ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 63 /3


Monolithic integrated microfluidic DNA amplification and capillary electrophoresis analysis system,
E.T. Lagally, P.C. Simpson, R.A. Mathies, pp.138-146

Room temperature bonding of micromachined glass devices for capillary electrophoresis,
N. Chiem, L. Lockyear-Shultz, P. Andersson, C. Skinner, D.J. Harrison, pp. 147-152

The use of a novel microreactor for high throughput continuous flow organic synthesis,
G.M. Greenway, S.J. Haswell, D.O. Morgan, V. Skelton, P. Styring, pp. 153-158

Micro flame ionization detector and micro flame spectrometer,
S. Zimmermann, S. Wischhusen, J. Muller, pp.159-166

Femtoliter injector for DNA mass spectrometry,
P. Luginbuhl, P.-F. Indermuhle, M.-A. Gretillat, F. Willemin, N.F. de Rooij, D. Gerber, G. Gervasio, J.-L. Vuilleumier, D. Twerenbold, M. Duggelin, D. Mathys, R. Guggenheim, pp.167-177

An AC magnetohydrodynamic micropump,
A.V. Lemoff, A.P. Lee, pp. 178-185

Designing the 'fill and flow' (bio)sensor to give stable measurements from a dynamic system,
I.S. Harding, E.A.H. Hall, pp.186-194

Suspension Handling System,
D. Baechi, R. Buser, pp.195-200

A micromachined double lumen microdialysis probe connector with incorporated sensor for on-line sampling,
S. Bohm, W. Olthuis, P. Bergveld, pp 201-208



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