ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 62 / 2


Ion sensitive field effect transistor with amorphous tungsten treoxide gate for pH sensing,
J.C. Chou, pp. 81-87

Simulation of time-dependent effects of pH-ISFETs,
J.C. Chou, pp. 88-91

Temperature effect of a-Si:H pH-ISFET,
J.C. Chou, pp. 92-96

Study and simulation of the drift behaviour of hydrogenated amorphous silicon gate pH-ISFET,
J.C. Chou, pp. 97-101

Sensing characteristics of dc reactive sputtered WO3 thin films as an NOx gas sensor,
T.S. Kim, pp.102-108

Acetylthocholine/acetylcholine and triocholine/choline electrochemical biosensors/sensors based on an organically modified sol-gel glass enzyme reactor and graphite paste electrode,
P.C. Pandey, pp.109-116

Enhancement of trimethylamine sensitivity of MOCVD-SnO2 thin film gas sensor by thorium,
#. Zhao, S. Zhao, pp.117-120

Vapor recognition with an integrated array of polymer-coated flexural plate wave sensors,
Q.Y. Cai, E. Zellers, pp.121-130

About the gas sensitivity of contacts metal - silicon with the superthin mickel and titanium films to the ammonia environment,
O.I. Bomk, V.V. Il'Chenko, pp.131-135

Grafting of cobalt porphyrins in sol-gel matrices: application to the detection of amines, 
D. Delmarre, C. Bied-Charreton, pp.136-142

Determination of the composition of NO2 and NO mixture by thin film sensor and back propagation network,
J.C. Chen, Y.H. Ju, pp.143-147

Development of an amperometric sulfite biosensor based on sulfite oxidase with cytochrome C, as electron acceptor, and a screen-printed transducer, 
A.K. Abass, J.P. Hart, pp.148-153

Continuous optical monitoring of aqueous amines in transflectance mode,
A. Moradian, G.J. Mohr, pp.154-161




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