ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 66 /1-3



Temperature drop of semiconductor gas sensor when exposed to reducing gases - simultaneous measurement of changes in sensor temperature and in resistance, T. Takada, pp. 1-3

Preparation and application of a novel chemical sensor based on mode-filtered light detection,
K. Wang, L. Zhou, D. Mao, X. Yang, K. Luo, pp. 4-5

An on-line pH monitoring system for flow solution analysis with pH-ISFETs and flow-through cell,
W. Donghong, C. Weiping, W. Mingjiang, Y. Dun, W. Guihua, pp. 6-8

A limiting current type sensor for hydrocarbons,
Y. Eguchi, S. Watanabe, N. Kubota, T. Takeuchi, T. Ishihara, Y. Takita, pp. 9-11

Amperometric flow-type l-histidine sensor using an immobilized galactose oxidase reactor, based on a novel catalytic activity induced by exogenous histidine, Y. Hasebe, S. Uchiyama, pp.12-15

A smart gas sensor using polymer-film-coated quartz resonator microbalance,
H. Nanto, N. Dougami, T. Mukai, M. Habara, E. Kusano, A. Kinbara, T. Ogawa, T. Oyabu, pp.16-18

Expression of the histamine receptor in Xenopus oocyte and its application to the histamine sensor,
J. Otomo, T. Takeshita, S.-i. Fukuzono, T. Sakamoto, T. Nukada, pp.19-21

New method for gas identification using a single semiconductor sensor,
T. Takada, T. Fukunaga, T. Maekawa, pp.22-24

Properties of glucose sensors prepared by the electropolymerization of pyrroles containing phosphatidylcholine (II),
M. Yasuzawa, T. Matsuki, H. Mitsui, A. Kunugi, T. Nakaya, pp.25-27

TiO"2"-"x thin films as oxygen sensor,
L. Zheng, M. Xu, T. Xu, pp. 28-30

High performance gas sensing of CO: comparative tests for (SnO"2-based) semiconducting and for electrochemical sensors, N. Barsan, J.R. Stetter, M. Findlay, W. Gopel, pp. 31-33

Filters for tin dioxide CO gas sensors to pass the UL2034 standard,
M. Schweizer-Berberich, S. Strathmann, W. Gopel, R. Sharma, A. Peyre-Lavigne, pp. 34-36

Morphology and gas-sensitive properties of polymer based composite films,
X. Chen, Y. Jiang, Z. Wu, D. Li, J. Yang, pp. 37-39

Influence of the completion of oxidation on the long-term response of RGTO SnO"2 gas sensors, A. Dieguez, A. Romano-Rodrguez, J.R. Morante, L. Sangaletti, L.E. Depero, E. Comini, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, pp.40-42

Automated cooking and frying control using a gas sensor microarray,
S. Ehrmann, J. Jungst, J. Goschnick, pp. 43-45

Room temperature H"2S sensing properties and mechanism of CeO"2-SnO"2 sol-gel thin films,
G. Fang, Z. Liu, C. Liu, K.-l. Yao, pp.46-48

Portable electronic nose system with gas sensor array and artificial neural network
H.-K. Hong, C.H. Kwon, S.-R. Kim, D.H. Yun, K. Lee^1, Y.K. Sung, pp.49-52

Stability of ISFET and its new measurement protocol,
Y. Ito, pp.53-55

A carbon dioxide gas sensor based on solid electrolyte for air quality control,
K. Kaneyasu, K. Otsuka, Y. Setoguchi, S. Sonoda, T. Nakahara, I. Aso, N. Nakagaichi, pp.56-58

Ozone sensing properties of In"2O"3-based semiconductor thick films,
S.-R. Kim, H.-K. Hong, C.H. Kwon, D.H. Yun, K. Lee^1, Y.K. Sung, pp.59-62

Some investigation results of the instability of humidity sensors based on alumina and porous silicon materials, 
L.H. Mai, P.T.M. Hoa, N.T. Binh, N.T.T. Ha, D.K. An, pp. 63-65

The design of a new integrated gas sensor array based on FEA,
W. Ping, K. Liping, W. Xiaoxiang, L. Jianping, pp.66-69

