ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 67 /3


A QMB-based temperature-modulated ammonia sensor for humid air,
U. Schramm, D. Meinhold, S. Winter, C. Heil, J. Muller-Albrecht, L.Wachter, H. Hoff, C.E.O. Roesky, T.Rechenbach, P. Boeker, P. Schulze, Lammers, E. Weber, J. Bargon, pp.219-226

Comparison of self-referencing techniques for photothermal detection of trace compounds in water,
J. Hodgkinson, M. Johnson, J.P. Dakin, pp.227-234

Gas separation with a zeolite filter, application to the selectivity enhancement of chemical sensors,
O. Hugon, M. Sauvan, P. Benech, C. Pijolat, F. Lefebvre, pp.235-243

Evaluating porous-layer open-tubular capillaries as vapor preconcentrators in a microanalytical system,
E.T. Zellers, M. Morishita, Q.-Y. Cai, pp.244-253

Ethanol-sensing characteristics of pure and Pt-activated CdIn"2O"4 films prepared by r.f. reactive sputtering,
Y.F. Dong, W.L. Wang, K.J. Liao, pp.254-257

Discrimination of carbon dioxide and fluorocarbon using semiconductor gas sensors,
F. Sarry, M. Lumbreras, pp.258-264

Immunological Helicobacter pylori urease analyzer based on ion-sensitive field effect transistor,
T. Sekiguchi, M. Nakamura, M. Kato, K. Nishikawa, K. Hokari, T. Sugiyama, M. Asaka, pp.265-269

Gas sensing properties of metal-organics derived Pt dispersed-TiO"2 thin film fired in NH"3,
I. Hayakawa, Y. Iwamoto^1, K. Kikuta, S. Hirano, pp.270-274

Fullerene-cryptand-coated piezoelectric crystal membrane glucose enzyme sensor,
M.-S. Chang, J.-S. Shih, pp.275-281

Sensing behavior of TiO"2 thin films exposed to air at low temperatures,
A. Rothschild, F. Edelman, Y. Komem, F. Cosandey, pp.282-289

The effect of Ln^3^+ (Ln=Y, Nd) on the conductivity and gas-sensing properties of CdIn"2O"4 semiconductor,
X. Chu, X. Liu, J. Deng, G. Meng, pp.290-293

An ISFET-based anion sensor for the potentiometric detection of organic acids in liquid chromatography,
I. Poels, R.B.M. Schasfoort, S. Picioreanu^1, J. Frank, G.W.K. van Dedem, A. van den Berg, L.J. Nagels, pp. 294-299

A novel micromachined high-field asymmetric waveform-ion mobility spectrometer,
R.A. Miller, G.A. Eiceman, E.G. Nazarov, A.T. King, pp.300-306

NO"2 detection at room temperature with copper phthalocyanine thin film devices,
M.I. Newton, T.K.H. Starke, M.R. Willis, G. McHale, pp.307-311

Multi-parameter gas sensors based on organic thin-film-transistors,
L. Torsi, A. Dodabalapur, L. Sabbatini, P.G. Zambonin, pp.312-316



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