ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 67 /1-2



Critical review of nitrogen monoxide sensors for exhaust gases of lean burn engines,
F. Menil, V. Coillard, C. Lucat, pp.1-23

Preparation and characterization of LaNiO"3 A/F ratio-sensitive thin film by sol-gel process based on amorphous citrate precursors, L. Xuchen, X. Tingxian, D. Xianghong, pp.24-28

A vibrating optical fiber tip as a new sensor to monitor organic vapors,
H. Hoff, J. Bargon, pp.29-35

Transitional behavior of tin oxide semiconductor under a step-like humidity change,
T. Kuse, S. Takahashi, pp.36-42

Continuous measurement of histamine from rat basophilic leukemia cells (RBL-2H3) with an on-line sensor using histamine oxidase, O. Niwa, R. Kurita, K. Hayashi, T. Horiuchi, K. Torimitsu, K. Maeyama, K. Tanizawa, pp.43-51

A multiplexed low coherence interferometric system for humidity sensing,
S. McMurtry, J.D. Wright, D.A. Jackson, pp.52-56

Hydrogen leak detection using an optical fibre sensor for aerospace applications,
X. Bevenot, A. Trouillet, C. Veillas, H. Gagnaire, M. Clement^1, pp.57-67

Impedance analysis for the investigation of the behaviors of piezoelectric quartz crystal in the liquid at harmonic resonance, A. Zhou, J. Zhang, Q. Xie, S. Yao, pp.68-75

Room-temperature-functioning ammonia sensor based on solid-state Cu"xS films,
A. Galdikas, A. Mironas, V. Strazdiene, A. Setkus, I. Ancutiene, V.Janickis, pp.76-83

Design of a low power SnO"2 gas sensor integrated on silicon oxynitride membrane,
S. Astie, A.M. Gue, E. Scheid, J.P. Guillemet, pp.84-88

Sol-gel immobilised ruthenium(II) polypyridyl complexes as chemical transducers for optical pH sensing,
C. Malins, H.G. Glever, T.E. Keyes^1, J.G. Vos, W.J. Dressick, B.D. MacCraith, pp.89-95

A @l-MnO"2-based graphite-epoxy electrode as lithium ion sensor,
M.F.d.S. Teixeira, O. Fatibello-Filho, L.C. Ferracin, R.C.Rocha-Filho, N. Bocchi, pp.96-100

A micromachined electron beam ion source,
G. Petzold, P. Siebert, J. Muller, pp.101-111

Applications of evanescent microwave probes in gas and chemical sensors,
M. Tabib-Azar, S.R. LeClair, pp.112-121

Comparison study of SnO"2 thin- and thick-film gas sensors,
S.W. Lee, P.P. Tsai, H. Chen, pp.122-127

Monitoring reliability of sensors in an array by neural networks,
M. Pardo, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, M. Corte, F. Masulli, M. Riani, pp.128-133

Fabrication and characterization of disposable type lactate oxidase sensors for dairy products and clinical analysis, 
N.G. Patel, A. Erlenkotter, K. Cammann, G.-C. Chemnitius, pp.134-141

Measurement of biodegradable substances with a mycelia-sensor based on the salt tolerant yeast Arxula adeninivorans LS3, K. Tag, M. Lehmann, C. Chan, R. Renneberg, K. Riedel, G. Kunze, pp.142-148

Microactuators toward microvalves for responsive controlled drug delivery,
L.-M. Low, S. Seetharaman, K.-Q. He, M.J. Madou, pp.149-160

The effect of oxygen stoichiometry on the humidity sensing characteristics of bismuth iron molybdate,
W.M. Sears, pp.161-172

Polyaniline and its substituted derivatives as sensor for aliphatic alcohols,
A.A. Athawale, M.V. Kulkarni, pp.173-177

Materials for temperature independent resistive oxygen sensors for combustion exhaust gas control,
R. Moos, W. Menesklou, H.-J. Schreiner, K.H. Hardtl, pp.178-183

Effects of surface modification with platinum and ruthenium on temperature and humidity dependence of SnO"2-based CO gas sensors, M. Morimitsu, Y. Ozaki, S. Suzuki, M. Matsunaga, pp.184-188

A solid electrolyte steam sensor with an electrochemically supplied hydrogen standard using proton-conducting oxides, K. Katahira, H. Matsumoto, H. Iwahara, K. Koide, T. Iwamoto, pp.189-193

Detection of ethanol gas concentration by fuel cell sensors fabricated using a solid polymer electrolyte,
K.-C. Kim, S.M. Cho, H.-G. Choi, pp.194-198

Extremely sensitive optical sensing of ethanol using porous silicon,
H.-K. Min, H.-S. Yang, S.M. Cho, pp.199-202

Micromachined flow-through filter-chamber for chemical reactions on beads,
H. Andersson, W. van der Wijngaart, P. Enoksson, G. Stemme, pp.203-208

Amperometric nitric oxide gas sensor: preparation of Au/SPE and sensing behavior,
J.-S. Do, K.-J. Wu, pp 209-216



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