Sensing properties to dilute hydrogen sulfide of ZnSb"2O"6 thick-film prepared by dip-coating method,
J. Tamaki, Y. Yamada, Y. Yamamoto, M. Matsuoka, I. Ota, pp.70-73

Study of WO"3-based sensing materials for NH"3 and NO detection,
X. Wang, N. Miura, N. Yamazoe, pp.74-76

Properties of glucose sensors based on the immobilization of glucose oxidase in N-substituted polypyrrole film, 
M. Yasuzawa, T. Nieda, T. Hirano, A. Kunugi, pp.77-79

Surface modifications of Ga"2O"3 thin film sensors with Rh, Ru and Ir clusters,
A.C. Lang, M. Fleischer, H. Meixner, pp. 80-84

Molecular beam evaporation-grown indium oxide and indium aluminium films for low-temperature gas sensors,
R. Winter, K. Scharnagl, A. Fuchs, T. Doll, I. Eisele, pp.85-87

Electro-mass olfactory multi-sensor (EMMS),
A. Sun, Y. Yang, Y. Jiang, Z. Fan, Q. Liu, Q. Zhou, pp.88-93

Odour mapping using microresistor and piezo-electric sensor pairs,
L. Cui, M.J. Swann, A. Glidle, J.R. Barker, J.M. Cooper, pp.94-97

A new PVC-based 1,10-dibenzyl-1,10-diaza-18-crown-6 selective electrode for detecting nickel(II)ion,
M.F. Mousavi, N. Alizadeh, M. Shamsipur, N. Zohari, pp.98-100

Response mechanism of amperometric oxygen sensors with PbSnF"4 electrolyte and whisker-containing sensing electrode, T. Eguchi, S. Suda, J. Kuwano, Y. Saito, pp.101-102

Studies of an all-solid-state ranitidine sensor,
C.-L. Hunag, H. Liu, R. Xiu, D.-F. Xu, pp.103-105

Study on the amorphous tungsten trioxide ion-sensitive field effect transistor,
J.C. Chou, J.L. Chiang, pp.106-108

A novel instrument based upon extremely high Q-value surface acoustic wave resonator array and neural network, 
E. Dai, G. Feng, pp.109-111

Preparation and properties of vanadium-doped SnO"2 nanocrystallites, 
S.-D. Han, H. Yang, L. Wang, J.-W. Kim, pp.112-115

A study on a platinum-silicon carbide Schottky diode as a hydrogen gas sensor,
C.K. Kim, J.H. Lee, Y.H. Lee, N.I. Cho, D.J. Kim, pp.116-118

Sensing characteristics of ZnO-based NO"x sensor,
N. Koshizaki, T. Oyama, pp.119-121

Mechanism of optical transmittance change by NO"x in CoO/SiO"2 nanocomposites films,
N. Koshizaki, K. Yasumoto, T. Sasaki, pp.122-124

Self-assembly of polyaniline ultrathin films based on doping-induced deposition effect and applications for chemical sensors, D. Li^1, Y. Jiang, Z. Wu, X. Chen, Y. Li, pp.125-127

Evaluation of osmium(II) complexes as mediators accessible for biosensors,
Y. Nakabayashi, A. Omayu, S. Morii, S. Yagi, pp.128-130

Re-activation of an amperometric organophosphate pesticide biosensor by 2-pyridinealdoxime methochloride,
S. Okazaki, H. Nakagawa, K. Fukuda, S. Asakura, H. Kiuchi, T. Shigemori, S. Takahashi, pp.131-134

Humidity sensor using cross-linked poly(chloromethyl styrene),
Y. Sakai, M. Matsuguchi, T. Hurukawa, pp.135-138

Titanium dioxide thin films prepared for alcohol microsensor applications,
G. Sberveglieri, E. Comini, G. Faglia, M.Z. Atashbar, W. Wlodarski, pp.139-141

A fiber-optic evanescent-wave hydrogen gas sensor using palladium-supported tungsten oxide,
S. Sekimoto, H. Nakagawa, S. Okazaki, K. Fukuda, S. Asakura, T. Shigemori, S. Takahashi, pp.142-145

