Cohen, R.R. Kunz, pp.23-29

Development of a NASICON based amperometric carbon dioxide sensor,
Y. Yang, C.C. Liu, pp.30-34

Study of DNA adsorption on polypyrrole: interest of dielectric monitoring,
B. Saoudi, M.M. Chehimi, pp.35-42

Electrical properties evolution under reducing gaseous mixtures (H2,h2S, C0) of Sn02 thin films doped with Pd/Pt aggregates and used as polluting gas sensors,
M. Gaidi, B. Chenevier, pp.43-48

Developing stable optical fiber refractometers using PMDI with two-parrallel fabry-perots,
Y.L. Lo, pp.49-54

Gas sensing properties of platinum dispersed-TiO2 thin film derived from precursor,
I. Hayakawa, pp.55-60

CO2-sensing characteristics of SnO2 thick film by coating lanthanum oxide,
D.H. Kim, K.H. Kim, pp.61-66

NOx adsorption onto dehydroxylated or hydroxylated tin dioxide surface. Application to SnO2-based sensors,
E. Leblanc, pp.67-72

Use of a simple tin oxide sensor array to identify five malodours collected in the field,
A.C. Romain, J. Nicolas, pp.73-79


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