Phase separation of supported membrane imaged by surface plasmon microscopy,
S.-F. Sui, Y. Zhou, pp.146-148

Sensing characteristics of tin dioxide/gold sensor prepared by coprecipitation method,
J.-H. Sung, Y.-S. Lee, J.-W. Lim, Y.-H. Hong, D.-D. Lee, pp.149-152

pH-ISFETs using tertiary amines as sensing material,
S. Wakida, M. Ohnishi, M. Yamane, K. Higashi, J. Liu, X. Wu, Z. Zhang, pp.153-155

Gas chromatographic study on adsorption selectivity of tin dioxide gas sensor to organic vapors,
D. Wang, L. Ma, G. Zhao, Z. Tang^1, P.C.H. Chan, J.K.O. Sin, L.-y.  Sheng, pp.156-158

Improvement of nanocrystalline BaTiO"3 humidity sensing properties,
J. Wang, B. Xu, G. Liu, J. Zhang, T. Zhang, pp.159-160

Sensing characteristics of double layer film of ZnO,
J. Xu, Y. Shun, Q. Pan, J. Qin, pp.161-163

NO"2 sensing characteristics of Nb doped TiO"2 thin films and their electronic properties,
Y. Yamada, Y. Seno, Y. Masuoka, T. Nakamura, K. Yamashita, pp.164-166

Electronic nose based on SAWS array and its odor identification capability,
Y.-M. Yang, P.-Y. Yang, X.-R. Wang, pp.167-170

Pulsed laser deposition of WO"3-base film for NO"2 gas sensor application,
Y. Zhao, Z.-C. Feng, Y. Liang, pp.171-173

Characterization of surface plasmon resonance biosensor,
X. Caide, S.-F. Sui, pp.174-177

Reducing gas-sensing properties of ferrite compounds MFe"2O"4 (M=Cu, Zn, Cd and Mg),
N.-S. Chen, X.-J. Yang, E.-S. Liu, J.-L. Huang, pp.178-180

The hysteresis and drift effect of hydrogenated amorphous silicon for ISFET,
J.C. Chou, C.N. Hsiao, pp.181-183

Gold-solid polymer electrolyte sensor for detecting dissolved oxygen in water,
T.C. Chou, K.M. Ng, S.H. Wang, pp.184-186

Investigation of acoustic load sensitivity of quartz crystal resonator and related sensors,
Y. Dong, G. Feng, pp.187-189

Study on highly sensitive potentiometric IgG immunosensor,
C.-l. Feng, Y.-h. Xu, L.-m. Song, pp.190-192

Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin C"2 employing a piezoelectric crystal immunosensor,
Z. Gao, F. Chao, Z. Chao, G. Li, pp.193-196

A new fiber optic sensor for detecting in situ the concentration of pharmaceuticals in blood,
Y. Gu, Z. Qian, B. Tao, G. Wang, pp.197-199

Study and performance of humidity sensor based on the mechanical-optoelectronic principle for the measurement and control of humidity in storehouses, N.T.T. Ha, D.K. An, P.V. Phong, P.T.M. Hoa, L.H. Mai, pp.200-202

A gastroesophageal tract pH sensor based on the H^+-ISFET and the monitoring system for 24 h,
J. Han, D. Cui, Y. Li, H. Zhang, Y. Huang, Z. Zheng, Y. Zhu, X. Li, pp.203-204

Measurements of soy sauce using taste sensor, 
S. Iiyama, M. Yahiro, K. Toko, pp.205-206

Sensitivity and stability of substituted phthalocyaninato-polysiloxane Langmuir-Blodgett films and its gas
sensor,  D.P. Jiang, L.G. Zhang, Y. Fan, Y.J. Li, A.D. Lu, pp.207-209

A study of step response of TiO"2-Nb"2O"5 oxygen sensing composite,
P. Jun, L. Duren, pp.210-212

Improved oxygen-sensing characteristics based on (TiO"2)"x(NbO"2"."5)"1"-"x composite,
P. Jun, L. Duren, pp.213-215

Sulfate ion-selective field effect transistors prepared by sol-gel technique,
J. Liu, X. Wu, Z. Zhang, S. Wakida, K. Higashi, pp.216-218

The effect of dopants on the electronic structure of SnO"2 thin film,
W. Liu, X. Cao, Y. Zhu, L. Cao, pp.219-221

The temperature change in SnO"2-based gas sensors during sensing reaction,
W. Liu, W. Ma, L. Li, J. Li, pp.222-224

Nanosized tin oxide as the novel material with simultaneous detection towards CO, H"2 and CH"4,
F. Lu, Y. Liu, M. Dong, X. Wang, pp. 225-227

Diffusion-reaction theory for conductance response in metal oxide gas sensing thin films,
H. Lu, W. Ma, J. Gao, J. Li, pp.228-231

Ethanol-sensing properties of SmCoO"3/MO"x (M=Zn, Fe, Sn, In) having a heterojunction in wet air,
R. Mochinaga, T. Yamasaki, T. Arakawa, pp.232-233

Interaction between immobilized DNA and tris(bpy)osmium(II/III) complex,
J. Motonaka, Y. Mishima, K. Maruyama, K. Minagawa, S. Ikeda, pp.234-236

Gas-sensitive properties of nanometer-sized SnO"2,
Q. Pan, J. Xu, X. Dong, J. Zhang, pp.237-239

The sensitivity to SO"2 of the SAW gas sensor with triethanolamine modified with boric acid,
S. Qin, Z. Wu, Z. Tang, Y. Song, F. Zeng, D. Zhao, pp.240-242

Planar heat-wire type CH"4 gas sensor,
B. Quan, C. Sun, Z. Wang, H. Quan, L. Zhou, Y. Li, pp.243-245

A novel method for wine analysis based on sensor fusion technique,
L. Rong, W. Ping, H. Wenlei, pp.246-250

Evaluation of water quality and pollution using multichannel sensors,
H. Sakai, S. Iiyama, K. Toko, pp.251-255

Methanol and ammonia sensing characteristics of sol-gel derived thin film gas sensor,
A. Teeramongkonrasmee, M. Sriyudthsak, pp.256-259

The effect of oxygen vacancies concentration to the gas-sensing properties of tin dioxide-doped Sm,
D. Wang, J. Jin, D. Xia, Q. Ye, J. Long, pp.260-262

Optical chemical sensors based on supramolecular chemistry,
K. Wang, X. Yang, R. Yang, pp.263-265

PbTiO"3-P(VDF/TeFE) composites for piezoelectric sensors,
L. Wang, J. Zhu, X. Zou, F. Zhang, pp.266-268

A lactate needle-type biosensor for in vivo detection in muscular tissues,
M. Wu, Z. Lin, Y. Li, S. Ren, pp.269-271

Applications of artificial neural networks on signal processing of piezoelectric crystal sensors,
W.-L. Xing, X.-W. He, pp.272-276

Grain size control and gas sensing properties of ZnO gas sensor,
J. Xu, Q. Pan, Y. Shun, Z. Tian, pp.277-279

Study on the NH"3-gas sensitive properties and sensitive mechanism of polypyrrole,
J. Yadong, W. Tao, W. Zhiming, L. Dan, C. Xiangdong, X. Dan, pp.280-282

The study of gas sensor array signal processing with improved BP algorithm,
W. Yan, C. Diao, Z. Tang, X. Li, pp.283-285

The effect of gas concentration on optical gas sensing properties of Ag- and Pt-doped SnO"2 ultrafine particle films,
J.R. Yu, G.Z. Huang, Y.J. Yang, pp.286-288

Investigation of a new catalytic combustion-type CH"4 gas sensor with low power consumption,
L. Sun, F. Qiu, B. Quan, pp.289-292

The effect of irradiation on IR peaks in corundum at about 2850, 2920 and 2955 cm,
Z. Wu, Y. Jiang, G. Xie, X. Cheng, D. Li, T. Wang, pp.293-295

Determination of coagulation time in whole blood containing anticoagulant by piezoelectric quartz crystal sensor,
H.-C. Chang, T.-J. Cheng, T.-H. Wu, T.-M. Lin, pp.296-298

Gas-sensing properties on Cu-teteraazaannulene thin films, 
M. Yamana, H. Shinozaki, N. Kashiwazaki, pp. 299-302



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